NAGPS 2012 Midwest Regional Conference Program & Agenda


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During the weekend of April 12 - 14, Xavier University and The Ohio State University partnered to host the 2012 NAGPS Midwest Regional Conference. This document is the printed program distributed to the more than 40 guests.

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NAGPS 2012 Midwest Regional Conference Program & Agenda

  2. 2. LETTER FROM NAGPS PRESIDENTDear Midwest Regional Conference Participant,Welcome to Columbus, Ohio! Thank you for your participation this weekend. We have an exciting eventplanned for you, and hope that you find your time with us productive and enjoyable.The power of our regional conferences lies in the contribution of participants: sharing best practices andlessons learned, networking, and forming new connections that will be the foundation of your futuresuccess. I encourage you to fully utilize the extraordinary network of talent that surrounds you at thisconference by asking meaningful questions and finding ways to become a useful resource to those youmeet. Many of us are in similar stages of life and leadership—strategically guiding our organizations andcareers toward short- and long-term goals, learning and internalizing lessons of effective leadership, anddeveloping a network of peers with whom we will share our personal and professional future. You mightbe surprised at the lessons you can learn while engaging in thoughtful discussion with other attendees thisweekend. I encourage you to seek out every opportunity to learn from and contribute to one another.This is an exciting time to be a graduate-professional student in the US. Our research, creative works,and collective impact are the driving force behind our nation’s future competiveness. We are startingcompanies, conducting groundbreaking scientific inquiry, uncovering new relationships and themes in artand literature, and training to educate the next generation of scholars. We are our nation’s future business,political, and intellectual leaders, and we stand united with one voice.That voice is NAGPS. The Association exists to help you develop as a leader and learn from a talented,diverse group of peers from across the nation. Through our events you will have the opportunity tocollaborate with other leaders from across a wide range of disciplines and institutions, share the lessonsyou have learned in your organization, and shape the future of graduate-professional education throughadvocacy at multiple levels.Our hosts this weekend have done a tremendous job organizing the conference. I am grateful for their hardwork, and ask that you take a moment to personally thank them when you see each of them next. I amespecially grateful for the contributions and tireless service from The Ohio State University, Xavier Universityand their graduate student governance organizations. Specifically, I’d like to thank Daniele Bologna, AllenCochran, Vijay Gadepall, Zach Kenitzer and Caitlyn Riederer for their leadership in planning this regionalconference. Without their contributions and dedication, we wouldn’t be here this weekend.I hope to see you next at our National Conference November 1-4 at Duke University in Durham, NC.Matt CooperPresident & CEO, NAGPS
  3. 3. LETTER FROM CONFERENCE COORDINATORDear 2012 NAGPS Midwest Regional Conference Attendees,I could not be more excited about serving as your NAGPS Midwest Regional Chair for 2012!! NAGPS hasrecently witnessed snowballing excitement from schools across the country, which has in turn led to anationwide sense of success from NAGPS and its constituents. Specific to the Midwest, Universities want abetter sense of camaraderie and are looking for ways to better communicate between schools in order toshare best practices and develop together.Along with NAGPS, it is my personal goal to provide a forum for this communication to take place. Graduateeducation has experienced some immense challenges in the Midwest this year, and as a result we arefocusing on best practices of graduate leadership. We plan to make as many presentations and talksavailable in some form of recorded media, just in case your passion for discussion hinders your ability to takenotes this weekend.May the NAGPS 2012 Midwest Regional Conference help us all to develop our practices and to return toour respective schools with increased knowledge and confidence and a greater sense of support from ourneighboring Universities.I look forward to meeting all of you and hope that this is the beginning of many connections and friendshipsthat will last for years to come.Thank you and welcome.Sincerely,Daniele BolognaNAGPS Midwest Regional Chair
  4. 4. GETTING AROUND COLUMBUSDriving directions to from the Varsity InnNorth to the Ohio Union Parking at The Ohio Union Ohio Union South GarageVarsity Inn OSU North The Ohio Union South Garage is located immediately3246 Olentangy River Road adjacent to the north side of the building with accessColumbus, OH 43202 from High Street and College Road. This garage offers 800 visitor-only spaces, including accessible parking and main1. Head northwest on Olentangy River Rd campus disability permit access. A passenger drop-off loop is located off of the 12 Avenue entrance to2. Make a U-turn the Ohio Union.3. Turn left onto W Lane Ave4. Turn right onto N High St Ohio Union North Garage Destination will be on your right The Ohio Union North Garage is located just north of the Ohio Union South Garage and provides an additional 600Ohio Union visitor parking spaces during off-peak hours. Guests of theThe Ohio State University Ohio Union may utilize this garage from 4:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and all day1739 N High Street Saturday and Sunday.Columbus, OH 43210
