2012 Profession Portfolio of Allen J Cochran


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2012 Profession Portfolio of Allen J Cochran

  1. 1. 26 26 13 13 0 0 A L L E N J C O C H R A N Multi-Annual Report Portfolio & Work Allen J Cochran Columbus, Ohio allenjcochran@gmail.com (513) 633-88881 FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  2. 2. Resume Cincinnati, College of DAAP Cumulative GPA: 3.265 Graduation Date: Jun. 10, 2006 Concentrations:Service Designer CURRENT The Ohio State Painting and Sculpture Additional Specializations: Art Project Management TIME Task drivenUniversity Masters, Design Sept. 2009 - History, Business Sept. 2000 - Jun. 2001 GalleryPresent The Ohio State University Vice Coordinator Sinclair Community College Sept. 1998President, Graduate Student Body Sept. - Jun. 2001 Diploma Tecumseh High School AWARDS2009 - Present Masters candidate & & ACCOMPLISHMENTS EVENT & EXHIBITION Designer TeacherCourse Instructor in design studying user HIGHLIGHTS AIGA, OSU, Co-President Chair, Comm. &experience, service design, information Info. Tech. Committee (CGS) Delegate, OSU Council ofarchitecture and design research as well as Graduate Students (CGS) DAAP, School of ArtVice President for the graduate student Director’s Circle Overall Outstanding DAAP Seniorbody of the university. Expected graduation Award 2006 Presidential Leadership Medal ofSpring, 2012. RECENT PAST SonicRim Excellence Finalist, 2006 Proudly Cincinnati (capitalJunior Research Jun. 2011 - Present Junior campaign kick-off) The Big O (recognition event forResearcher with international, Columbus- Oscar Robertson) The Hook Up (celebrating artistsbased, user experience design research with disabilities) 50 Years of Passion (fund raiser/firm, SonicRim with primary responsibilities exhibition) Gloss 1, 2, & 3 (Exhibition for Fashion,to assist in the design, coordination, and Music, & Art) References available on request.execution of user experience testing and Curriculum vitae available following this document.protocols Moderate and assist in research ALLEN J COCHRAN Curriculum Vitae Welcome &fielding Help to translate and develop Thank You Thank you for taking the time to review myinsights Design discussion guides Create curriculum vitae. In participating in any project, Iresearch protocol and toolkits Jun. 2010 bring enthusiasm and the careful eye of a service and- Dec. 2010 Freelance Designer Frame360 interaction designer. It is my creative background thatFreelance contract design work with local forces me to think critically, solve problemsfirm Frame360 with primary dealings efficiently, and provide research experience to anyconcerning marketing pieces for JP Morgan project. I appreciate your time and efforts and look Event Producer Special Projectsand a local DHL shipping and receiving forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, 2 Curriculumcompany. Work on regular deadlines with Vitae Contents TECHNICAL ABILITIES Correspondencemultiple iterations Client and company ALLEN J COCHRAN 1800 Lafayette Place Apartmentinterface experiences Design integrating B6 Columbus, Ohio 43210 (513) 633-8888Adobe CS and Microsoft Office Print and ALLENJCOCHRAN@GMAIL.COM WWW.PROFESSIONALscreen design Jun. 2007 - Oct. 2009 Allen received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in theAssistant Director, Events University of concentrations of Painting and Sculpture in 2006Cincinnati Foundation Gallery Coordinator from The University of Cincinnati College of Design,Mar. 2006 - Jun. 2007 ArtWorks, Time Architecture, Art, and Planning. Following hisWarner Cable Gallery Chief In-house undergraduate career, Allen worked as the GalleryDesigner The School of Architecture & Coordinator of the ArtWorks Time Warner CableInterior Design Aug. 2004 – Jun. 2005 Gallery for a year. In 2007, Allen was recruited toEDUCATION Sept. 2001 - Jun. 2006 work at The University of Cincinnati Foundation as anBachelors, Fine Arts University of event producer and graphic designer. Currently, Allen2 FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  3. 