Pharmacy Tech Training


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What is a pharmacy technician and is it the right career move for your skills set? This compact, yet information-packed guide will introduce you to what it’s like to be a pharmacy technician

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Pharmacy Tech Training

  1. 1. ACADEMIC GUIDEWhat does a Pharmacy Technician do?What is a pharmacy technician and is it the right careermove for your skills set? Find out now! This compact, yetinformation-packed guide will introduce you to what it’sliketobeapharmacytechnician,includingwhereyoucanfind employment opportunities, typical responsibilities,career growth outlook and so much more! PHARMACY TECHNICIAN TRAINING
  2. 2. Pharmacy Technician Training:What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?Are you ready to join the ranks of pharmacy techniciansnationwide and provide a much needed service in an industrythat is expected to grow at a fast rate in the next decade?In this exciting career, you will help licensed pharmacistsprovidemedicationandotherhealthcareproductstopatients.Your day will include counting and measuring medication,managing inventories, and completing pharmaceuticaldosage forms – all on a part or full-time basis.A comfortable pharmacy environment will provide the perfectsetting to build a rewarding and lasting career. Careeroptions for trained pharmacy technicians may be available ina hospital, community pharmacy, outpatient clinic, nursinghome or pharmaceutical organization.ARE YOU READY TO Start a high-demand pharmacy technician career? Grow in a career that is flexible and family-friendly? Experience the opportunity and reward of being employed in the health care industry, one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries?If you answered yes to even one of the above questions, this short, yet informative pharmacy techniciacareer eBook was created especially for you. Keep reading and learn why a career as a pharmacytechnician may be the perfect fit for you.
  3. 3. Medical Coding CareerFacts and Stats from theBureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) Employment of pharmacy technicians is expected to increase by 32 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations.Job prospects should be excellent for pharmacy technicians, particularly those with formal training andthose with experience in retail settings. As a result of advances in pharmaceutical research, more prescription medications are being used to fight diseases.
  4. 4. What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?If you’re considering a career as a pharmacy technician, there’s good news! Accordingto the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of pharmacy technicians is expected toincrease by 32 percent through 2020, which is much faster than the average for all occu-pations. And not only that, the BLS reports that healthcare will generate 3.2 million newwage and salary jobs between 2008 and 2018 – and one of those jobs could be yours!Before you begin the process of launching your rewarding, new pharmacy techniciancareer, it’s important to understand what your daily duties might include. That way, youcan be sure this career is the right fit for your skills set.A pharmacy technician assists the on-duty pharmacist in keeping the daily operations of apharmacy running smoothly and orderly. More specifically, these duties might include: Tablet Counting Serving Customers and Receiving Prescription Requests Preparing Customer Prescriptions Administrative Tasks, like Answering Phones and Operating the Cash Register Bottling Prescriptions and Preparing Prescription Labels Stocking Shelves and Taking Inventory Maintaining Patient Records/Profiles Preparing Insurance Claim FormsThere are certain duties that a pharmacy technician is notauthorized to perform, and should be left for the on-dutypharmacist to handle. For example, a pharmacy technicianshould never counsel a client/patient or offer medical advice. Preparing students to be members of tomorrow’s healthcare team
  5. 5. Where Does a Pharmacy Technician Work?Pharmacy technicians work in a variety of places throughout the UnitedStates, but according to the BLS, 75% of the jobs were in a retail set-ting like Target or Walmart. And that’s great news, because you maybe able to land a job right in your community, near your home and/or near your children’s school. Plus, imagine the convenience of shortcommutes and stocking up on household goods after work!Retail Pharmacy:Larger retailers such as CVS and Walgreen’s may offer you benefits and on-the-job training. Smaller pharmacies mightnot offer these, but could be willing to pay for further training. If you go to work for a grocery pharmacy, you mightobtain better benefits and pay, but have to join a union.Hospital Pharmacy:Hospital pharmacies obviously have less of a retail push than their retail counterparts. However, the duties can be moremultifaceted, with pharmacy technicians interacting with doctors, nurses, patients and other hospital employees.Clinics:Clinic types include substance abuse, general medicine and rehabilitation. In such scenarios, the clinic physician willprescribe medication for the patient, while the pharmacy technician dispenses it.Military:Many branches of the military, including the US Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy have openings for pharmacytechnicians. Benefits will likely be available, as well asjob security, and you will need to adapt to a militaryenvironment.Assisted Living Community:Also known as assisted living residences, thesecommunities are for seniors who do not wish tobe under 24-hour medical care, but still need theadministration and supervision of medications. Thisscenario may require that you read patient charts inorder to prepare and deliver their medication.
