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AllegraDirect is an online, self-serve portal that streamlines the process of customizing and ordering printed materials, including direct mail pieces, brochures, newsletters, business forms, business …

AllegraDirect is an online, self-serve portal that streamlines the process of customizing and ordering printed materials, including direct mail pieces, brochures, newsletters, business forms, business cards and more.

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  • Welcome to today’s session. Today we’re going to talk about AllegraDirect – our online ordering and print fulfillment system. We offer this solution to our customers because we know today’s marketer is faced with many challenges --- and AllegraDirect is a way to help them save time and money, while maintaining brand standards. So, let’s start by looking at some of those challenges.
  • We all face many challenges, but here are just a few that you might be able to relate to … For those of you with multiple locations, you understand the frustrations of trying to create and distribute forms and other documents with localized information. Not only does the contact information have to change, but sometimes, so does the creative. For example, a landscaping company with multiple locations across the U.S. might be able to use a snow-covered road image in Michigan (to promote their snow removal services), but that would not be applicable in Los Angeles, California. The ability to create “versioned” pieces for campaigns is important, but not always easy to pull off. In today’s fast-paced world, you know marketing materials should be personalized and relevant to cut through the clutter, but you also need to run a profitable business, so throwing away excess materials after they’ve already been printed is not an option. You need a solution that allows you to print materials on-demand, as needed. And one that also gives you access to tracking reports, to increase efficiencies throughout your organization. If you face some of these same challenges, you’re in good company. In fact …
  • In fact … 15% to 25% of print purchased is either thrown away or is somewhat out of date, but still used. Source: CAPVentures However, companies that apply sound management practices to their printing processes can generate savings of 15% to 30%. Source: Aberdeen Group And, 87% of companies using an online site for ordering their printed materials said it was easy, meeting or exceeding their expectations. Source: EDSF, Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation So … without further adieu … I introduce to you …
  • AllegraDirect --- Our online, self-serve portal that streamlines the process of customizing and ordering printed materials, including direct mail pieces, brochures, newsletters, business forms, business cards and more. It’s an easy to use, and very powerful tool that provides many benefits.
  • AllegraDirect provides a more efficient way for you to order your printed materials – and customize your marketing materials. But it also gives you greater control of your brand. For example, our advanced technology allows you to “lock down” certain areas of a marketing piece so that it cannot be altered at a branch location. We can even build in drop down menus for each location so the information is displayed exactly as you want it. It also can save you money by reducing the amount of printed materials you have to keep in inventory. AllegraDirect allows you to customize a piece, and order what is needed – without having excess waste. And of course, reporting is built into the system so you can manage and track it all – while sitting at your computer.
  • AllegraDirect is ideal for any and all printed materials, such as brochures, forms, direct mail, stationery and more … but more importantly …
  • It delivers results. It saves your staff time It reduces inventory costs It helps you create materials with greater impact It gives you better control of your brand – and how your brand is being positioned in the marketplace Let’s talk a little bit more about how AllegraDirect delivers control and consistency  
  • Another great feature about AllegraDirect is the ability to set up permissions for administrative control. You can have multiple people who are allowed to access the storefront and order materials, but it has to be approved by someone else in your organization before it goes to print. From a reporting standpoint, the system has reporting tools to make it easy for your accounting department and decision makers to see what’s been ordered, and it’s in one convenient place for you to access 24/7.
  • So, let’s take a look at how our system works …
  • We can set you up with your own custom, branded storefront – or we can provide you a custom log in for your business on our storefront. Note that you do need to have a modern web browser to use AllegraDirect (Explorer 8, Firefox 3, Safari 5). Once you log in, you will be able to view all of the materials/forms, etc. that are available. These can be static forms, or customizable materials. For example, healthcare facilities have several static forms that need to be accessible by all employees. The challenge is those forms are frequently updated due to changes in government regulations. AllegraDirect solves that problem by keeping the documents in one place – and updating them is as easy as 1-2-3. This way, when the employee downloads a form, they know it’s the most up-to-date version. I’ll get into a little more detail about this when we talk about some of the specific clients that use AllegraDirect.