3. Professional & Educational Experience FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLYAllen received his Bachelor of FineArts in the concentrations of Painting Formidable yearsand Sculpture in 2006 from The Oh those were the days...University of Cincinnati College ofDesign, Architecture, Art, and Planning.Following his undergraduate career, Tecumseh high schoolAllen worked as the Gallery Coordinator High School Diplomaof the ArtWorks Time Warner CableGallery for a year. In 2007, Allen wasrecruited to work at The University University of Cincinnatiof Cincinnati Foundation as an event Earned Bachelors of Fine Artsproducer and graphic designer.Currently, Allen is now pursuing his Artworks ArtWorks Time Warner CableMaster of Fine Arts at The Ohio State Gallery DirectorUniversity in service and interactiondesign. He is taking classes and writinghis thesis while he works in the Ohio UC Foundation Assistant Director of Events, GraphicState Department of Student Life as Design, Donor Relations and Social Mediathe 2011-2012 Vice President of theCouncil of Graduate Students. He The Ohio State Universityexpects to Graduate in with his MFA in Pursuant of a Master of Final Arts Degreethe Spring Quarter, 2012. in Design Research.Allen enjoys collaborating on projects,drawing, taking photographs, walkinghis dog, surfing the internet, watchingmovies, and reading in his spare time. Technical Abilities Software SkillsFor more information Hardware Skillsor to contact online, Visualization & Drawing Skillsvisit I Look Good Them Smarts People GetIn Design, the workand research blog at Facial Hairallenjcochran.com. 1982 1998 2001 2006 2007 2009 20123
  4. 4. Research & Design Process FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY From a client With team Concepts From a team With clients Parts From a boss With audience Successes Discovery Design Triage Output Input Research Prototyping Of history Ideas The Of area Brainstorms Final Of subject Conceptualize “Design”4
  5. 5. Analysis & Translation ProcessElizabeth B.-N. Sanders and P.J.Stappers say “The analysis ofqualitative data is always an adventure Wisdomof exploration, and the analysis ofqualitative data that comes from Define abstract points based on the Information andgenerative design research especially provide actionable guidelines for the target audience.so” (2012). Sanders and Stappersdescribe the aim of analysis as ‘pickingapart’ and that “searching for patterns,generalizing findings, and finding Knowledgeevidence to support your conclusions”are important aspects of analysis Establish major areas of opportunity from the Info and(2012). In accordance with Sanders generalize for the larger population.and Stappers writing, Richard Ackoff’sDIKW scheme for describe levels ofunderstanding is utilized regularly tounderstand the captured phenomenonfrom design research protocols. InformationOften, I work on analysis with allmy data points displayed on a wall, Organize into categories; Identify key themes; look forproperly organized and displayed in a patterns in the data; document the uses of materials.logical order. In conjunction with ‘on thewall analysis’, as Sanders and Stapperscall it, I use databases to input thequantitative information. Quantitativedata points, unlike qualitative data, Datamore often needs the rigor associated Record and document as much of thewith computer analysis and graphing. Phenomenon as possible. Phenomenon FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY What happened. The scenario in which data is captured.5
  6. 6. Project Role 4 912 Team & Project Committee timeMASTERS Thesis Project lead members (in days) At The Ohio State University, I am • Establish funding sponsor primarily studying Interaction Design • Recruit all participants and Service Design. My thesis • Design research protocol research is on the Ohio State Council • Prepare research toolkit of Graduate Students. I am applying • Design all materials a service design framework, The • Prepare thesis document Experience Cycle by Shelley Evenson and Hugh Dubberly, to the organization. 1. Connect 2. Orient 3. Interact 4. Extend & 5. Advocate My research is comprised of two & Attract Retain co-creative, generative workshops, several quantitative demographic and Experience Cycle - adapted for Thesis Project from Shelley Evensen & Hugh Dubberly (2006) psychographic surveys, and a literature review. My research is triangulated through several validations including presentations to thesis committees, research participants, comparing 1 quantitative to qualitative data, and presenting to the case study 5 1 organization. 5 2 2 4 3 4 3 Shelley Evensen & Hugh Dubberly (2006) - Experience Cycle with Key Performance Indicators Right: Generative collage examples from research workshops6
