Study visit quality in education 2012
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Study visit quality in education 2012






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Study visit quality in education 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Presentation is on: Quality in education with ict study visit 2012 twitter: @allfrans Frans Schouwenburg Kennisnet March 2012
  • 2. Programme Introduction Exploring ‘DeVerdieping’ Quality
  • 3. Education in The Netherlands  Primary Education 6900 schools 1.600.000 pupils 135.000 teachers  Secondary Education 647 schools; 70% special (religious) 900.000 pupils 64.000 teachers  Vocational Education: 73 educational institutions; 3% special (religious) 573.000 students 37.000 teachers 3
  • 4. Kennisnet The Netherlands aim to be among the top five knowledge economies of the world. ICT is a critical factor for meeting this challenge. Kennisnet is the public ict expertise centre for Dutch primary, secondary and vocational institutions 4
  • 5. Kennisnet – some facts• Founded in 2001: 140 FTE• Funded by Ministry of Education• Annual funding EURO 18 million
  • 6. Partners Samenwerken Ve n r on va ve rb b ru d e en s e rw pe an in o ict de ikba rwij ijs rti v on re len n en re e en d e ex er ba ke ve xp ict ov ruik wik rs ert b nt pr s O ei ise de n Expertise en de s d ing u n de O n c o d er en on wij ien rs ie td mb wi ek in js te tie er rz on ke at en sa ond voo Synergie n ies ic va ga et an n van or n h n v ni va ere eu ni w h t e Be services Voorzieningen innovation Innovatie Sa n ke me er nw nwPa s er me er ke rtn Sa rtn n er Pa s Realiseren en beheren Tonen van de potentie van van standaarden en nieuwe combinaties generieke voorzieningen van onderwijs en ict
  • 7. Products and services for schools Expertise, research, practical guides Co-ordination standards and agreements Networks for professional development Portals and platforms, public services
  • 8. Four in Balance 8
  • 9. Entree Federation:authentication, authorization
  • 10. 240,000 community members 13
  • 11. Design sessions challengeWhat do we What do What do Choices Plan want we know we have design try 14
  • 12. age of data
  • 13. Tijdschrift of kapotte iPad?
  • 14. Self-employment on rise
  • 15. 700.000 job in IT
  • 16. Schools don’t match demand• Importance of profiling• Flexibility• Thinking globally• Enterprise• Being open to new developments
  • 17. Why ict in education? To function in a knowledge society rich with media Ict in future professions Improve quality and productivity of education
  • 18. Accumulation of knowledge
  • 19. ICT used by teachers
  • 20. Actual use of digital learningmaterials vs teacher ambition
  • 21. Availability interactive whiteboards
  • 22. Student – computer ratio
  • 23. Extra indicator operationalmanagement% of schools that rate their use of ict inoperational management, such as administrationand data management as good 2010 2011 Streven 2012 PO 75% 70% Nb VO 57% 66% Nb MBO 43% 42% Nb
  • 24. Integrating ambitions quality efficienc y transparency
  • 25. Explore De Verdieping
  • 26. Closing the quality gap
  • 27. Learning analytics
  • 28. Immediate feedback
  • 29. Learning Analytics1st cycle: laerning
  • 30. Learning Analytics2e cyclus: organiseren
  • 31. Learning Analytics3nd cycle: accountability
  • 32. Learning Analytics3rd cycle – in control
  • 33. Outlook driven Technology driven
  • 34. developments
  • 35. quality registrationlearning materials techology it-skills
  • 36. Options in learning materials
  • 37. Internet re-organizes the chain…. 48
  • 38. 49
  • 39. Collections of resourcematerials, components, lessons, etc
  • 40. Options in infrastructure
  • 41. Options in leadership
  • 42. Options inteacherdevelopment
  • 43. Ict-competences 56
  • 44. Tpack model
  • 45. 4Model for avision meeting
  • 46. Design planOur dream (flash presentation) Learning behaviour Role teacher SchoolWhat do we have StrengthsWhat do we need To fullfill our dream Think of: teacher development, infra structure, learning materials and conceptsQuick wins Where can we start right now? What other priorities do we see?
  • 47. Process sheet Dream 2020 4 in balance scores pedagogics vision expertise transer of Construction of knowledge knowledge materials all primary all methods sources infra leadership multi media adaptive Designing the futureWhat do we have?What do we need?Where do we start?
  • 48. Thank you!