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Open House Ppt 2008
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Open House Ppt 2008


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Welcome! 5 th Grade Curriculum Night Ms. Allie Stuckey
  • 2. Binder
    • Empty Take Home section EVERY night!
    • Please help your student stay organized.
    • Each binder will be put together at school. Dividers will include the following sections:
      • Homework, morning work, reading, writing, spelling/vocabulary, science, social studies, and guidance
  • 3. Agenda/Assignments
    • All class work and homework will be written in the agendas each and every day.
    • If there is no homework, “NO HOMEWORK” will be written in the appropriate section.
    • Missing homework will be highlighted.
    • Please check and sign your child’s agenda each night.
  • 4. Homework
    • Homework is an essential element to practice skills learned in class.
    • Read at least 20 minutes each night.
    • Study math facts.
    • Grade given whether or not homework was completed. A 100% will be averaged into the final grade for the report card.
  • 5. Weekly Folders
    • Work will be sent home each week. Please empty the folder with your student and discuss projects or work that was completed or graded during the week.
  • 6. Class Newsletter
    • Updated weekly with class activities and assignments.
    • Please check regularly.
    • Can be found on the class blog:
  • 7. Dismissal Procedure
    • Students will be dismissed by bus, car riders, and ASP.
    • Transportation changes will need to be completed by 1:00 p.m. These changes need to be approved by an administrator.
    • Please send in 2 handwritten copies of transportation changes that are confirmed changes when your child arrives at school.
    • Bus Behavior- new procedures
  • 8. Attendance
    • Attendance is critical to the learning process.
    • Our literacy block is 8:45-12:00.
    • Part of our Adequate Yearly Progress. Please have your child here ON TIME. Students must be at school by 11:05 to be counted present.
  • 9. Curriculum
    • Reading/ Accelerated Reader
    • Math/Math Mania
    • Writing
    • Social Studies
    • Science
  • 10. Reading/ AR
    • Our goal is to have all students reading at or above expected grade level.
    • Reading Logs- 1,000 pages per 9 weeks. Students reaching this goal will be recognized each 9 weeks.
    • AR- 100 points for the year
    • Grade level working for at least 12,000 points
  • 11. Math/Math Mania
    • Our goal is to increase the number of students performing in the Exceeds Range on the CRCT.
    • Math Textbook available online
    • Math Mania- 90% in five minutes or less.
    • Study math facts every night.
      • Addition
      • Subtraction
      • Multiplication
      • Division
  • 12. Writing
    • Our goal is to increase the number of students improving by 1 point on the 6+1 Traits Rubric or the Georgia Writing Assessment.
    • Each nine week writing is scored on Sentence Fluency and Word Choice.
    • 5 th grade will complete a writing response each month.
    • State Rubric can be found on the Cobb County website.
  • 13. Social Studies
    • New textbooks and resources this year!!!
    • All textbooks will be available online.
    • Topics of study include:
      • Civil War and Reconstruction
      • Late 19 th -20 th Century
      • World War I- 1929
      • Great Depression and New Deal
      • World War II
      • Cold War
      • Economics
      • Map Skills
  • 14. Science
    • New textbooks and materials this year!!!!
    • All textbooks available online.
    • Topics of study include:
      • Matter
      • Cells and Microorganisms
      • Classification of Organisms
      • Electricity and Magnetism
      • Constructive and Destructive Forces
  • 15. Testing
    • STAR: August, March, and May
    • CogAT: September 17-19
    • IOWA: September22-29 *** Used by middle schools for placement in leveled classes
    • Writing Assessment- March 4
    • CRCT: April 21-May 1
  • 16. Thank you for coming!
    • Please make sure you fill out all ASP forms
    • Sign up to help out in the classroom.
    • Pick up car rider numbers and pre-pay for lunch
    • Join PTA and Foundation
    • Please watch short SPLOST video