Timeline ppt primer


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This presentation provides content and ideas for creating timelines using PowerPoint as a medium.

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Timeline ppt primer

  1. 1. Using PowerPoint to Create Annotated Timelines Date Box Date Box Date BoxEvent Box: Event Box: Event Box:Copy and paste this Copy and paste this Copy and paste thistext box, then drag it text box, then drag it text box, then drag itto your desired to your desired to your desiredlocation. location. location.Then, write to Then, write to Then, write todescribe, drag it, describe, drag it, describe, drag it,and resize it... and resize it... and resize it...You can format this You can format this You can format thisbox by using the box by using the box by using theDraw tools… Draw tools… Draw tools…
  2. 2. 1893 1894 1916 Boilerplate toiled inMechanical Marvel the service of men Boilerplate servedBoilerplate was by assisting in admirably in a seriesunveiled at the 1893 Professor Campion’s of conflicts includingColumbian voyage to the South the Spanish-Exposition by Pole aboard the American War, theinventor Professor Japanese-Russian Euterpe. TheArchibald Campion expedition was the War, and World Warto “resolve the first (and last) robot- I.conflicts of nations assisted voyage towithout the deaths of the South Pole.men.” http://www.bigredhair.com/boilerplate/intro.html
  3. 3. Date Box Copy, paste, drag to line, and fill in with the appropriate date If you need more than a single page, you can copy and paste THIS LINE into a new slide—Go to InsertNew Slide—the new line will be in the same spot if you do not move itEvent Box:Copy and paste thistext box, then drag itto your desiredlocation.Then, write todescribe, drag it,and resize it...You can format thisbox by using theDraw tools…
  4. 4. This example shows the results of doing these simple tasks:•Copying•Pasting•Dragging•Typing 1963 1964 1966 Event Box: Copy The amount of Write or paste text in and paste this text writing will change new box after you box, then drag it to the side of the text paste. your desired box. If you need to location. resize or make it thicker or more Then, write to narrow, you can do describe, drag it, so by dragging the and resize it... side buttons on the box… You can format this box by using the Draw tools…
  5. 5. Finding Your Draw Tools (if they’re missing…) Click on View Click on Toolbars Click on Drawing The drawing toolbar will appear in the lower left hand corner…
  6. 6. Insert text box button. Then choose size and location. Add text. Insert image button. You can click, drag, and resize images. Fill button. You can change the fill color of text boxes—get more colors, too. Line color button. Changes outline colors. This box is red. Line thickness button. These fat lines are 2 ¼ point lines and the skinny ones are 1 point.
  7. 7. You can also format additional text boxes for different kinds of content—the long green box on the bottom might be used to identify an historic event or era… 1941 1943 1945 By using the format These green textEvent Box: text box option, you boxes are formattedCopy and paste this can easily customize by changing thetext box, then drag it your content to create color, choosing a fillto your desired a nicer timeline. effect, and changinglocation. the line… Think some about theThen, write to way things will look Remember, as youdescribe, drag it, when you print your work, choose colorsand resize it... time line— that do not clash. Please! Don’t forget: If you put dark onYou can format this dark, for instance, If you put dark onbox by using the folks won’t be able to dark, folks won’t beDraw tools… read it. able to read it. World War II
  8. 8. Once you have formatted a text box theway you want it—colors, fonts, and so on,copy and paste the pretty box so you don’thave to reformat every single text box.Just type over the font that needs to bechanged when you paste a text box.
  9. 9. This first computerwas made of wood This portableand powered by computer only The lateststeam! weighed 475 pounds computers are made and was moved by a of folded paper and team of draft horses very expensive tape An early model nicknamed “El Pinto” because it This short-lived sometimes burst into model was both a flames computer and a fashionable hat 1885 1904 1922 1931 1999 2040 This old looking This Depression-era computer is an early computer doubled MacIntosh computer as a furnace A late model, “green technology” This model was computer made of called the Compy recycled dead X-box 386 consoles
  10. 10. To add images to your timeline, find suitable images online. Then,right click, choose “Copy Image,” and you can paste the imagedirectly into your timeline slide. Once the image is in, you need to copy and paste the URL from the image’s Web page into one of two places: Onto the slide where the image appears OR Onto a credits slide at the end of your presentation
  11. 11. You can add additional slides to allowenough space to go into convincing detail. At the top of your screen, choose Insert, then New Slide. Or, you can simply use the keyboard command Ctrl + M—the new slide should appear in the navigation pane on the left hand side of the screen.
  12. 12. To succeed most fully, work in this order:Think and Plan—What goes in? What goes where?Hunt and Gather—Find & think up content to write. Get images to view.Format and Produce—Where does everything go? Work towards the final product: Good appearance and good ideas!