Service Design Workshop: Determining Graduate Student Needs 02


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Service Design Workshop: Determining Graduate Student Needs 02

  1. 1. The LITTLE Workshop Agenda Mapping An Integrated Experience For A University Thesis Research Workshop Agenda Allen J Cochran Council of Graduate Students Organization: A Service Design Case Study cochran.291@osu.eduThursday, July 28, 11
  2. 2. Executive Summary Objective Details The objective of the LITTLE workshop is to learn about the Who Grad. Students, Council Delegates graduate student experience from the perspective of graduate students and Delegates from the Council of Graduate What Participate in a workshop about CGS Services Students. Participants will inform the researcher/moderator When Date TBD about their choices for graduate school starting from before Where Hayes Hall, Rm. TBD they arrived on The Ohio State University’s campus to beyond their graduation (if they’ve graduated). Information gathered in Why To advance the service and experiences of the the LITTLE workshop will help inform a larger event called the Council of Graduate Students so that they can BIG workshop. better serve their constituencies. The workshop itself consists of a short homework activity and then two parts during the actual workshop period. The Agenda Synopsis homework is to prime the participants for mapping and discussion activities during the workshop. Part 01 of the Format Homework, Workshop (2 parts), Discussion workshop is for small groups to map their graduate Duration 2.5 - 3 hours experiences based on the homework. Part 02 is for all Parts Priming Activity (done at home) 30 - 60 min participants to work together to produce one generalized graduate student journey and then add important Touchpoints Workshop Part 01 (Small Group) 1.5 hrs. that appear during that journey. Workshop Part 02 (Large Group) 1.5 hrs. 2Thursday, July 28, 11
  3. 3. The LITTLE Workshop 3Thursday, July 28, 11
  4. 4. Workshop Overview PRE-WORKSHOP WORKSHOP Activity: Activity: Explain Activity: Present Present Homework Map Stages Add Homework Map Stages Activity Activity Together Touchpoints Participants are Participants are Participants will Participants will Participants will Participants will Participants will to journal about to explain their collectively present their collectively add Touchpoints present their their experiences graduate create a map of stages of create one map, to their collective collective map to while at graduate experiences that their graduate graduate school drawing map - the moderator school and bring they wrote about experiences map as a group - information from Touchpoints will their journal to in their journal being careful to each group will each of the be provided to the workshop for document the present to the groups they were them and they presentation stages they go entire workshop previously in will be able to through during add Touchpoints their academic as well career INDIVIDUAL SMALL GROUPS - 2 OR 3 PEOPLE LARGE GROUP - ENTIRE WORKSHOP 4Thursday, July 28, 11
  5. 5. Homework Participants are to complete this homework prior What Writing Activity to the start of the workshop. They are to bring the When Prior to the workshop homework booklet to the workshop for discussion. Format Writing Time Frame 45 - 60 minutes 5Thursday, July 28, 11
  6. 6. Homework Instructions Instructions (Included Inside the Homework) Inside this Examination Blue Book please write about your personal journey through graduate school. When writing, consider these questions: • When did you apply to school? • Why did you decide to go to grad school? • How did you choose OSU? • How did you develop during grad school? • What stages did you go through? • Do you have any favorite memories? • Do you have any bad memories? • What were your biggest hurdles? • Who helped you along the way? When you’ve completed your journal writing, hold on to this book and bring it to the workshop. We’ll be discussing what you wrote there. Each participant will be provided with an Examination Blue Book such If you would prefer to type your journal entry, please feel free to do so, but again as this to write their journal entry in. remember to print it out and bring it with you to the workshop. The activity should take you between 30 - 60 minutes. If you have any questions, please write Allen Cochran at Thank you for for participating. 6Thursday, July 28, 11
  7. 7. Workshop Room Layout Materials Needed Part 01 (Group Maps) Part 02 (Workshop Maps) 7Thursday, July 28, 11
  8. 8. Workshop Room Setup Chairs Food & Beverage Table Materials Tables Group Map Video Camera on Tripod There will be a note taker for each of the groups. A photographer will take photos of the entire event. The workshop is to be audio and video recorded at each table. Groups of 2 or 3 will created the small maps at their respective tables during Workshop Part 01 8Thursday, July 28, 11
  9. 9. Materials Needed * 3 pieces of large paper Sharpie markers (for Workshop Part 01 - small group maps) Pens 1 piece of large paper (for Workshop Part 02 - large group, workshop map) Extra paper 5 sets of images 1 still camera (emotive experience images - 3 sets for Workshop Part 01, 1 set for Workshop Part 02, 1 extra) 3 video cameras (with tripods) 5 sets of cut paper shapes (space bounding boxes - 3 sets for Workshop Part 01, 1 set for 1 Notepads (for the moderator) Workshop Part 02, 1 extra) Consent forms 1 set of Touchpoints (for Workshop Part 02) 3 Audio Recorders Extra sticky notes Food & Beverages (to add notes, extra touchpoints, etc.) Examination Blue Books * (for Homework) 9Thursday, July 28, 11
  10. 10. Workshop Part 01 The first part of this workshop is for participants to What Small Group MakeTool discuss their homework journals and create maps Collage Activity as small groups. Groups, for this portion of the When On the date of the Workshop workshop should be no more than 2 or 3 people. After discussion, they will map out their groups’ Format Physical activity, drawing, interpretation of the stages of graduate school. collaging, assembling a Once all the groups are done, each group will service map present their map to the entire workshop. Time Frame 1 hours 10Thursday, July 28, 11
