Iscom 471 final exam


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Iscom 471 final exam

  1. 1. ISCOM 471 FINAL EXAM PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE ANSWERS HERE!!!1 A resource that limits the capacity for maximum output of a process is aa. blockb. starvec. bottleneckd. process improvement2 The aggregate operations plan is concerned with setting production rates byproduct group or other broad categories for the intermediate team.a. Trueb. False3 Quality function deployment is a tool used to identifya. customer requirementsb. process improvementsc. qualityd. cost factors4 _____________ is the philosophy of continually seeking improvements in aprocess through the use of team efforts.a. Quality controlb. Performance qualityc. Continuous improvementd. Conformance quality
  2. 2. 5 ___________ is a type of forecast in which data related to past demand are usedto predict the future.a. Linear regression forecastingb. Focus forecastingc. Time series analysisd. Past causal relationships6 Which of the following factors account for the interest in organizationalmanagement?a. Current problems/opportunitiesb. Inventory costsc. Customer satisfactiond. All of the above7 Fundamental MRP II questions include all of the following EXCEPTa. What does it take to make it?b. What do we have?c. What do we have to get?d. Who needs it?8 What is one reason for failure in project scheduling?a. Lack of management supportb. Inadequate trainingc. Incomplete projectd. Lack of diversity in team members9 A bottleneck is defined as any resource whose capacity limits throughput in theproduction line.a. True
  3. 3. b. False10 A simple inventory system includes:a. Optional replenishment, Two-bin, One-binb. MRP, Two-bin, One-binc. Optional replenishment, order point, One-bind. Order point, Two-bin, One-bin11 The bill of material contains all of the following EXCEPTa. Sequence in which the product is createdb. Transaction filesc. Complete product descriptiond. Listing of materials12 What is the inherent value of a product in the marketplace?a. Conformance qualityb. Design qualityc. Six Sigmad. Cost13 "Operations management is defined as the design, operation, and improvementof the systems thatcreate and deliver the firm’s primary products and services."a. Trueb. False14 If there is no bottleneck, then excess capacity exists and the system should bechanged to create a bottleneck.a. Trueb. False
  4. 4. 15 Disadvantages of capacity simulation include all of the following EXCEPTa. A significant amount of computer time may be needed to run complex models.b. A great deal of time and effort typically is spent to develop a model for thesimulation.c. Simulation can be used as a game for training experience.d. None of the above.16 "_____________ can be defined as planning, directing, and controlling resourcesto meet technical,cost, and time constraints."a. Project managementb. Configuration managementc. Process analysisd. Process improvement17 Which of the following statements are true about time-series forecasting?a. Time series analysis tries to understand the system underlying and surroundingthe item being forecast.b. Under time-series methods, demand is divided into the time-based componentssuch as daily, weekly, and so forth.c. Time-series methods are useful for long-range forecasts when the demandpattern is erratic.d. Time series analysis is based on the idea that the history of occurrences over timecan be used to predict the future.18 Delay of the process step that differentiates a product as late in the supply chainas possible is calleda. delayed deliveryb. design logisticsc. fast tracking
  5. 5. d. process postponement19 "The radical change paradigm, introduced by Michael Hammer and majorconsulting firms, is referredto as: "a. manufacturing strategy paradigmb. business process reengineeringc. synchronous manufacturingd. total quality management20 Given that the previous forecast of 65 turned out to be 4 units less than theactual demand and the next forecast is 66, what would be the value of alpha if thesimple exponential smoothing forecast method is being used?a. 0,02b. 0,25c. 0,04d. 0,3021 ____________ is a measure a firm can use to determine how close it is to its bestoperating level.a. Capacity utilization rateb. Average aggregation ratec. Capacity efficiency rated. All of the above22 "A company that can offer on-site repair in only 1 or 2 hours is an example of acompany that iscompeting on _______ competitive dimension."a. flexibilityb. process quality
  6. 6. c. delivery reliabilityd. delivery speed23 _____________ is managing the entire organization so that it excels on alldimensions or product and services that are important to the customer.a. SRCb. Six Sigmac. Costd. TQM24 Manufacturing is involved in what phases of the product design process?a. Production ramp-upb. Initial planningc. Concept developmentd. All of the above25 Variability in demand magnified as we move from the customer to the producerin the supply chain is calleda. cause and effectb. push systemc. Pull systemd. Bull Whip effect26 JIT drawbacks include all of the following EXCEPTa. stable production levelb. limited flexibility in products producedc. vendors do not need to be located nearbyd. still require work in process when used with Kanban
