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Allenjcochran 06 poster Allenjcochran 06 poster Document Transcript

  • Co-created Design Services Design practice is a major part of any majorcompany. It is no different at The Ohio State choice. A series of cycles aimed at gaining this understanding will be performed in a A Case Study on Co-Creation:University (OSU). Design at OSU is of particular participatory fashion with the designimportance because of its direct connection touniversity communication and therefore to the employees at the University. The research will start broadly with relatively open ended The Creative Management andoverall University community. Whether that beinside or outside the University, communication questions and work towards the more specific stakeholder-centric reflections. As the research the Scope of Design Services ofand design explains much about the Universityoverall. develops the participants themselves will learn more about there own practices so that In-house Design Groups within This research project will seeks a formal eventually we will be able to co-create newunderstanding of the in-house design practicesat an academic institution. In this instance, The opportunities as a group. Academic InstitutionOhio State University will be the institution of Environments. 2009 Q1 Q2 Q3 2011 2012 Research Timeline Area of Interest Community of Interest Exploratory Pilot StudyResearch Map In-house Designers at 6 OSU designs have been The Ohio State University interviewed. Of those, 4 were asked to participate here. Technology Community Profile Co-created OSU Collective Understanding Opportunity to Identify Issues Synthesis OSU Questions Design Compare Design Collaboration Who What Discuss Co- 001 003 004 005 Create When Where Participant Demographics:* Research map that shows four distinct cycles of research Example:overtop of driving questions and built on three core principles:Technology, Design, Collaboration OSU Colleges with Designers 001 Senior-Level Manager 004 Lower Mid-Level Manager Reports to Reports to Allied Medical Professions OSU Administration Upper Mid-LevelResearch Questions Architecture 003 Upper Mid-Level Manager 005 Non-Manager Arts Reports to Reports to01 How do differently sized design groups within an academic organization Biological Sciences Humanities Senior Management Mid-Level Management function externally: to other offices and Mathematical and Physical Sciences to the public? Social and Behavioral Sciences For my exploratory study, I focused on what people say and what people Business02 How do differently sized design groups within an academic organization Dental Hygiene Education and Human Ecology make. Each participants’ session was formatted as follows: 1) an introduction to my area of interest, 2) an interpretive activity geared at function internally and manage rating the importance of abstract concepts (called an Importance Engineering workflow: project management and Bulls-eye), 3) a second interpretive activity for participants to describe Environment and Natural Resources creative management? their daily work activities (called Time on Task), and 4) loosely structured Food, Agricultural, & Environmental Science interview questions about each of the interpretive activities. For each Nursing03 How can these groups become collectively aware of their own situations Pharmacy activity, participants were given a diagram and a set of sticky-notes. Sessions took between 35 minutes and an hour. Social Work so that they better understand the * List does not include departments and centers w/ designers external and internal organization more completely? Questions 3) Time O ulls-eye & n Tas k Ac ce B tivit Keywords rtan y&04 Through a collective understanding of po Qu Im es 2) tio ns their situation, how can differently sized at ion 4) rs N design groups within an academic ve Design Team n ex Co tS organization provide a more Collaboration 1) te ps comprehensive service to themselves Project Management and their target audiences? Creative Management Design Process Contact Participatory Inquiry For more information or to contact, please visit Co-Creation Session Action Research or write Thank you for your interest Technology Format Copyright 2010 Allen J Cochran