  7. 7. Project Role 36 402 Project Team time membersShift Chief Design Officer (in days) Shift is a game being produced for • Oversee the Shift brand design students of all levels at the Ohio • Manage the web production ID u Name Notes Technical  Notes/Assumptions Estimate State University. The web and mobile • Manage the native app production 2 Home  Page  -­‐  Sign-­‐up As  a  Shift  administrator,  I  want  users  to   (Refer  to  v0503-­‐FINAL)    There  would  be   1 based application will allow students • Oversee the Shift GUI design be  able  to  create  an  account  in  Shift  so   one  or  more  links  available  on  the   to socially engage in challenges to • Act as the user advocate they  can  begin  to  use  its  features. home  page. incrementally enhance their personal • Contribute to the overall direction 3 Home  Page  -­‐  Licensed  Statistics As  a  Shift  administrator,  I  want  the   (Refer  to  v0503-­‐FINAL)    Assume  this  is   5 wellness. The app measures wellness home  page  to  include  a  visualization  of   five  quantities  that  are  shown  in  a   across 9 different areas such as some  licensed  detailed  OSU  statistics   graph  visualization  like  number  of  user,   Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, from  within  Shift. number  of  events,  etc. Financial Wellness, Environmental 4 Home  Page  -­‐  Login As  a  Shift  administrator,  I  want  the   (Refer  to  v0503-­‐FINAL) 1 Wellness, Aesthetic Wellness, etc. home  page  to  provide  a  way  for  users   to  login  to  Shift  provided  that  they   Shift is challenge based. Not only already  have  an  account. Print Logo 5 Home  Page  -­‐  OSU  Statistics As  a  Shift  adminstrator,  I  want  the   (Refer  to  v0503-­‐FINAL)  This  may  have   0 will the system challenge users, but home  page  to  include  a  large,   to  be  delayed  until  there  is  enough   users can also challenge themselves prominent  visualization  of  OSU  Shift   meaningful  data  in  Shift  to  display.     and their peers. Challenges range statistics. This  is  included  in  the  estimate  above. from simple tasks like “Increase 6 Events  -­‐  Search As  a  visitor  to  the  Shift  site,  I  want  to   (Refer  to  v0503-­‐FINAL)    The  user   30 Your Physical Wellness: Visit the be  able  to  search  Shift  for  events   should  be  able  to  enter  search  criteria   campus gym three times this week” related  to  my  search  terms  so  I  can   into  a  search  box,  press  enter  and  then   to networked challenges made up of plan  my  schedule. be  shown  search  results.    Assumes  this   smaller challenges such as “Increase shows  day,  week,  month  and  all  (list)   Your Physical Wellness: Loose 25 Web Logo views.    The  list  view  would  show  today   and  future  only.    There  would  also  be  a   Pounds This Quarter”. Wireframe example - one of more than 100 screens. way  to  view  the  users  calendar  of   events  that  have  been  subscribed  to  or   Simply put, Shift enhances student lives Physical Intellectual Emotional RSVPd  for. by asking them to compete against one 7 Search  -­‐  Display  Search  Terms As  a  user,  I  want  the  original  search   (Refer  to  v0503-­‐FINAL) 1 another in small manageable tasks that terms  to  remain  in  the  search  box  and   have a large impact over time. be  editable  on  the  results  page  after   my  results  are  returned  so  I  can  review   what  it  is  that  I  searched  for. Social 8 Search  -­‐  Paging  Results As  a  visitor  to  Shift,  I  want  to  be  able  to   (Refer  to  v0503-­‐FINAL)    In  the  calendar   1 page  through  results  so  that  I  am  not   view,  this  would  be  accomplished  by   overwhelmed  with  a  very  large  number   providing  paging  arrows  so  the  user   of  results  all  appearing  on  one  page. can  navigate  to  the  next  or  previous   Working with 3 designers, we established mood, User Interface Requirements Story Examples - one of more than 300 initial month  (or  week  or  day). UI Requirements7 identity and standards. 9 Events  -­‐  Search  Results As  a  visitor  to  Shift,  I  want  to  be  shown   (Refer  to  v0503-­‐FINAL)  Events  will   0 event  information  for  each  event   appear  in  the  search  results  even  after   matching  my  search  including  the   they  are  full  with  participants.     name,  day,  date,  time,  location,   Included  in  "Events  -­‐  Search"  story   associated  pillars,  description  and   estimate. number  of  guests  attending  (if  
