Managing In-House Teams to Create Successful SEO Initiatives


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Managing In-House Teams to Create Successful SEO Initiatives

  1. 1. Intro Allison Fabella – SEO Manager @ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – Direct all strategic & tactical SEO for: • The AJC; AccessAtlanta; AJCHomefinder; AJCCars; AJCClassifieds; EveningEdge.… The Atlanta Journal-Constitution • Largest newspaper in the southeast • Top ten regional newspapers in the country • > 3.5 million unique visitors per week
  2. 2. orchestrating seo Managing In-House teams to Create Successful SEO Initiatives
  3. 3. Program 1. SEO: Middle-Management Level • • The four “sections” how they fit in with your seo plan 2. Four Common Scenarios • Challenges/Solutions for seo & four “sections” 3. Achieving SEO Harmony • Actionable recommendations for creating seo synergy within your organization
  4. 4. The Four sections 1. the Product Manager 2. the Developer 3. the Designer 4. the Content Producer
  5. 5. The Product Manager Your first & last defense – they approve each phase of project so… – Must be made aware of benefits of seo and… …The consequences of ignoring it
  6. 6. Scenario #1 The Product manager forgets to invite you to project kick-off meeting Solutions • Remind them that their project will yield more traffic if their seo Is baked-in during the planning phase •Show example of a successful project in which SEO was considered right from the kick-off & backup with data
  7. 7. The Developer Make it or break it – They create the backbone of your seo – can directly impact traffic positively… ….Or negatively
  8. 8. Scenario #2 The developer builds all page links in JavaScript Solutions • DON’T tell them to tear it all down & start over!!! • Explain how the page could lose traffic & suggest that a supplemental HTML links can prevent that from happening • Show an example of a solution -- Helps illustrate what you mean -- Proves it can be done
  9. 9. The Designer Your Content begins here – Mutual opportunities – Design creates opportunities for seo and… …seo creates opportunities for their pages to be viewed
  10. 10. Scenario #3 The designer mocks up a page made entirely of images …. no text Solutions • Tell them how fabulous the page looks! • Express concern that people might not see their page due to search engines’ limitations with images • Ask what kind of solution they can think of
  11. 11. The Content Producer The bridge between engines & users – Their content influences 1. search engine behavior 2. Human behavior
  12. 12. Scenario #4 The content producer writes a story about britney spears slipping on the ice entitled “ouch!” Solutions • Google “ouch” and ask the producer if this is where they want their story to appear in the serps. Then… • Google “spears, slips, ice” and ask the same question
  13. 13. Achieving SEO Harmony Establish Your Credibility • Make a quickie change and show results • critical if you’re new to the organization Document successes • Theirs - not yours • emphasize how SEO benefits THEM not you Be Omnipresent • locate your SEO @ intersection of dev, design & content, if possible • Weekly update meetings w/ the four “sections”
  14. 14. Achieving SEO Harmony Goals & accountability • Attach “success” to their productivity Check Lists • Each “section” gets tailored checklist + 101 • Build seo into life cycle checklists Training • turn everyone in your organization an SEO especially the four “sections” Compromise • “Well, what can be done?”
  15. 15. In Conclusion Seo at the middle management level is about… Leadership
  16. 16. Thank You! Allison Fabella The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 404-526-2246