Administration of pft alladin daliva


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Administration of pft alladin daliva

  1. 1. ADMINISTRATION OF PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST (PFT) Alladin Daliva BSEd 1D English Tarlac State University College of Education
  2. 2. Physical fitness • defined as the person’s ability to respond successfully to the demands of life without experiencing undue fatigue
  3. 3. Physical Fitness Test (PFT) • Series of battery tests given to the students to help them evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in terms of health and skills
  4. 4. Physical Fitness Test They are commonly employed in educational institutions as part of the Physical Education curriculum bakj.bjbz.kjbz.kzbas standardized by Bureau of Physical Education and School Sports (BPESS)
  5. 5. Physical Fitness Test In medicine as part of diagnostic testing As eligibility requirements in fields that focus on physical ability such as military or police.
  6. 6. Test Personnel •PE Instructor •Classmate as scorer •School doctor or medical personnel
  7. 7. Test Site Requirements •Briefing area •Warm-up area •Push-ups and curl-ups area •50 meter run course •No significant hazards
  8. 8. Fitness Test (Components) 1st Test (Pre-test) Final Test (Post-test) Remarks 1. Curl-ups (Abdominal strength) 2. Push-ups (Arm Strength & Endurance 3. Sit & reach/ Shoulder stretch (Flexibility) 4. 3-minute Step Test (Cardiovascular endurance) 5. Standing long jump/ Basketball Pass (Power) 6. Shuttle run (Agility) 7. 50-meter Sprint (Speed)
  9. 9. Pppss! • Warm-up exercises 1. Deep breathing. Stand with feet slightly apart. 2. Head bending. Stride stand, hands on waist. 3. Trunk bending. Stride stand, hands on waist. • Fitness Testing • Cool-down exercises 1. Back Stretching – stand stride 2. Stand stride & squat sideward RL
  10. 10. FITNESS TESTS TO ADMINISTER - Health-related - Skill-related
  11. 11. Health-related 1. CURL UPS
  12. 12. CURL-UPS Aim: To measure the abdominal strength Mechanics: Curl-up as many times as you can. Stop, once you reach 50 curl-ups (boys) and 30 (girls) Scoring: Only corrected executed curl- ups shall be counted.
  13. 13. Health-related 2. PUSH-UPS
  14. 14. PUSH-UPS Aim: To measure arm strength & endurance. Mechanics: Push-up as many times as you can. The elbow should be straightened as you go up. Stop, once you reach 50 push-ups (boys) and 30 (girls) Scoring: Record the number of push-ups completed.
  15. 15. Health-related 3. SIT AND REACH/SHOULDER STRETCH
  16. 16. SIT AND REACH Aim: To test the flexibility of the arm muscles and the lower back. Mechanics: Assume a striding position, 10 inches wide. Place a meter stick/tape measure in between the thighs with the 50 cm along the heels. Keep the extended legs straight, raise arms upwards. Bend forward, and try to reach as far as you can. Scoring: Record the distance reached.
  17. 17. SHOULDER STRETCH Aim: To measure the flexibility of the shoulder joints. Mechanics:  The right hand reaches over the right shoulder and at the same time, places his left hand behind the back to try to touch the fingers of the right hand.  Perform the test with left hand. Scoring: Record the score as pass or fail for each test.
  18. 18. Health-related 4. 3-MINUTE STEP TEST
  19. 19. 3-MINUTE STEP TEST Aim: To measure the cardio-respiratory endurance. Mechanics: Stand in front of a staircase. Step your right foot up first, followed by the left. Step your right foot down, followed by the left. Start counting as you step your right foot up the stair. Do this in 3 minutes. You may rest within the 3 mins. alloted time.
  20. 20. Skill-related 1. STANDING LONG JUMP/ BASKETBALL PASS
  21. 21. STANDING LONG JUMP Aim: To measure leg power. Mechanics: The student should stand straight with the tips of his toes touching the starting line. To take off, bend knees and swing arms backward. Jump forward as far as possible, and land on both feet. Scoring: The distance of heel marks nearest to the starting line will be measured.
  22. 22. BASKETBALL PASS Aim: To measure upper body strength and power. Mechanics: (2 Trials)  Sit on the floor with buttocks, back, and head resting against a wall; legs are stretched horizontally in front of the body. Push a basketball horizontally with two hands (45°).  Throughout the movement, keep the head, shoulders and buttocks in contact with the wall. Scoring: Record the farther distance of the two trials to the nearest 5 cm.
  23. 23. Skill-related 2. SHUTTLE RUN Equipment needed: - 2 wooden blocks - Area with 2 lines (9 m apart)
  24. 24. SHUTTLE RUN Aim: To measure agility and coordination. Mechanics:  Place 2 blocks on one end of the lines.  The performers should stand on the other end of the lines.  At the signal, the performer runs diagonally to get the first block.  Turn, go back to the starting line, and bring down the block.  Turn and repeat the procedure for the second block. Scoring: The time nearest to the 10th of a second will be recorded.
  25. 25. Skill-related 3. 50-METER SPRINT
  26. 26. 50-METER SPRINT Aim: To measure speed. Mechanics: Measure a 50 m space. The performers stand on the starting line. At the signal, run fast to the other end. Stop, once you reach the finish line. Scoring: The elapsed time is recorded from the start of the run until the end line is reached by the performer.
  27. 27. The END is near.
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