  11. 11. Workshop Part 01 Homework Discussion Introduction to the Workshop Homework Discussion Prompt (To be said at the top of the workshop) (To be said following the Introduction) Thank you all for agreeing to be a part of my workshop. The point of this Please take a moment and discuss, in your small groups, what you’ve written in your workshop is to learn about your experiences at The Ohio State University. In order homework. Think back to the instructions for this homework and be sure to discuss to do that, we’ll be drawing from the journals that you brought with the collective things like: power of groups (you’ll be working together today). • When did you apply to school? Before we begin, however, let me explain what all we’ll be doing today. In a • Why did you decide to go to grad school? moment, we’ll break into groups and each of you will discuss the journal • How did you choose OSU? homework that you so nicely completed. Following that, I’m going to ask each • How did you develop during grad school? group to produce a collage that represents a journey through graduate school. • What stages did you go through? From your personal experiences, we’ll begin to map a collective experience. Once each group is done, I’ll ask each group to present what they made to the rest of • Do you have any favorite memories? us. • Do you have any bad memories? • What were your biggest hurdles? For the last part of the workshop, I’ll ask all of you to work together and come up • Who helped you along the way? with one journey map that brings in all of your experiences. This time, before presenting the final map, I’ll ask you to stick Touchpoints to the map. These We’ll take about 15 minutes to discuss before we begin the first activity. Touchpoints are interactions you may have had with OSU along the journey. Please know that I’m going to video and audio record the entire workshop. It should take about 2 hours. If at any time you wish to withdraw or for me to turn off the recording devices, please let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate. Again thank you for participating. Let’s get started. 11Thursday, July 28, 11
  12. 12. Workshop Part 01 Activity - Small Group Maps Small Group Map Prompt Presentation / Discussion Prompt (To be said following the Homework Discussion) (To be said following the Small Group Map Activity) Map the stages or spaces that graduate students go through at OSU. While Tell us what you did. Think about the questions we discussed at the beginning of this working in your groups to create these stages consider not only your journal activity. What are the stages your group sees as the graduate student journey. homework and personal experiences. Also consider: (Moderator should pose questions as the groups begin) • Your expectations when you first arrived here • What you learned and how you grew each year you’ve been here • In talking to your group members, were you surprised by anything? • How you adapted to new situations here at OSU • Did you hear any major differences between one another? • How you expect your graduate career to continue towards and after • What similarities did you notice between your group members? graduation • What similarities did you notices from group to group? • Could you all agree about certain areas of frustration or certain areas that you all Feel free to use the cut paper shapes and the images included on each group’s agreed were great points of your experience? table. I also have extra if they’re needed. Once each group has finished, I’ll ask each of you to present your collage. 12Thursday, July 28, 11
  13. 13. Workshop Part 02 For the second part of this workshop all groups What Large Group MakeTool will join and work together to create one map that Collage Activity combines their personal experiences collectively. When On the date of the Workshop After they have mapped the stages of their graduate experiences they will go back and add Format Physical activity, drawing, Touchpoints that represent where graduate collaging, assembling a students interact with the university. Once all the service map groups are done, each group will present the final Time Frame 1 hours map to the moderator. 13Thursday, July 28, 11
  14. 14. Workshop Part 02 Activity - Large Group Maps Large Group Map Prompt (To be said following the small group map presentation / discussion) Each of you brought your personal experiences, discussed them, and then combined them with a small group of personal experiences in order to create a combined journey through graduate school. Now, I’d like for everyone to work together and map an generalized graduate student journey based on what you did in your smaller groups. Using your small group’s information, think broadly about how any graduate student should move through grad school. Using another set of materials please map out the graduate student experience. This generalized map will help outline how to better serve graduate students across campus. 14Thursday, July 28, 11
  15. 15. Workshop Part 02 Activity - Large Group Maps Touchpoint Prompt Presentation / Discussion Prompt (To be said following the Homework Discussion) (To be said following the Small Group Map Activity) Now that you’ve mapped out a generalized graduate student journey, I’d like for Tell us what you did. Think about the questions we discussed at the beginning of this you to add these Touchpoints to the map. Each Touchpoint represents an activity. What are the stages everyone sees as the graduate student journey. interaction between graduate students and OSU. I’ve provided several Touchpoints for you to get started with, but if you feel like something is missing, feel free to add one as you see fit. Remember there is no right or wrong answer in placing these. In fact, everyone may feel that certain Touchpoints are unnecessary or incorrect while considering where to place them. Instead, place them as a group where you feel the would best serve your needs as graduate students. 15Thursday, July 28, 11
  16. 16. Appendix Emotive Images Cut Paper Shapes (Space Bounding Boxes) Touchpoints 16Thursday, July 28, 11
  17. 17. Cut Paper Shapes (Space Bounding Boxes) 17Thursday, July 28, 11
  18. 18. Emotive Images 18Thursday, July 28, 11
  19. 19. Emotive Images 19Thursday, July 28, 11
  20. 20. Emotive Images 20Thursday, July 28, 11
  21. 21. Touchpoints Professional Department Development Explanation Weekly Department Events Graduate Grants of Benefits E-mails Gatherings Coordinators Council of Graduate Thesis Student OSU Related Graduate Student Library Advisor Organizations Websites Students Orientation Graduate Annual Edward F. Welcome Hayes Funding Associate Autumn The Lantern Week Research Opportunities Resource Involvement Fair Fair Forum Stack of extra blank Touchpoints 21Thursday, July 28, 11