Renewable Energy Industry Review Alliedschools Aug09


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Green Professional International Survey
Solar Goes Global
Green Engery Jobs are Growing Nationwide
3.2 Billion Available for Green Projects - U.S. Cities Take Action

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Renewable Energy Industry Review Alliedschools Aug09

  1. 1. August.09 Renewable Industry Review Insider’s peek at green jobs, events and news you can use Emerging Technology News from Allied Schools Green Jobs are Increasing Nationwide - Leading to More Training Options Environmentally sustainable jobs accounted for about 770,000 jobs. renewable energy industry, green career training is are on the rise. In fact, many indi- what people are seeking. viduals are returning to school Solar, wind and green build- From installing solar panels and preparing for these “jobs of ing are the sectors with the and fixing wind turbines to the future.” most significant activity. 5 Million Jobs employing solar sales strate- A study done by The Pew Charitable Trusts found Universities, colleges and Projected in the renew- gies or managing green proj- able energy industry that from 1998 to 2007, the number of jobs in the vocational schools across the ects, there are an abundance clean energy sector grew nearly two and a half nation are taking notice and of opportunities. Certificate times faster than overall jobs. The national growth expanding their course offer- and degree programs are pav- rate for the period was 9.1 percent, in contrast ings to include green career training in these areas. ing the way to these new green careers. Enrolling with traditional jobs, which rose by 3.7 percent. The $787 billion stimulus package has placed in a program in today’s emerging technologies By 2007, the study found, more than 68,200 busi- increasing focus on alternative energy sources will prepare people for today’s new and innovative nesses in all 50 states and the District of Columbia – with a projection of 5 million new jobs in the careers. TRAINING4GREEN.COM - Allied Schools is an accredited educator offering 100% online courses that support the efforts to sustain and improve our planet. You will find courses that cover today’s emerging technologies – from renewable energy options to green energy management programs.
  2. 2. International Survey Shows that Green Professionals are Satisfied with Their Careers The newly published, Carbon Salary regulation; and more. •More than three-quarters (77%) of Survey, is one the first studies to respondents reported being satisfied provide detailed information about Based on the survey results, green with their jobs professionals working in the climate professionals feel that they are well- change and emissions trading markets paid, have job security and are overall • 20% consider themselves to be in throughout the world. happy with their careers. a management role; 31% work for consulting companies The study includes responses from Here are some findings from the survey: 1,157 participants, who were surveyed • Top 5 activities in North America: throughout April 2009. The questions •Over one-third of the respondents energy efficiency, solar, wind, power covered: renewable energy; clean (27%) were based in North America, generation and biomass technology and energy efficiency; with similar numbers in the UK (28%) carbon finance/brokering; carbon/ and Europe (25%) climate change law, policy or Careers in Renewable SOLAR GOES GLOBAL Energy The green movement is not just happening in the United States – it’s a global phenomenon. For example, the photovoltaic (PV) industry has created over 75,000 new jobs in Europe in the last few years and the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) projects the PV industry could create more than 200,000 jobs in the European Union by 2020. GREEN ENERGY JOBS ARE GROWING NATIONWIDE: GOING GREEN WAS ONCE CONSIDERED In 2008, global solar output increased to 5.5 GW, which is more than double TRENDY. NOW, IT’S A HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER GOAL PURSUED BY SMALL BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT AND CORPORA- the 2.4 GW of 2007. The European TIONS ACROSS EVERY ECONOMIC SECTOR. AND SOME STATES ARE LEADING THE GREEN PURSUIT. Photovoltaic Industry Association South Carolina: According to the new students for jobs such as solar-panel that could be created by making (EPIA) estimates that worldwide, the photovoltaic industry could reach Pew Charitable Trusts report, which installation and sheet-metal manu- homes and buildings more energy 22GW! discussed clean-energy job growth, facturing for wind turbines – two efficient. Here’s a look at the Top Ten PV South Carolina’s clean-energy econ- nationwide, in-demand sectors of the Markets in 2008: omy grew 36.2 percent from 1998 to green economy. New York: New York Governor David 1. Spain – 2,500 MW 2007. During that same period, the Paterson 2 Germany – 1,500 MW 3. USA - 342 MW state’s overall job growth was only Florida: A 23 States unveiled plans 4. South Korea – 274 MW 2.2 percent! report con- Have Renewable Engery to convert 45 5. Italy – 258 MW 6. Japan – 230 MW ducted by Goals percent of the 7. Czech Republic – 51 MW California: California Governor the Political state’s electric- 8. Portugal – 50 MW 9. Belgium – 48 MW Arnold Schwarzenegger recently Economy ity needs to 10. France – 46 MW announced a new statewide effort Research Institute at the University renewable energy sources by 2015 Allied Schools and – California Green Corps. The of Massachusetts at Amherst and – which could create up to 50,000 Allied American University are program will train young adults from the Center for American Progress new jobs! accredited by the Accrediting ages 16 to 24 and prepare them to revealed that investing in clean Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council work in the state’s growing, green- energy could create 123,756 jobs 1601 18th Street, N.W., Suite 2, Washington, D.C. tech industry. The program will train in Florida. The report included jobs
