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Class 10: Introduction to web technology entrepreneurship
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Class 10: Introduction to web technology entrepreneurship


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Allan ChaoStartup ConsultantStartup V8allan@startupv8.comUC Berkeley Extension, Summer 2012
  • 2. Question of the day:What makes a successful startup?
  • 3. The Agenda Quiz Quick review of last session Final Project Presentations Wrap up
  • 4. Quiz Time Good luck!10 minutes max
  • 5. Quick review of prior material  Personal Wealth Non disclosure agreement (NDA)  Debt financing Contracts  Equity financing Incorporation  Fundraising rounds  Sole proprietorship  Friends and family round  Partnership  Angel round  C-corporation  Super angles  Venture capitalist  LLC  Series A, B, C… etc  S-corporation  Cramdown rounds  Liability shield  Convertible Notes Stock and shares  Exit  Common stock  IPO  Preferred stock  Acquisition  Stock options  Lifestyle business Vesting  The startup lifecycle  Venture capital history Dilution  Equity and dilution calculators Patents  Capitalization tables  Crowd funding  Competitions and grants  Incubators
  • 6. Team and Finding Co-founders The team is the absolute most important thing in a startup Team problems tend to destroy startups Best case is to work with people you already know and have relationships with  Classmates, friends, etc. Vet others and their skill by doing small projects Many times, swapping part of your time for part of his/her time works well and transitions into joining forces
  • 7. Getting Involved in Startups News Meetup groups Conferences Hackathons Startup Weekend
  • 8. News sources for startups TechCrunch Hacker News Mashable
  • 9. Meetup Groups Hackers and Founders Funders and Founders Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs
  • 10. Conferences The startup conference SXSW (South by Southwest) Failcon Techcrunch Disrupt
  • 11. Hackathons Event where lots of programmers build new projects Usually has a theme  E.g. Facebook, iPhone, Windows 8 Most take place in one day Decent place to find great programmers
  • 12. Startup Weekend Like a hackathon, generally brings a lot more non- engineers Launch a startup in 54 hours Great place to build relationships with entrepreneurs
  • 13.
  • 14. Here’s a reminder of what we went throughSession Topic 1 Context of Web Startups, The Lean Startup 2 Pitches, Business Planning 3 Product Design: Planning and UX 4 Website Introduction, CMS tools 5 Coding Basics, Frontend programming 6 Backend programming, comparison of frameworks 7 Servers, Deployment, Release cycles, project management 8 Marketing, user acquisition, analytics 9 Legal, Finance and Incubation 10 Final Project Presentations, wrap-up
  • 15. Homework Start your own startup If you have time, watch this video:!