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Drupal 7
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Drupal 7


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A brief intro deck to Drupal 7 by Tim Krajcar, Technical Director at The New Group.

A brief intro deck to Drupal 7 by Tim Krajcar, Technical Director at The New Group.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Drupal 7 Tim Krajcar The New Group January 7, 2011
  • 2. January 5th (it’s out)
  • 3. Drupal Probably the best web content management system out there! Open source (GPL) PHP-based and commonly deployed in LAMP Open sourced in 2001
  • 4. Why the fuss about D7? Drupal 6 released: February 13, 2008 Drupal market share growing rapidly 1.9% of the top one million websites in the world (WordPress 6.9%, Drupal 1.9%, rest >.5%) Government, education, and corporate (esp. micros)
  • 5. Drupal sites you’ve heard of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hundreds of universities (Rutgers, Harvard, Cornell, ...)
  • 6. The layers of Drupal Core Community modules Custom modules Theme
  • 7. Core Updated roughly monthly Included features: Blogs, forums, comments Good URLs Menus/nav User database Content creation and editing OpenID RSS Security/release notices User profiles Access control Statistics/logging Workflow
  • 8. Community modules 7,463 modules Community model Anyone can discuss, or file bug reports & feature requests, subscribe to issues, or submit patches, or start a new module Maintainers can close and handle bugs, change module code, and push new releases Sites using modules are notified of new releases
  • 9. Custom modules 40 “hooks” which you can write code around to do things, such as: Call out to third party services or tools Add custom fields to database objects “Inject” data, HTML, form fields, etc. into pages
  • 10. Theme Purely the presentation layer Templates that override defaults Built on a ‘block’ architecture: change once, change everywhere Add JavaScript for fanciness, font replacements, etc Fully dependent on the module configuration
  • 11. Drupal 7 key changes (Summary Edition) New “Seven” administrative theme Much better administrative workflow Savvier defaults Better theming and custom module development
  • 12. Drupal 7 key changes (Dev Edition) Big modules moved to core: CCK, views, ImageAPI, ImageField, FileField, ImageCache Small modules removed from core Unit testing built in DBTNG: DBs beyond MySQL and Postgres (like SQLite!) jQuery UI moved to core Descriptions on permissions New hooks for module development New and better region support for theming
  • 13. Drupal 7 status Released on schedule! But… Modules are the question Compatible already (886) Many in progress Theming system changes, as well