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2008.07.17 발표
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2008.07.17 발표


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Oracle TopLink & JPA
    • Sunjoo Park
    • [email_address]
    • 2008.07.17
  • 2. 오늘 이야기할 사항
    • Oracle TopLink 소개
    • JPA in JEUS와 TopLink
  • 3. ￵ TopLink 가 하는 일
    • Java objects 를 Relational data 혹은 XML element 등과 Mapping 해주는 기능
  • 4. TopLink Key Features
    • Nonintrusive, flexible, metadata-based architecture
    • Comprehensive visual TopLink Workbench
    • Advanced mapping support and flexibility
    • Object caching support
    • Query flexibility
    • Just-in-time reading
    • Caching
    • Object-level transaction support and integration
    • Locking
    • Multiple performance tuning options
    • Architectural flexibility
  • 5. TopLink 구성요소 Standalone J2SE application Environment TopLink Workbench (GUI Tool)
  • 6. TopLink Application Packaging
    • File List
      • Java classes that represent the objects mapped
      • sessions.xml
        • The information required to access a data source
      • project.xml
        • Object’s mapping information
    You can use those through TopLink API! sessions.xml project.xml
  • 7.  
  • 8. TopLink 의 기능 (1)
    • Object-XML Mapping
      • Conversions between
        • Java objects
        • XML Documents
      • Using JAXB
      • TopLink JAXB compiler
        • To generate TopLink XML projects
        • To generate JAXB-compliant object model classes
    Client JAXB XML TopLink Layer
  • 9. TopLink 의 기능 (1) <?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;UTF-8&quot;?> <toplink-sessions version=&quot;10g Release 3 (; xmlns:xsd=&quot;; xmlns:xsi=&quot;;> <session xsi:type=&quot;database-session&quot;> <name>examples.ox.model</name> <event-listener-classes/> <primary-project xsi:type=&quot;xml&quot;>/home/all4you/tmp/xmlmapping/classes/CustomerProject.xml</primary-project> <login xsi:type=&quot;xml-login&quot;/> </session> </toplink-sessions>~ <opm:class-mapping-descriptor xsi:type=&quot;toplink:xml-class-mapping-descriptor&quot;> <opm:class>examples.ox.model.Address</opm:class> <opm:alias>Address</opm:alias> <opm:events xsi:type=&quot;toplink:event-policy&quot;/> <opm:querying xsi:type=&quot;toplink:query-policy&quot;/> <opm:attribute-mappings> ............................................ <opm:attribute-mapping xsi:type=&quot;toplink:xml-direct-mapping&quot;> <opm:attribute-name>province</opm:attribute-name> <opm:field name=&quot;state/text()&quot; xsi:type=&quot;toplink:node&quot;/> <opm:converter xsi:type=&quot;toplink:object-type-converter&quot;> <toplink:type-mappings> <toplink:type-mapping> <toplink:object-value xsi:type=&quot;xsd:string&quot;>Alaska</toplink:object-value> <toplink:data-value xsi:type=&quot;xsd:string&quot;>AK</toplink:data-value> </toplink:type-mapping> <toplink:type-mapping> <toplink:object-value xsi:type=&quot;xsd:string&quot;>Arkansas</toplink:object-value> <toplink:data-value xsi:type=&quot;xsd:string&quot;>AR</toplink:data-value> </toplink:type-mapping> </toplink:type-mappings> </opm:converter> </opm:attribute-mapping> </opm:attribute-mappings> Project myProject = session.getProject(); XMLContext context = new XMLContext(myProject); XMLMarshaller marshaller = context.createMarshaller(); marshaller.marshal(myObject, outputStream); marshaller.setFormattedOutput(true); XMLUnmarshaller unmarshaller = context.createUnmarshaller(); Employee emp = (Employee)unmarshaller.unmarshal(new File(&quot;employee.xml&quot;)); XMLValidator validator = context.createValidator(); boolean isValid = validator.validate(emp);
  • 10. TopLink 의 기능 (2)
    • Object-Relational Mapping
      • Convertions between
