Veros Systems on SAP


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Veros Systems on SAP

  1. 1. Empower IntelligenceThe Veros SystemAllan WilsonChief Executive OfficerConfidential
  2. 2. the Veros vision Bring to market a breakthrough software technology solution the will become the industry standard for the management of the health of all electrically powered rotating assets to maximize asset reliability, improve efficiency and ensure energy sustainabilityConfidential
  3. 3. electrically powered assets – industrial 1 Outnumber People by 10:1 Oil & Gas Power Generation Mining Less than 1% are Continuously Monitored Manufacturing – Smart Grid Discrete Manufacturing – Continuous ¹Harbor Research, http://www.harborresearch.comConfidential
  4. 4. the problemNo visibility of what is happening inside the overwhelming majority of mission criticalelectrically driven assets. Catastrophe is just around the corner Major negative impact on productivity and financial performance 1. Globally over 50 million industrial electric motors and power trains. 2. Less than 1% are continuously monitored or measured. 3. They consume over 60% of the world’s electricity. 4. Failures cost US Industry $3 Trillion annually in lost production and repair costs. 5. A failure in one asset in the Oil & Gas Industry can cost over $3M a day. 6. A 1% power efficiency degradation in ONE large motor - $10,000/year Why is this so? No cost effective and easily deployable technology has existed until now! Confidential
  5. 5. keys to good asset health & reliability• Early detection of emerging problems in the motor and driven load (both electrical and mechanical• Measurement of motor efficiency and energy consumption• Fast and accurate diagnoses• Timely action to prevent failure• Route cause analysis to detect failure patternsConfidential
  6. 6. how does the Veros System solve these problems? As an example let’s imagine…… • A non invasive monitor was available that you could buy for a few Dollars. •This monitor could pick up your body’s electrical energy. •This information is communicated 24x7 to a hosted diagnostic system. •From this raw electrical energy the system determines developing health problems and determines risk and pace of deterioration by using predictive analytics. •This health intelligence is sent by way of alerts and watch lists to your mobile device of choice. •Remedial action is suggested. •Action is taken to put plans in place to avoid catastrophe and improve condition going forward. Now let’s look at the Veros System…… © 2012 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. the Veros system Available Today For All Electrically Powered Industrial AssetsKey Features• A non invasive monitor is installed in the motor control center in a couple of hours.•This monitor picks up the raw electrical waveforms from the incoming power (current andvoltage)•This information is sent 24x7 wirelessly to a hosted (or on premis) diagnostic system which candetect from the raw electrical waveforms, any emerging health problems in the motor anddriven load (both electrical and mechanical) a year in advance or more.•Asset health and motor efficiency elements of intelligence are produced using predictiveanalytics.•Pace of deterioration is determined to allow calculation on the severity of the problems found. © 2012 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. the Veros system Available Today For All Electrically powered Industrial AssetsIntegration with Enterprise Applications•Alerts are sent to your mobile device of choice.•Remedial action is suggested and can be managed by Enterprise Asset Management Systems(EAM)•Motor efficiency is reported to enable energy sustainability.•Action is taken to put plans in place to avoid catastrophe and improve asset condition goingforward (EAM and Mobile applications).•Historical trends are stored for future asset reliability intelligence diagnostics. A completely integrated, cost effective OT and IT solution The creation of the Intelligent Asset © 2012 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. generic architecture EAMCan be On Premis or Hosted “Cloud” service 9 © 2012 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. SAP Architecture © 2012 All Rights Reserved 10
  11. 11. Veros – key features• Autonomous – Automated diagnostics & assessment• Simple – Continuous, plug-and-play solution• Non-intrusive – Existing electrical signals only; no sensors on or access to machines• Preemptive – Early diagnosis of developing faults• Comprehensive – Electrical and mechanical faults on entire power train• Environmental – Real-time energy consumption and energy efficiency information• Reliable – Reduced false alarms or missed faults• Cost-scalable – Fleet-wide continuous monitoring © 2012 All Rights Reserved 11