  • If the piece is customizable, you can add the information to the available fields. As you can see here, for a business card, each employee can add their contact information – and then move onto step 4 – proofing. Proofs are generated as high-quality PDF files. For best performance, we recommend that all users have a current PDF viewer plug-in for their browser, such as the free Adobe Reader. Once the piece is reviewed, the next step is picking the quantity …
  • Once the quantity is chosen, the pricing appears – and the user can submit the order. All submitted orders receive a confirmation number so you know the order has been placed. We take it from here, and print your order --- unless of course you have an approval process that needs to happen first. This example showed a basic business card, but keep in mind, AllegraDirect is very sophisticated and allows you to customize as much or as little on each piece as you want. If you have a brochure that requires different images based on geography, the user could pick from a library of approved images to create a custom brochure for their area. The sky’s the limit!
  • Allegra Direct is an ideal solution for many business, especially those with Several locations – especially if the materials need to be different for each location. Multiple employees that access a lot of the same documents. Documents that are continuously getting updated – especially if these documents are currently getting printed in large quantities and thrown away each time there is a change. I’d like to share with you a few specific examples of customers who have benefited from AllegraDirect.
  • EagleRider Motorcycle Rental is a franchise with more than 170 locations. Each franchise member needed materials that were specific to them … brochures that highlighted the types of bikes they had available, with variable pricing … rack cards that included offers specific to their location, etc. AllegraDirect allowed the local franchise locations to customize the pieces to their liking, but also allowed the franchise headquarters to maintain brand consistency, since the logo and other parts of the brochure could not be altered. It was a win-win as you can see from the customer quote!
  • Good for the Soul Music is a faith-based musical production company that travels to various churches and other fundraising events to perform live music. For each show, they need custom printed materials, such as programs and tickets – and they need them quickly. AllegraDirect allows them to customize what they need – and print as many or as few as they’d like. It saves them time, and because they don’t have to overprint materials that will eventually go to waste, it also saves them money. Another happy AllegraDirect customer!
  • Lastly, a retirement community, called White Oak Manor, has also seen the benefits of AllegraDirect. White Oak Manor is an assisted living community with five locations in South Carolina. As I mentioned earlier, healthcare facilities have hundreds of forms that they have to keep updated on an ongoing basis. White Oak simplified the process by using AllegraDirect. They have over 300 forms (most of which are static) that employees can access, ensuring that the most up-to-date information is being used. And, best of all, it’s easy to use. As one of the White Oak leaders said: Utilizing the online ordering system from Allegra has been user-friendly and effortless. Allegra has created a site that is easy to understand for even computer challenged individuals.
  • Hope those examples help you to better understand how AllegraDirect can help you streamline your print ordering – and materials creation. Listed here are just a few more AllegraDirect customers … and we’d love to add you to our growing list of satisfied users!
  • The power of Allegra is that we are locally owned and operated, serving you right here in the community. But we’re also part of a national organization with over 400 locations – which allows us to have access to the best, leading-edge technology and marketing solutions. AllegraDirect is built on the most sophisticated web-to-print solution available today (XMPie, a Xerox company). Most independent print providers can’t afford or don’t have the resources to offer this type of an online ordering solution. We can because we can leverage the power of our network. We have the resources to provide your printing, but also strategic marketing planning, mailings, signage and so much more. Just ask – and if we can’t do it, we’ll likely know someone who can.
  • AllegraDirect has worked for so many clients … we think it can be a simple and powerful tool for your company as well.
  • So, let us know if you’re interested … and we can do a personal demonstration of AllegraDirect and its capabilities. Thank you!!
  • Transcript

    • 1. What are some of the challengesbusinesses face today?1. Empowering personnel to create localized business forms and marketing documents2. Reducing expenses related to file creation and inventory of business forms and marketing materials3. Developing powerful communications through greater personalization and relevant content4. Maintaining centralized control over critical sales, branding, technical and legal content5. Reducing order fulfillment times for printed materials6. Tracking purchasing and spending history
    • 2. Dollars and senseDid you know…• 15% to 25% of print purchased is either thrown away or is somewhat out of date, but still used?• Applying sound management practices to your printing processes can generate savings of 15% to 30%?• 87% of companies using an online site for ordering their printed materials said it was easy, meeting or exceeding their expectations?