  6. 6. Pharmacy Technician Job SkillsDo you have what it takes to become a pharmacy technician? Check out this helpful list ofideal pharmacy technician job skills. Mastering these skills will make your job as a pharmacytechnician not only more enjoyable, but will help you stand out. Computer Skills: Because you will have to create patient profiles, submit insurance claims, interact with vendors online and print prescription labels, you will need to know how to opeate a computer. You don’t need to know be a tech whiz, but you do need to know the basics. Organization: With the hundreds of prescriptions at your fingertips from day-to-day, it’s important to operate with a strong sense of organization. Memory: Your ability to memorize is an important part of a pharmacy technician career. A good tip is to use index cards to help you remember all of the drug names and their generic counterparts. Attention-to-Detail: This goes along with organization in a way. As a pharmacy technician, you will need to pay attention to a wide range of important details, from patient histories to accurate diagnoses. Customer Service/People Skills: Lastly, because you will be speaking to customers quite a bit, you will need to learn how to properly and professionally handle customer complaints and concerns. With this, strong communication skills are essential.
  7. 7. How to Find a Pharmacy Technician Career Training ProgramAre you ready to secure your spot in the pharmacy technician industry? First things first – You need to locate a quality,pharmacy technician training program. Additionally, you want to select a pharmacy technician training program thatwill prepare you for the PTCB exam. Here’s what to look for:AccreditationEnsure the school you select your pharmacy technician program from is accredited by an accrediting agency that isrecognized by the U.S. Department of Education. It will be your assurance that your program is legitimate, held to setstandards and worth your hard-earned money. Otherwise, if you select a program that is not reviewed or held to higherstandards, upon completion, you may not be properly prepared to take the PTCB certification exam.100% Online Pharmacy Technician Course OptionsWhen selecting the best pharmacy technician training course, consider the flexibility an online course can offer you.Choosing an online, self-paced course may offer you the flexibility you need to pursue your new health care career,while also juggling other important responsibilities. Plus, most online programs are self-paced, so you can learn at aspeed that suites your own learning style.Affordable Payment OptionsFor many, a tight budget can become a barrier to receiving the quality education they need to launch a new career.However, if you choose a school that will work with you, affording your education may be more possible than you think.For example, what about choosing a school that offers interest free payment plans? That way, you could completeyour education without having a large student debt to repay.Live Student SupportWhat if you run into a challenging concept during your online training? Who will help you? Choose a school with livestudent support and you will never need to worry about this scenario. That way, if you find yourself struggling on aparticular topic, need encouragement or assistance of any kind, a live support representative will be a phone call awayso you can continue to progress through your course.
  8. 8. Quality MaterialsChoose a program that will prepare you to pass the PharmacyTechnicianCertificationBoard(PTCB).Herearesomeexamplesof the types of topics a comprehensive pharmacy techniciancourse should cover: Inventory Management Pharmacy Terminology Financial Practices Related to Running a Pharmacy Formulations and Routes Community and Hospital Pharmacies Pharmacy Prescriptions Calculations Inventory Management And moreHealth care will generate over three million new jobs through the decade, which is more than any other industry (BLS).This includes the exciting field of pharmacy technicians. Are you ready for the challenge? Allied’s all-inclusive, online pharmacy technician training is all you need to study from home on your own schedule. Successfully complete your course and be prepared to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Examination.
  9. 9. Allied Student BenefitsStudent Focused 100% Online, 24/7 Access Live Support Flexible Study for Busy Schedules Finish Quicker and Start You Career SoonerHigh Quality Education Nationally Accredited Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Exam Promise ”Pass the Certification Exam or Don’t Pay” Select courses approved for continuing educationCompetitive Tuition No Unnecessary Filler Courses that Inflate Tuition Cost – No General Ed Classes to Hold You Back! Interest-Free Payment Plan Available No Additional Fees – Your Tuition Includes Everything You NeedCareer Preparation Hands On Externship in a real pharmacy settingExternship Coordinator Secures Pharmacy Externship in Student’s Community Résumé, Cover Letter, and Interview Prep
  10. 10. Get the support and encouragement you deserve with Allied by your side throughouteach step of your training program.Visit to learn moreabout Allied’s online, self-paced trainingor call 888-822-2923.All employment and salary statistics, projections, and information where “(BLS)” is indicated was collected from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statisticswebsite. Information may be verified by visiting