  12. 12. motor intelligence 90+% of Motors are InductionElectrical Mechanical• Operational Faults • Bearings – Voltage Unbalance – Contamination – Other Harmonics – Vibration – Overloading/Underloading – Misalignment – Overvoltage/Undervoltage – Lubrication• – Electrical discharge Stator – Turn-to-turn short • Rotor – Phase-to-phase short – Rotor Bar/End-ring cracks – Neutral-to-ground short – Unbalance – Stator eccentricity – Eccentricity• – Rotor bow Winding contamination – Cooling• Rotor • External Misalignment © 2012 All Rights Reserved 12
  13. 13. pump intelligenceCentrifugal Pumps:• Operational Faults – Cavitation – Partial Flow or Low Flow Operation – Dry Running• Mechanical Faults – Impeller Damage – Bearing Degradation – Seal Degradation © 2012 All Rights Reserved 13
  14. 14. energy intelligence• Electric motor energy sub-metering – Estimates in real-time • Energy Consumption, • Real Power, • Reactive Power, • Apparent Power, and, • Power Factor. – Communicates information for trending, aggregation, etc. – Aggregates information over time periods for comparisons © 2012 All Rights Reserved 14
  15. 15. what does industry to today?• For very expensive, critical assets, very expensive complex vibration systems are the norm (the 1%).• For everything else they either take the risk and run to failure or have maintenance crews do physical monthly checks (routes)• Some electronic hardware solutions are available that bolt to the asset but are not enterprise scalable and are not enterprise software solutions that can be part of an “Industrial Internet”…………………… © 2012 All Rights Reserved
  16. 16. competitive matrix Enterprise Software Primarily Electronic Hardware that bolt to the Asset GE Bently + Veros PIP GE AnomAlert SKF Baker GE Smart Signal System 1 Raw Electrical Raw Electrical Raw Electrical From PI Server Raw VibrationInputs Waveforms Waveforms Waveforms Only Waveforms GE System 1 GE System 1Enterprise Integration EAM/ERP None None (MES) (MES)Always ON      ×Early Autonomous Depends on PIDetection of Faults Server Data    × × ×Energy Efficiency & Depends on PIManagement Server Data  Motors (no Motors (VFDs), & Motors (VFDs) & Motors (no Depends on PIMachines Covered VFDs), & Driven Driven Loads Driven Loads VFDs) Server Data LoadsInstallation & Non-intrusive & Intrusive & Non-intrusive Non-intrusive Intrusive &Commissioning Simple Complex & Complex & Complex Complex × × ×Scalability  Per Power Train Cost $ $$ $ $$$ $$$$$$$ 16 © 2012 All Rights Reserved
  17. 17. technology matrix Veros System Vibration Analysis MCSA/ESA Continuous Electrical Periodic or Continuous Periodic or ContinuousInputs Waveforms. Vibration Waveforms. Electrical Waveforms. Accelerometers, velocity orSensors Transformers, CTs & PTs. proximity probes. Transformers, CTs & PTs.Detects Changes in Lateral/axial motion, and Lateral/axial motion from radial Lateral/axial motion; radial andMechanical Motion/ torsional motion; radial, axial & axial forces. No torsional axial forces. No torsional motionForces and tangential forces. motion detected. detected Air-gap geometry (radial & Structure/rotor lateral and axial Air-gap geometry (radial &Source of Information axial) and torsional (tangential) motion. axial) impact on magnetic field. impact on magnetic field. Detection through air gap Detection through structure, Detection through air gapMechanical Faults – geometry change. Comparable rotor lateral motion. geometry change. Comparable toLateral/Axial Motion to vibration, e.g eccentricity. Comparable to electrical. vibration, e.g. eccentricity. No detection until damage Detection through torsional No detection unless air-gap excites lateral/axial motion.Mechanical Faults – excitation, e.g. bearings. Most geometry is impacted; damage Less sensitive than electrical. NoTorsional Motion sensitive signature. Also detects must be severe. No detection of detection of torsional resonance torsional resonance excitation. torsional resonance excitation. excitation. Detection via torsional No detection until damageDriven Load Faults excitation through coupling, excites lateral/axial motion with No driven load fault detection. gear box, etc., e.g. seals. vibration sensors on the load. Detection of stator electrical Only if stator changes cause Detection of stator electricalElectrical Faults signature changes. More variety lateral/axial motion; magnetic signature changes. More variety of faults detected at early stage. forces. Faults detected late. of faults detected at early stage.Automated Detection Enabled through detectors; only Challenging; too many asset Challenging; too many asset& Diagnosis motor nameplate needed. component details needed. component details needed. Consumption and energyEnergy Management efficiency. Not feasible. Consumption only. © 2012 All Rights Reserved 17