  5. 5. CONFERENCE HOTEL INFORMATIONVarsity Inn OSU North Transportation InformationConference Group: CGS12 For CABS map visit:The hotel for the conference will be Varsity Inn, located convientaly near The Ohio State cabsmaps/BVmap.pdfUniversity’s campus and on the CABS system. Therooms are discounted to $70 a night for a double For Varsity Inn North’s website visit:bedroom. It is a short walk to the campus bus sys-, known as CABS, at which has a stop at Kennyand Ackerman and goes to the Oval in the middle of For The Ohio Union’s website visit:Ohio States campus, with a short walk to the Ohio, where the conference will be taking place.Varsity Inn OSU North3246 Olentangy River Rd,Columbus, OH 43202Phone: 614-267-4646Fax: 614-267-1535
  6. 6. GETTING AROUND OHIO STATE P P P P P 273 P 303 P 029 P 163 082 P 359 P P 302 P 875 069 072 277 294 379 048 2 102 187 007 067 337 888 352 065 348 0 965 355 P 011 288 106 193 049 863 926 P ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼
  7. 7. N ▼ P 1 ▼ 2 ▼ 3 P P ▼ P 4 086 891 ▼ 229 P 892 088 5 017 253 249 083 159 P 160279 252 250 ▼ 274 347 251 186 189 027 188 6053 192 151 267 265 371 182 ▼ 183 184 194 278 269 7 P ▼ 8 ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼
  8. 8. CONFERENCE SCHEDULETIME EVENT LOCATIONFriday, April 13, 20122:00 PM Registration Opens Ohio Union Lobby4:00 PM Ohio State University Tour Meet in Ohio Union Lobby5:00 PM Welcome Reception w/ hor d’oeuvres Student Alumni Council RoomSaturday, April 14, 20128:00 AM Continued Conference Registration Ohio Union Lobby8:00 AM Continental Breakfast Suzanne M. Scharer Room10:00 AM Session A Ohio Union Breakout 1 Hayes Cape Room Breakout 2 Rosa M. Ailabouni11:00 AM Session B Ohio Union Breakout 1 Hayes Cape Room Breakout 2 Rosa M. Ailabouni12:00 PM Lunch and Presentation by Zach Waymer Suzanne M. Scharer Room Students at the Shoe (Optional) Meet in Scharer Room1:30 PM Midwest Regional Board Meeting Suzanne M. Scharer Room3:30 PM Session C Ohio Union Breakout 1 Hayes Cape Room Breakout 2 Rosa M. Ailabouni Midwest Regional Committee Meetings Suzanne M. Scharer Room6:00 PM Dinner and Presentation Suzanne M. Scharer Room6:30 PM Keynote Address by Dean Patrick Osmer Following Dinner - Outing Kildaire’s on High StreetSunday, April 15, 20128:00 AM Continental Breakfast Ohio Union CGS Office10:00 AM Midwest Regional Board Meeting (As needed) Ohio Union CGS Office12:00 PM Official End of Midwest Regional Conference Ohio Union CGS Office
  10. 10. SESSION A 10:00 AM SATURDAY Room / Time Presentation Title PresenterHays Cape Room “Students Serving Students”: Student run Joshua Waldman,10:00 AM programs that better the graduate student University of Toledo experience and facilitate organizational growRosa M. Ailabouni Room Graduate Student Quality of Life Survey Emily Haas,10:00 AM Purdue UniversityHays Cape Room Lobbying How-to Jon Kowalski,10:30 AM Immediate Past President NAGPSRosa M. Ailabouni Room Budgeting Daniele Bologna,10:30 AM Xavier UniversitySESSION B 11:00 AM SATURDAY Room / Time Presentation Title PresenterHays Cape Room The Midwest Graduate Research Symposium: Michael Bechill,11:00 AM Our lessons came from the journey, not University of Toledo the destinationRosa M. Ailabouni Room11:00 AM John Carroll University Presentation made by11:15 AM Xavier University University RepresentativesHays Cape Room Successful Events Madeleine Thompson,11:30 AM Xavier UniversityRosa M. Ailabouni Room11:30 AM University of Toledo Presentation made by11:45 AM Western Michigan University University Representatives
  11. 11. REGIONAL BOARD MEETING 1:30 AM SATURDAY Room / Time Presentation Title PresenterSusan M Scharer Room Agenda, Overview Daniele Bologna,1:30 PM Midwest Regional Chair Committee Updates Midwest Committee Chairs Elections For Vacant Positions Midwest Region Members Agenda & Goal Setting Midwest Region MembersSESSION C 3:30 PM SATURDAY Room / Time Presentation Title PresenterHays Cape Room Advocacy - Successes and Challenges Ochas Pupwe, LaTasha Chaffin, Reed Salih, Samson Abolaji, Mauricio Nuno, Mauricio3:30 PM Abolaji, Mathana Yaqoob, Marlies Haage Western Michigan UniversityRosa M. Ailabouni Room Emily Haas,3:30 PM Purdue University Purdue University3:45 PM University of CincinnatiHays Cape Room Freesource: Get help, get healthy, give back! Paulette Penzvalto,4:00 PM University of CincinnatiRosa M. Ailabouni Room Daniele Bologna,4:00 PM The Ohio State University Xavier University4:15 PM Grand Valley State University
