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Time to Upgrade: Get a PS3 Keyboard:

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Ps3 Keyboard

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  2. 2. Time to Upgrade: Get a PS3 Keyboard If you own a PS3 then you are always going to want to make sure that you are up to date on the latest and greatest technology, namely accessories. Sony and other companies are always releasing new and wonderful accessories for the PS3, one of the best which is the PS3 keyboard. .
  3. 3. Time to Upgrade: Get a PS3 Keyboard With the PS3 keyboard you will find playing your games much easier and especially if you want to have chats via the system you will need to have this accessory. There are a few different companies offering the PS3 keyboard, and here are a few of the top picks. .
  4. 4. Logitech NetPlay USB Keyboard This PS3 keyboard is without a doubt one of the best accessories that you can purchase for the PS3. This keyboard is more than just a keyboard, it is a controller. It looks somewhat like a smaller keyboard with the sides of a PS3 controller, and on each handle there are large, blue transparent analog sticks. .
  5. 5. Logitech NetPlay USB Keyboard On the right handle are the Start and Select buttons, and on the left side is a unique looking direction pad. You get everything that you would with a regular controller and more, and because the keyboard is larger than an actual controller you will find it easier to play games, especially RPGs where you will feel like you are more in the game. .
  6. 6. PS3 Keyboard This is a terrific PS3 keyboard, especially for the price it is available at, and you can find it at all Logitech retailers. .
  7. 7. MadCatz PS3 Wireless Controller ThumbPad Keyboard This is another very popular PS3 keyboard. There are many wonderful features offered by this keyboard, and a few of this are a functional multi-key QWERTY interface, and as well it enhances in-game messaging capabilities, convenient clip-on design, fully compatible with PS3’s web browsing functions, plug and play technology, and all PS3 controller buttons are accessible as well. .
  8. 8. PS3 Keyboard These are just a few of the many keyboards for the PS3 that are available, and the best idea is for you to consider what you need in a keyboard and controller, and then find the one that is going to work best for you. .
  9. 9. PS3 Keyboard These keyboards offer you everything that you need from both a keyboard and a PS3 controller and so you can get rid of all your other keyboards and controllers and just keep this single accessory, to make everything a great deal easier on yourself and be able to enjoy your PS3 gaming to the fullest. .
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