  8. 8. Project Role 127 246 Project Team timeCouncil of membersGraduate Students Vice president (in days) In the Spring of 2011, I was elected • Manage the internal activities of as the Vice President of the Graduate the Council of Graduate Students Student Body. In this position I am • Maintain global communication expected to maintain the internal standards for the Council COUNCIL OF GRADUATE STUDENTs We collect organization of the Council of Graduate • Operate the internal Committees them all at Ohio State Students. This responsibility includes • Appoint to the external CGS.OSU.EDU 2012 M.ARCH • MFA • AU.D. • M.BLE • M.A. • M.S. • PH.D. • M.ED. • managing more than 80 Delegate Edward F. Hayes M.C.R.P. • ED.S • M.ED • M.H.A. • University Committees M.P.H. • M.L.H.R. • M.L.A. • M.ACC • Graduate Research Forum • M.S.W. • M.A.S. • • M.B.A. • M.MUS • D.M.A. • D.N.P. Departmental Representatives, D.P.T. • M.P.A. • Plan and execute the annual Hayes M.S.L. • M.B.O.E. appointing to more than 100 University Committees, maintaining more than 10 Research Forum. Feedback internal Council Committees and acting as the Executive Officer for internal Survey affairs. Purpose The purpose it to understand any issues around the Hayes Forum and to seek input on general graduate student concerns. The information gathered by this This opportunity has provided me the survey will impact future forums as well as the experiences graduate students have ongoing. avenue to research, in a service design capacity the systems of the Council. It has also given me the opportunity to Advertisement T-shirt design Hayes Forum Assessment Survey redesign several websites and creates several communication plans for internal Council services. THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY EDWARD F. HAYES GRADUATE RESEARCH FORUM Weekly News Friday, Abstracts due by December 16, 2011 cgs.osu.edu February 24, 2012 Submit abstracts online at the Ohio Union http://cgs.osu.edu Co-sponsored by Council of Graduate Students Office of Research Graduate School Annual Hayes Research Forum Poster CGS Weekly News Header Design8
  9. 9. Project Role 5 65 Project Team timeNationwide usability membersteam evaluation Researcher (in days) During the summer of 2010, I • Establish discuss guides participated on a design team’s who • Schedule interviews was asked to evaluate the Nationwide • Moderate interviews Internet Usability Team. We were asked • Observe team proceedings to evaluate the group as if we had no • Visualize findings prior knowledge of the organization, its structure, or the nature of their work. Over the course of two months, our team had a primary research goal of identifying and visualizing the structure of the team, the organization of Nationwide and the associated partners of the Usability Team. To achieve this goal we interviewed over 50 people from various parts of the company, observed daily practices and sat in on agile production meetings. We also used secondary research to better understand their process from an agile point of view and an academic view of usability. In the end, we produced an interactive PDF that could be emailed, used on the web, and printed if necessary. To the right are example pages from This document described, visually, the the final deliverable document. Due Team’s process and all members of the to confidentiality agreements we were team by position. The document was asked not to provide these documents completely circular - any one link on a in a legible way; however, we can page could lead you to a complimentary discuss the project and what happened. point in the document.9
  10. 10. Thank You For Your time Allen J Cochran Allen J Cochran Columbus, Ohio allenjcochran@gmail.com (513) 633-8888 www.allenjcochran.com10 Allen J Cochran, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 2012