        • Java objects
        • Relational database
      • Object, Relation, Constraints, Inheritances
      • To access a database using JDBC
      • TopLink Essentials - JPA
  • 11. TopLink 의 기능 (2) <session xsi:type=&quot;database-session&quot;> <name>advancedtutorial</name> <event-listener-classes/> <primary-project xsi:type=&quot;xml&quot;>/home/all4you/tmp/adtutorial/src/META-INF/project.xml</primary-project> <login xsi:type=&quot;database-login&quot;> <platform-class></platform-class> <user-name>scott</user-name> <password>3E20F8982C53F4ABA825E30206EC8ADE</password> <sequencing> <default-sequence xsi:type=&quot;table-sequence&quot;> <name>Default</name> </default-sequence> </sequencing> <driver-class>oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver</driver-class> <connection-url>jdbc:oracle:thin:@</connection-url> </login> </session> </toplink-sessions> <opm:class-mapping-descriptors> <opm:class-mapping-descriptor xsi:type=&quot;toplink:relational-class-mapping-descriptor&quot;> <opm:class>example.model.PhoneNumber</opm:class> <opm:alias>PhoneNumber</opm:alias> <opm:primary-key> <opm:field table=&quot;PHONE&quot; name=&quot;EMP_ID&quot; xsi:type=&quot;opm:column&quot;/> <opm:field table=&quot;PHONE&quot; name=&quot;TYPE&quot; xsi:type=&quot;opm:column&quot;/> </opm:primary-key> UnitOfWork uow = session.acquireUnitOfWork(); try { Employee employee = createEmployee(first, last, salary); Address address = createAddress(city, street); employee.setAddress(address); uow.registerNewObject(employee); uow.commit(); } finally { uow.release(); }
  • 12. TopLink 의 기능 (3)
    • Conversions between
      • Java objects
      • Nonrelational data source(EIS records)
    • Using J2EE Connector Architecture
    • JCA adapter must support the JCA CCI interface
  • 13. TopLink Essentials - JPA
    • What is 'TopLink Essentials'?
      • The open source reference implementation of the Java Persistence API (JPA) focused on standardized object-relational persistence and valuable extensions.
    EJB 3.0 TopLink Essentials glassfish JEUS
  • 14. How to Use JPA
    • Configuration
      • Annotations
        • Table mapping, Transactions attributes, etc.
      • persistence.xml
        • Persistence units, Data Sources
          • In JavaEE ; using <jta-data-source>
          • In J2SE ; using a direct connection to a data source through TopLink Essentials
        • Locations
          • META-INF/persistence.xml in your classpath
  • 15. How to Use JPA @Entity @NamedQuery(name=&quot;findAllProducts&quot;, query=&quot;SELECT p FROM Product p&quot;) public class Product implements Serializable { @Id private String productId; private double price; private String description; public Product() { } public Product(String productId, double price, String description){ this.productId = productId; this.price = price; this.description = description; } public String getProductId() { return productId; } public void setProductId(String id) { this.productId = id; } <persistence version=&quot;1.0&quot; xmlns=&quot;;> <persistence-unit name=&quot;hellojpa&quot; transaction-type=&quot;JTA&quot;> <jta-data-source>datasource1</jta-data-source> <!--<jta-data-source>jdbc/sample</jta-data-source>--> <properties/> </persistence-unit> </persistence> @PersistenceContext private EntityManager em; ..... public Product createProduct(String productId, double price, String desc){ Product product = new Product(productId, price, desc); em.persist(product); return product; } public Product getProduct(String productId){ return (Product) em.find(Product.class, productId); }
  • 16. XML Mapping Relational Mapping EIS Mapping Oracle TopLink TopLink Essentials glassfish jeus-toplink-essentials.jar JEUS 6
  • 17.