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  • Welcoming comments and introductions.
  • Allegra is your single source for communications strategies with measurable results.We offer: strategic and tactical advice creative services (graphic design and copywriting) print production and fulfillment using advanced technologies in variable data printing, digital output and even large format signs and banners access to thousands of promotional products email marketing, personalized URLs, web sites, online advertising mailing services that take full advantage of the basics like postal discounts and more sophisticated direct marketing needs like mailing listing sourcing and management
  • We start by determining the right role for marketing in your business, and we identify the right mix of marketing tools. Options: Direct mail, email, search engine optimization, advertising, social media, etc.
  • We develop creative strategies to achieve your objectives in the most targeted and practical ways. It may be through the development of a single campaign or a more comprehensive, long-term marketing plan. Our goal is to produce a plan that is sound in strategy using quality materials to showcase your business and guide measurements of results for continuous improvement.
  • We’ll help you determine the goals of your campaign – and make recommendations that will produce results. No matter what the chosen tactics are, we have all the services needed to make your marketing and print communications successful. Starting with creative services…
  • If you have a portfolio of work, have it displayed or at least bring it with you. Those interested can look through it after the presentation.
  • We’ve been trained in best practices to focus on performance, not just creativity for creativity sake or technology for technology sake. We focus solely on the business goal and optimum cost/performance.
  • Not only a source for all printing, but a resource to select the most cost-effective technology solution based on quantities, delivery methods taking into account things like paper weight, quality, postal regulations and rates – our knowledge prevents waste caused by designs that can’t be produced and delivered cost effectively – a big benefit of using a single creative and production resource. Bring appropriatesamples to show quality of work.
  • Some additional statistics on Promotional Products that you could add to your presentation: Promotional products, used as dimensionals in direct mail, can boost response rates up to 75% (Baylor University study) Customers reorder faster and more often when promotional products are used instead of coupons. Customers receiving promotional products reordered up to 18% sooner than those who received coupons and up to 13% sooner than those who received no promotion (Southern Methodist University study). 55% of people questioned said they keep their promotional products for more than one year76.1% of respondents could recall the advertiser's name on the promotional product they had received within the past 12 months.75.4% of respondents said they kept their promotional products because they were useful. (Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) 2004 study)
  • Give an example of how you saved client money through automation, using bulk rates instead of first class, etc.
  • $3,000 savings based on getting bulk rate of $.24, instead of $.42 first class rate. Actual savings is $2,700.
  • Compiled Data – Compileddata includes companies like Dun & Bradstreet or InfoUSA (business data) and Acxiom (consumer data) that compile data from phone books, credit files and various public record sources, and manage databases. You can get a high number of records for minimal costs. However, it’s not always the most current. Specialty Data – Specialty data is sourced from licensing, memberships and registrations from county, state and other related public records. Response data – prospects who have made a purchase, donated, subscribed, or responded to an offer – is a type of specialty data. These lists will respond at 3-5 times the rate of compiled lists and is typically more expensive.Size of Mailing –If you’re looking to reach a large number of businesses or consumers, compiled data might be the right fit. If you’re looking to target specific types of industries and titles, specialty data might be the better option. Geography – Geographic options include local (select by city, county or zip code), regional (select state) or national (select nationwide businesses).Frequency – Most lists have usage limitations, either one-time-only or multi-use. If you intend to distribute a campaign that includes multiple mailers to the same list, make sure you purchase a multi-use list. Response Rates – Industry standard for lead generation direct mail is 1%, however, here’s another good statistic from the Direct Marketing Association: When using the same list over a relatively short period of time, the optimum number of mailings for maximum response at lowest total cost is three. You’ll typically get… 60% response from the first mailing 30% from the second mailing <10% from the third mailing
  • Allegra Marketing Services

    1. 1. We are Allegra• Derived from allegro: a musical term meaning to pick up tempo and make livelier• Origins as a print-only provider• Today, have evolved into a full-service marketing communications resource for small and mid-sized businessesMission – To enhance the value of the businesses we serve.
    2. 2. THE ALLEGRA ADVANTAGE Marketing Strategic planning, execution & measurement Mail Creative Services Postal discounts, list sourcing & Graphics & management copywriting YOUR SINGLE SOURCE Added Value Print Services Promotional products, Full color or B/W; emails, PURLs, Web Brochures to signs
    3. 3. Marketer’s Challenge: More Choices to Consider What generates the best results?
    4. 4. Allegra: Ideas that Deliver Campaign development Strategic marketing planning Measurement and analysis
    5. 5. MARKETING CAMPAIGN GOALS• Customer retention• Lead generation• Donor recruitment• Employee recognition
    6. 6. [CREATIVE SERVICES]• Graphic design• Brand identity• Logos• Websites• Copywriting
    7. 7. [CREATIVE SERVICES] Our Guiding Principle: It isn’t really creative if it isn’t strategic or practical.Professionally-designed materials enhance credibilityGraphic elements increase readershipPersuasive copy motivates action
    8. 8. [PRINT SERVICES]Full-color and B/W printingVariable dataHigh-volume copyingBindery/Finishing
    9. 9. [SIGNS & BANNERS]• Indoor/Outdoor• POP displays• Trade shows• Grand opening• Meetings/Events• Van graphics• Safety signs• Window graphics
    10. 10. [PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS] Target marketing Customer appreciation Employee recognition Incentives Sales support
    11. 11. [MAILING SERVICES]
    12. 12. [MAILING SERVICES]Postal design – conform to postal regulationsTabbing, folding, collating, inserting & sealing – automated for time- and cost-effectivenessCASS certification – verify addresses to ensure fewest returnsDirect addressing and bar coding – speed up delivery timeSorting and delivery to the post office Using bulk rates instead of first class could save you almost $3,000! (on a 15,000 piece mailing)
    14. 14. [LIST SOURCING/MANAGEMENT]• Different types (compiled vs. specialty data)• Consider size of mailing• Geography (local, regional, national)• Frequency of mailing• Target response rate (1% is industry standard) 60% of the success of a direct mail campaign depends upon the list. You need to talk to the right people who are making decisions about your products/services.
    16. 16. Single Point of Contact• Convenience – Eliminate multiple suppliers and points of contact• Cost savings – Manage costs through process efficiencies• Time savings – Reduce delivery time• Accountability – No more ‘finger pointing’• Access to technology – Allegra is industry leader in communications trends• Access to subject matter experts – Trained in all marketing communications disciplines
    17. 17. The Power of Our Network Tap into the resources and experience of more than 550 sister companies
    18. 18. [AT YOUR SERVICE]Your Single Source for Communications Strategies With Measurable Results