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Mandala 1

  1. 1. Mandala
  2. 2. Mandalas use radial symmetry, lines and shapes mirrored both vertically and horizontally with the center acting as focal point. A variation of this could be a spiral design. We will focus on creating unity with variety by repetition, creation of pattern, the proximity of objects, and the way the piece creates movement and rhythm. How can you symbolize meaning in your work? Color, intensity, contrast, strong shape and line work with drawing.
  3. 3. Mandalas can help us see what is going on within us, in our heart and soul. They can help us remain connected to our Selves in fundamental ways and can help us understand the meaning of important life experiences when we learn how to create and interpret them.
  4. 4. Mandala means 'circle' in the Sanskrit language, and mandala art refers to symbols that are drawn, sketched or painted in a circular frame. Mandala art has been used throughout the world as a process of self-expression, in the service of personal growth and spiritual transformation. Tibetan Buddhism has employed mandala art for thousands of years to capture the images of the countless demons and gods which it believes both plague and uplift humanity. Navajo sand painters use them in their healing rites. Many native people use the Medicine Wheel, a mandala form, to connect to earth energies and the wisdom of nature.
  5. 5. This assignment is a SELF PORTRAIT. What shapes, symbols, animals, objects, and colors symbolize you? What do you want to reveal in your mandala? What part of self do you want to focus on? Heritage, ancestors, culture, spirituality, interests, personal symbols or mythology or a combination of many? Research totem symbols to find a spirit animal, read through journals to discover unconscious imagery to explore, research talisman imagery for symbols that express luck or ward off evil spirits. However you become inspired for this project is great! Have fun! Push yourself to really discover something new about yourself. Create an ambitious project that will utilize all the time I have given. Size and materials are completely up to each artist. Buying/ finding materials is completely up to each artist. Be prepared!
  6. 6. Timeline: Homework- research, sketch, gather all materials to work in class. Be prepared!!!!!!! Thursday oct10- present ideas, decide on final compositions, work in class. Homework- work 2 hours Tuesday oct15- work in class. Homework- work 2 hours. Thursday oct17- work in class. Homework- finish. Tuesday oct22- Critique