AllDone iOS7 App by BWEB LLC


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Manage your time organize your day cut out the clutter and simplify your life by accomplishing completing and finishing everything they need to get done.Designed for today's world for people who need to have their life organized.

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AllDone iOS7 App by BWEB LLC

  1. 1. All Done Mobile Application
  2. 2. Problem  The changing of technology and the incorporation into many of the products and services we use today; social networking, smart phones, tablets, applications for electronic devices. This changing of technology makes having an organized life a task.
  3. 3. Solution  The solution is to develop an organizational routine that would work with your lifestyle. A person is able to manage their time, organize their day, cut out the clutter, and simplify their life by accomplishing, completing, and finishing everything they need to get done.  The All Done mobile application iOS7 for the iPhone, using the different features: reminder list, calendar, weather, clock, news feed, social media, and save it board, will help you organize your life daily.
  4. 4. Uniqueness  The All Done App has all the features you need at your fingertips that will help you develop an organizational lifestyle and achieve this daily:  Time  Weather  Calendar  Reminder list  Social Media  RSS Feeds  Utilities  Easy to use: drag and drop, touch screen, swipe and tap are incorporated into each function.  Easily Add/List/Edit/Delete.  Easily flow from one screen to another.  The Uniqueness:  Create your personal theme boards:  Express your Thoughts!  Say or Write a Brief Comment!  Incorporate your Favorite Photos, and Music!  Adding in Sticky Notes with Messages to each of your Theme Boards, use Fonts, Colors, Text!  Personalize It!  It is Simple to Use!
  5. 5. Company  The BWEB LLC Company is a new company with its main focus on developing products through the Internet which provide value, benefits, and quality which help people to grow and improve their lives. The company will develop a positive relationship with people by providing customer support, building brand awareness, brand loyalty, while being an innovator.          1) Value - adds usefulness and worth. 2) Benefits - promotes and enhances well being. 3) Quality - provide best product. 4) Customer Support - provide best support to customers. 5) Brand Awareness - develop a recognizable brand. 6) Brand Loyalty - established brand.
  6. 6. Mission Statement  Provide people with products that give them value, benefits, and quality to help them grow and improve their lives. Goals • Develop products through the Internet that gives people value, benefits, and quality. • Increase our brand presence on the Internet. • Develop brand awareness. • Develop brand loyalty. • Increase the number of products.
  7. 7. Projections & Milestones  The upcoming goals for the BWEB LLC company is a website for men’s lifestyle, development of a ecommerce website with-in the next year, design and development of more smart phone mobile applications in the future, and build our brand on the Internet.
  8. 8. Help Fund the AllDone Mobile App  We are raising funding for the development of the AllDone Mobile Application.  Check out the project at  Contribute
  9. 9. Contact Information BWEB LLC P.O. Box 1633 Aiea, HI 96701 Website E-mail