Things You Should Know about Your Customers


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Some of the things you need to know about your customers and help your business to grow like a fruitful tree.

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Things You Should Know about Your Customers

  1. 1. Things You Should Know About Your Customers “ ”
  2. 2. How Well Do You Understand Your Customer’s Need? Isn’t it an important question? However, answer to it will be fruitful and help you to grow as an organization. Research in Social phycology will help you to understand your customer’s needs. Below is the list of studies that present to you with things that customer expects from you. “ ”
  3. 3. Customers Appreciate Value Services According to a recent study, customers appreciate services that are high in quality, effective, efficient and fulfilling. Such services are often enjoyed by customers and helps organization get a good name through word of mouth publicity. Also, impolite, slow, inept qualities are few important reasons why customers discontinue to use a product of company. “ ”
  4. 4. Personalization Is The Key Providing a personalized service to customers will help to build a strong customer relation and bring them back to your product. With personalization, customers feel more connected and recognized. Hence, it will help your business to grow and increase your brand value. “ ”
  5. 5. Call Your Customers By Name Hearing our name is one of the pleasing sounds, as per research examining brain activation. People listen carefully when someone calls them by their name. It is also a form of personalization. So, don’t forget to mention names of respective customers before having a word with them. “ ”
  6. 6. Surprise With Offers Customers love surprises. They often tend to speak more about a good experience they received from an awesome surprise. “ ”
  7. 7. Goodwill Need Not Be Costly In business, creating goodwill can help you build relationships that safeguard the long- term success of your business. Goodwill can be created on certain values like honesty, quality, consistency, value added services, personalization etc. It is your performance and not the amount of money you are willing to spend. “ ”
  8. 8. Have a Proactive Approach, When It Comes Of Customer Loyalty Program Study reveals that customers stay around Customer loyalty program that is already started. The chances of sticking to customer loyalty program increases double fold if the campaign has already given the thrust. “ ”
  9. 9. Brand Stories Will Help You Drive Sales Often, storytelling is a persuasive form of driving customer’s attention and sales. With a story, customers feel a part of brand and hence, develop an instant connection. Definitely, storytelling is an effective way of marketing. “ ”
  10. 10. Customers Are Great Source Of Inspiration To Innovate Are you short of ideas to innovate? Do you need interesting ideas? Well, customers would help you with innovations. Get their feedbacks on products, know their suggestions, and understand their needs and then you would be in a better position to innovate. “ ”
  11. 11. Good Memories Over Lower Costs Did you notice that beer companies often projects a memorable time with their beer in advertisements; rather than lower costs. This is because customers are more attached to good memories and time well spent than other factors. ” “
  12. 12. Know Your Audience Make a deep study of your brand and its customers. Understand your target audience so that you prepare strategies that will be relevant for them. “ ”
  13. 13. Never Shy Away From Forgiveness After all we all are humans and so bound to make mistakes. There would a point when a customer will not be happy with your service. Here, you should kindly ask for feedback and apology and successfully make him convince that he will not face such issues again. “ ”
  14. 14. Keep a Track Of Your Loyal Customers There are few customers who are associated with your brand since inception. Appreciate their loyalty by writing them a thank you note and wishing them on anniversaries and festivals. Provide them customized offers and make them feel special. “ ”
  15. 15. Plan various events like a quiz show or a lucky draw event for your customer. This will increase the interest in your brand and will set you part from your competitor. Organize Events“ ”
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