    • 3. Allegra’s solution…A fast, self-serve web portal system that streamlines theprocess for customization and ordering of:•Printed materials•Direct mail pieces•Sales promotion items•Product samples and more …
    • 4. Experience the Allegra AdvantageHow can AllegraDirect benefit your organization?• Gain greater control of your brand• Establish a more efficient ordering process• Reduce inventory costs• Simplify your marketing efforts• Easily create and customize marketing materials• Quickly generate branded and localized business forms and identity materials• Conveniently manage and track it all … wherever, whenever
    • 5. Simple. Powerful. Convenient.AllegraDirects intuitive tools let you quickly create, customize and order:• Advertisements• Brochures• Business cards• Business forms• Direct mailers• Newsletters• Presentations• Product / material samples• Promotional products• Proposals• Signs and banners• Stationery
    • 6. Business Marketing Strategiesthat Deliver ResultsAllegraDirect is your single source forcommunications strategies that deliver:•Time and cost savings•Reduced inventory costs•Greater impact with local and personalcontent•Better brand control•More control over content and delivery
    • 7. Ultimate Control andConsistencyAdministrative controls allow for the creation of differentlevels of access for those in your organization so you can:•Control who may access and use AllegraDirect•Give one person authority to approve all orders•Manage multiple users•Easily review orders by job and date•Export reports into Excel for distribution within theorganization
    • 8. Putting AllegraDirect to WorkThe AllegraDirect system is very robust, yet very simple.
    • 9. How it works:The User Ordering Process 1 Access the Storefront / Log InReview and SelectAvailable Products 2
    • 10. How it works: The User Ordering Process 3 Customize Your SelectionProof Your Document 4
    • 11. How it works:The User Ordering Process Select Quantity and Review Pricing 5 Submit Order 6 Automatic Confirmation 7
    • 12. Who uses AllegraDirect?AllegraDirect is used by organizations throughout North America especially organizations with:• Multiple locations• Many employees• Hundreds of documents that need to be accessed by multiple people• Documents with frequent updates
    • 13. Consistency and efficiency formulti-location franchiseEagleRider Motorcycle Rental:• World’s largest motorcycle tourism company specializing in rentals of motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, scooters, snowmobiles and watercraft• Operates more than 170 company-owned and franchise locations in 32 states and 11 Latin American and European countriesCustomer quote:“With over 170 franchise locations worldwide, the development of our variable data web-to-print solution has been very rewarding. The online ordering system makes it easy for our locations to immediately log in, design and print tri-fold brochures, business cards and stationery right from their online store.”
    • 14. Custom materials producedon-demand to meet time constraintsGood For The Soul Music:• Faith-based musical production company offers church groups first-class live entertainment for fundraising and other purposes• Their need for custom materials in varying quantities for each show location makes them the ideal candidate for variable data, online ordering and print on-demand capabilitiesCustomer quote:“We might be the ultimate example of online documents since we license our musicals to theatres, universities, schools and churches all around the country. We know we need to be able to output our marketing materials and tickets in a flash. We couldn’t be happier that Allegra brought this technology to our attention.”
    • 15. Effortless solution that saves timeand increases efficienciesWhite Oak Manor Retirement Communities of South Carolina:• Offers skilled nursing care, assisted living and retirement apartments at five locations in the state• Dealing with doctors, insurance companies and the government, dozens of paper forms and marketing materials need to be dealt with on a daily basis• House more than 300 documents on their storefront, while the vast majority of company documents are staticCustomer quote:“Utilizing the online ordering system from Allegra has been user-friendly and effortless. Allegra has created a site that is easy to understand for even computer-challenged individuals. We can place our orders online without taking up too much time, and we have the capability to follow up and track our orders as well. We are immediately sent confirmations and our orders are received correctly and on-time.”
    • 16. Just a few of our clients: • Anchor Bank • Biomet • Bronson Healthcare Group • Classic BMW of Dallas • Covenant Health Systems • • First Carolina State Bank • McKinley Financial Services • Montana Rail Link • Northwestern University Law School • NSF International • Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino • St. Clair College • Time Warner Cable • U.S. Bank • University of Florida
    • 17. Marketing. Print. Mail.About Your Local Allegra• Dedicated to serving small and medium-sized organizations with a full array of marketing communications and technology solutions• From strategic planning through implementation and measurement• Started as and remain printers• Expanded to offer the full spectrum of creative, production and distribution services, printed and digital
    • 18. AllegraDirect:Simple. Powerful. Customizable.Single and simple, or multiple and complex,AllegraDirect can be the ideal solutionfor your organization.
    • 19. So what are you waiting for?Contact us today for a personaldemonstration of AllegraDirect!