  12. 12. FEATURED SPEAKERS D’Andra Mull D’Andra serves as the Chief of Staff and Director for Strategic Partnerships in the Office of the Vice President for Student Life. In her role as Chief of Staff, she offers assistance and expertise in special projects and assignments, oversees the operations of the Vice President for Student Life’s office, and serves as liaison for the Vice President and Student Life with university administrative offices and external and internal constituents. She holds a B.A. in political science and criminal justice studies from Kent State University, an M.A. in higher, adult and lifelong education from Michigan State University, and a Ph.D. in higher education from Ohio State. D’Andra has held student life positions for 12 years, at Kent State, Michigan State, and since 2004, at Ohio State. Dean Patrick Osmer Patrick S. Osmer was named vice provost for graduate studies and dean of the Graduate School in 2006. Prior to these appointments, he was chair of the Department of Astronomy, a position he had held since coming to Ohio State in 1993. From 1986 to 1993, he was a member of the scientific staff of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory in Tucson, Arizona, serving as deputy director from 1988 to 1993. He received a B.S. in astronomy with highest honors from the Case Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in astronomy from the California Institute of Technology. His primary research interests are observational surveys and studies of the evolution of distant quasars and their relation to their host galaxies.MIDWEST REGIONAL BOARD MEMBERSREGIONAL CHAIR REGIONAL DIRECTOR OFDaniele Bologna, OUTREACHXavier University VACANTREGIONAL VICE CHAIR REGIONAL DIRECTOR OFHamir Mahajan, COMMUNICATIONSXavier University VACANTREGIONAL DIRECTOR OF REGIONAL DIRECTOR OFEMPLOYEMENT CONCERNS INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CONCERNSLaTasha Chaffin, VACANTWestern MichiganREGIONAL DIRECTOR OFLEGISLATIVE CONCERNSYongli Wang,Northwestern University
  13. 13. MIDWEST REGIONAL BOARD POSITIONS REGIONAL CHAIR • Represents interests of the members of their Region to the Board of Directors; • Is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members within their region; • Promotes the Association to potential members in conjunction with the Director of Outreach; • Provides monthly updates on Association activities to members within their region via their electronic Regional discussion list, and/or the production of a Regional newsletter; • Coordinates efforts of regional and state volunteers; • Serves or appoint a regional representative to serve on the Outreach Board. Note: Please also see Regional Chairs Handbook REGIONAL VICE-CHAIR • Performs the duties of the Regional Chair in the Chair’s absence; • Assists with recruitment for the regional conference • Oversees the process of amending the Regional By-Laws and Constitution in accordance with the goals of the Association; • Oversees the job performance of each Regional Director. REGIONAL DIRECTOR OF OUTREACH VACANT • Identifies 10 top schools for recruitment, contact those schools, and recruit as new NAGPS members • Creates and maintain a comprehensive database of regional membership information to be made available online by the Director of Administration • Assesses member needs and present conclusions and recommendations to the regional board • Devises and executes a regional strategy for recruitment and retention of members • Works in conjunction with regional officers to promote the Association to potential members • Promotes Association activities, programs, and services to regional members REGIONAL DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONSVACANT • Oversees publication and distribution of a regional newsletter at least four times a year; • Assists with the internal and external communications of the regional board; • Implements communication strategies that promote the purpose and agenda of the Association; • Serves as a liaison between the National Communication Board and the Regional Board REGIONAL DIRECTOR OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CONCERNSVACANT • Monitors campus issues and legislative developments that affect the ability of graduate and/or professional students from other countries to study in the United States • Ensures that international students are well-informed, fairly treated • Serves as a liaison between the National International Student Concerns Committee and the Regional Board and its members REGIONAL DIRECTOR OF LEGISLATIVE CONCERNS • Monitors pending federal, regional, and state legislation • Recommends advocacy efforts, issue policy statements, provide analysis, issue calls to action when needed • Supports the legislative mission of the Association • Assists in the development of its Legislative Platform each year at the National Membership • Serves as a liaison between the National Legislative Concerns Committee and the Regional Board and its members Based on NAGPS By-Laws
  14. 14. LL BUCKEYE FOOTBALL BUCKEYE FOOTBALL BUCKEYE FOOTBALL BUCKEYE FOOTBALL BUCKEYE FOOTBALL GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS GO BUCKS SATURDAY at the SHOE Students, faculty, staff, and families welcome. Student Saturday at the Shoe Saturday, April 14 Gates open at 10:15 a.m. Practice begins at 10:45 a.m. Cheer on the Buckeyes as they prepare for the Spring Game. Tour the locker room and press box. Spend time on the field after practice. Photos with the Buckeyes on the field. Enjoy inflatable games. And much more! hi St t U ni er i o ae v s eO CGS ty Th Est. 1955 un nt Co s ci o l fG r de e u aduat StBUCKEYE FOOTBALL BUCKEYE FOOTBALL BUCKEYE FOOTBALL BUCKEYE FOOTBALL BUCKEYE FOOTBALL BU