Playstation 3 Graphics


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How Good Are PlayStation 3 Graphics?

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Playstation 3 Graphics

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  2. 2. How Good Are PlayStation 3 Graphics? This third installment in the Sony line of game consoles is part of the PlayStation series from the company. It was initially launched in the last quarter of 2006 and has been met with enthusiasm by gamers. The PlayStation 3 graphics are said to be better than ever and so with the other features of the gaming console. This game console can connect to the Internet through the PlayStation Network giving players a chance to play with others as well as having multimedia capability.
  3. 3. Blue-ray Disc The PlayStation 3 graphics are further enhanced by the used of Blue-ray disc technology as one of its primary storage mediums. Blue-ray disc boasts clear PlayStation 3 graphics as well as better sound than any other. This makes the PlayStation 3 graphics one of the best in the game console industry. The degree of almost realistic graphics of the game console is totally amazing and other gaming consoles do not come close to it at all.
  4. 4. How Good Are PlayStation 3 Graphics? In spite of this, there have been many who refuted claims that the PlayStation 3 graphics are really that exceptional. Claims that the other gaming consoles have superior graphics compared to the PlayStation 3 graphics have come out but many gamers do not care about these claims because all they want is better reaction time as well as real time gaming.
  5. 5. PlayStation 3 Graphics Hardware The hardware that supports PlayStation 3 graphics is made by NVIDIA. Both Sony and NVDIA have brought a startling degree of realism to the PlayStation 3 graphics. The RSX or reality synthesizer is the main reason for this new degree of graphics in this particular gaming console. It is by far, the most sophisticated processor for graphics ever made and this combined with Cell technology will result to real time graphics and 3D imagery.
  6. 6. PlayStation 3 Graphics Hardware The new NVIDIA graphics processing can shell out some resolutions of 480i/576i SD up to 1080p HD. PlayStation 3 graphics have about 256 MB XDR in the main memory and around the same in the RSX video memory.
  7. 7. PlayStation 3 Graphics Hardware The PlayStation 3 graphics are indeed a marvel in technology. Sony has outdone itself in working with NVIDIA and producing this very innovative processor that can alter your perception of a gaming console. Other game consoles may have a difficult time beating the PlayStation 3 in this aspect but then again, technology has a way of giving way to better and more advanced creations sooner or later.
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