Xbox 360 Vs Ps3


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The Battle Begins: Xbox 360 vs. PS3.

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Xbox 360 Vs Ps3

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  2. 2. The Battle Begins: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 If you are in the market for a new gaming console, there are a few out there to choose from. The Nintendo Wii is an inexpensive option, but doesn’t come with as many features as the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Your best choice is to look at the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 in order to make a great decision for your new gaming system. .
  3. 3. Xbox 360 The Xbox 360 had any great features that can accommodate the beginning gamer as well as the expert gamer. The Xbox 360 has a lower price than the PS3, can show better visual quality, and has a better game selection and online support for any problems that arise. The Xbox 360 is well-prices at just $299. The graphics also outperform those on the PS3 system. It has to do with the choice of the type of memory that the Xbox 360 uses compared to the one that the PS3 uses. And since the Xbox 360 came out nearly a year before the PS3, they have twice the selection of games for their system than the PS3 has. Plus, many games that can play on the original Xbox still work on the Xbox 360. .
  4. 4. Xbox 360 vs. PS3 The online plan for Xbox 360 is exceptional. This is one of the areas where the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 debate is hard to call a clear winner. They have been using the online gaming experience longer than any other company and have been able to perfect most of it, and while it is exceptional, so is the online options for the PS3. .
  5. 5. The PS3 Even though the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 debate looks like an open and shut case, it isn’t. The PS3 is a powerful machine, probably more suited for expert gamers. If you spend the $499 on the PS3, then you should know what you are getting for your money. There are different versions of the console, but the cheapest is the 20GB version. This powerful machine will give you excellent game playing quality. The PS3 also has a great (and free) online plan called the Playstation Network. On this site you can play games, network with people, purchase downloads for your system, and so much more. .
  6. 6. Xbox 360 vs. PS3 One thing that sets the PS3 apart from the Xbox 360 is the use of Blu-Ray technology. The PS3 utlizes this technology for saving, downloading, and playing movies on the system. This is just another aspect of the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 debate you will have to look at. .
  7. 7. Xbox 360 vs. PS3 When looking at Xbox 360 vs. PS3, remember to first look for the aspects of the system that will be most important to you. Whether it’s the online plans, the technology, or the disk space, compare and make your choice based on your gaming needs. .
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