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We have designed the packages below to make you, the small business owner, happy – regardless of your budget and provide a first class stress free hosting service, placing your site in one of our 2 world class facilities, with daily backups, proactive uptime checking,

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A website designer

  1. 1. We’re obsessed with web design, apps, SEO and the web in general. Not only that, we’re passionate about sharing what we know with others.
  2. 2. Your web design is either effective or not and clearly, there is no room for a middle ground. To create a design that serves the purpose it is supposed to (read: is effective), it is imperative that you not only have the requisite skills but also know what not to do. Simply put, it comes down to two things :  Utilising the skills you have and probably acquiring some more on your way  Not doing things that can lead to an ineffective web site design
  3. 3.    I am obsessed with dominating the web, and web domination is not complete without being on the front page of Google! Over the years I have formulated and refined an SEO program for our own sites that has us on the front page of Google for some of the most competitive terms in the industry. In fact I get pretty much all of my new business (other than referral) through natural search engine traffic.
  4. 4. We provide a first class stress free hosting service, placing your site in one of our 2 world class facilities, with daily backups (and weekly offsite), proactive uptime checking, best of breed cPanel management software and Australian Support by live chat, email or telephone (24/7 downtime support via phone).
  5. 5. If you have a brick and mortar store, driving more customers through the doors is easy, but when it comes to an e-store, things are different. Here’s what distinguishes the two: an e-store needs you to generate organic search traffic, while the brick and mortar one has no such requirement. This, in turn, calls for article optimisation. Yes, you are advised to optimise your articles, which can be easily done if you work on the following elements:  Meta title  Description
  6. 6. A Content Audit is simple in concept and complex in execution. You have to drill down deep into your iceberg and take those core samples, and build a model of your content. What kind of content is it? What are the features? What do your users get from it? Once you can answer these questions clearly, then you can set about Step Two, which is creating a website design around your content based on the way your content displays and is used.
  7. 7. Having helped many Australian businesses bounce back from the past Penguin updates, Our process of helping you recover from the Penguin update includes:  Analysis of your historic SEO activities  Create a new SEO strategy to move forward  On-page analysis of your website – Audit the current content and clean-up the content to remove any traces of duplicate content or keyword stuffing.  Develop a new content marketing strategy  Clean-up backlink profiles – Identify any bad links and go through the painful and long process of removing them  Generate a diverse anchor link profile  Submit re-consideration request to Google
  8. 8. Penguin 2.1, the latest update from Google, has had a huge impact on your website, chances are that you have given up on link building campaigns. While you may not be entirely wrong, especially because you might have had to bear the brunt because of some of these links, there is a downside to what you have done.
  9. 9.     Website: http://awebsitedesigner.com.au/ Phone No.: 1300 760 363 Twitter: http://twitter.com/tanuj_rastogi Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-WebsiteDesigner/675016145842611