  3. 3. Green Jobs “Poised for Explosive Growth” DOES A BACKGROUND IN RENEWABLE ENERGY BENEFIT A MILITARY CAREER? ABSOLUTELY. THE NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT OF 2007 MANDATED THAT THE PENTAGON PRODUCE OR PROCURE 25% OF ITS ELECTRICAL CONSUMP- TION FROM RENEWABLE SOURCES. HERE’S HOW DIFFERENT MILITARY BRANCHES ARE JOINING THE RENEWABLE ENERGY MOVEMENT. 1 • The U.S. Navy is powering its • The Defense Advanced $83,000 a month in solar energy Green Property Manager: Manage base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Research Projects Agency savings with “trackers,” panels real estate that incorporates sus- with a 3.8 megawatt wind/diesel is investigating how to use that follow the sun’s movement hybrid plant, the largest in the waste materials (such as paper, tainability strategies to maintain or world (Source: Bulletin of the plastics, cardboard, ammunition • In December of 2008, the increase property value. Atomic Scientists) papers, food-slop, etc.) as fuel secretary of the Air Force, (Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Michael B. Donley, signed the • The Naval Air Weapons Scientists) Air Force Energy Program Station at China Lake, Guidance Memorandum, California, uses a geothermal • The Army is developing which is the first time that energy plant (built in the 1970s) hydrogen fuel cells and the U.S. military created a 2 and is a net contributor to the renewable energy hybrid-electric comprehensive energy strategy local commercial electric grid generators for use at forward that focuses on increasing (Source: Bulletin of the Atomic operating bases and remote the use of renewable energy Green Contractor: Utilize Scientists) locations (Source: Bulletin of (renewable energy environmentally friendly building the Atomic Scientists) practices and materials to construct • A project being tested at the • By early 2011, all air force Diego Garcia Naval Base in • A report in U.S. News and aircraft are scheduled to be buildings that run on clean energy. the Indian Ocean will generate World Report notes that tested and certified to fly on electricity from temperature Nellis Air Force Base in synfuels, and by 2016 the air differences between the Nevada currently has 70,000 force hopes to fuel half of ocean’s surface and deep water photovoltaic panels working its cross-continental flights (Source: Bulletin of the Atomic on 140 acres of land. The solar with domestic synfuel blends 3 Scientists) installation has reportedly (Source: Bulletin of the Atomic allowed the base to realize Scientists) Sustainable Materials Provider: Green materials are in huge demand. Work for a mechanical systems engineering company, solar panel manufacturing company 3.2 Billion Available for Green Projects - U.S. Cities Take or an insulation installer company. Action The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant energy output within 18 months. Program is an entitlement account available to 1,000 4 cities and counties across the United States to With increased demand for educated green profes- implement green programs. sionals and a deadline looming to improve energy Site Selection Consultant: Want to efficiency, now’s a great time to take advantage of help solve environmental challenges There is approximately $3.2 billion in grants available this career opportunity. Why not join the growing and help put existing structures to and cities are rushing to submit their plans in order green economy and workforce? Become a green good use? Consider working for to receive their cut. However, challenges follow this collar worker! an environmental consulting agency good news – nationwide, there’s a lack of sustain- assisting with brownfield sites. ability professionals who have acquired the training Choose an accredited online school that allows you necessary for establishing energy efficient programs. to maintain personal obligations and progress at 5 Eco-Broker or Real Estate Agent: Plus, once cities receive grant money from this pro- your own pace. With the specialized knowledge you Get your real estate license or gram, they must show proof of reduced gain, you can help cities properly utilize their green- broker’s license. You can help focused grant money. clients market properties with green features and assist environmentally- conscious home buyers with finding green homes that run on cost- effective clean energy.
  4. 4. FIND THE RIGHT GREEN CAREER FOR YOU ALLIED SCHOOLS Enroll 888.501.5221 Be in on the ground floor of the emerging technology industry and realize your full career potential with timely solar training from Allied. • The Business of Solar Course • Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems 22952 Alcalde Drive Laguna Hills, CA 92653