  7. 7. 27 A _________ approach actually schedules in detail each resource using the setupand runtime required for each order.a. infinite loadingb. finite loadingc. forward schedulingd. backward scheduling28 The main objectives of manufacturing strategy area. translating required competitive dimensions into specific performancerequirements for operationsb. making the necessary plans to ensure that operations capabilities are sufficientto accomplish performance requirementsc. converting order winners into specific performance requirementsd. all of the above29 The purpose of a “time fence” is which of the following?a. Make sure the cows don’t get out of the barnb. Control flow through the production systemc. Maximize sales to retailersd. None of the above30 ________ is when the activities in the stage must stop because there is no placeto deposit the item just completed.a. Bufferingb. Blockingc. Starvingd. Bottleneck31 The seven elements that address the elimination of waste include all of thefollowing EXCEPT
  8. 8. a. quality at the sourceb. large batch processc. group technologyd. uniform plan loading32 Which MRP system input element specifies how many and when the firm plansto build each end item?a. Bills of materialb. Master production schedulec. Capacity planningd. None of the above33 The value for alpha or α must be between which of the following when used in anExponential Smoothing model?a. 1 to 10b. 1 to 2c. 0 to 1d. -1 to 134 A travel agency processed 240 customers on Day 1 with a staff of 12, and 360customers on Day 2 with a staff of 15. What can be said about the productivity shiftfrom Day 1 to Day 2?a. An increase in productivity from Day 1 to Day 2b. A decrease in productivity from Day 1 to Day 2c. The same productivity from Day 1 to Day 2d. Can not be computed from data above35 The basic logic behind the ABC Classification system for inventory managementis which of the following?a. Two-bin logic
  9. 9. b. One-bin logicc. Pareto principled. All of the above36 Supply-chain strategy concepts are applicable to what types of companies?a. Serviceb. Restaurantsc. Airlinesd. All of the above37 In the Input-Transformation-Output Relationship, a typical “input” for aDepartment Store is which of the following?a. Displaysb. Stocks of goodsc. Sales clerksd. None of the above38 Which of the following is NOT true about JIT systems?a. JIT is typically applied to repetitive manufacturing.b. The goal of JIT is to drive all inventory queues to a moderate level thusminimizing inventory investment and shortening lead times.c. The JIT system is based on the philosophy of eliminating waste and utilizing thefull capability of the worker.d. Under JIT, the ideal lot size is one.39 When a company waits until they have an order for their product in hand beforebeginning any production for that order, we can characterize their operation aswhich of the following processes?a. Single-stage processb. Multi-stage process
  10. 10. c. Make-to-order processd. Make-to-stock process40 If the “cost of goods sold” for a company is $1,000,000 and the “averageaggregate inventory value” is $25,000, which of the following is the “inventoryturnover”?a. 40b. 50c. 400d. None of the above41 The supply chain measure of “Inventory Turnover” is which of the followingratios?a. Avg. inventory value/total costsb. Costs of goods sold/Avg. aggregate inventory valuec. Total costs of goods/Avg. costs of goodsd. Weeks worth of inventory/No. of weeks42 Which of the following are standard measures of schedule performance used toevaluate priority rules?a. Meeting due datesb. Maximizing job flow timec. Maximizing work-in-process inventoryd. All of the above43 To improve the Capacity Utilization Rate we can do which of the following?a. Increase “best operating level”b. Reduce “capacity used”c. Increase “capacity used”d. All of the above
  11. 11. 44 Which type of process is by changing of raw materials into some specific form(such as sheet metal into a car fender)?a. Conversionb. Fabricationc. Assemblyd. Testing45 Sales and Operations Planning activities are usually conducted during whichplanning time horizon?a. Really short-rangeb. Short-rangec. Intermediate-ranged. Long-range46 Based on the Service-System Design Matrix, which of the following has a lowerlevel of “production efficiency”?a. Face-to-face loose specsb. Phone contactc. Internet and on-site technologyd. Face-to-face tight specs47 Johnson’s rule is a sequencing rule used for scheduling any number of jobs ontwo machines.a. Trueb. False48 According to Goldratt, any resource whose capacity is less than the demandplaced on it, is considered which of the following?a. Nonbottleneck resourceb. Bottleneck resource
  12. 12. c. Capacity-constrained resourced. A buffer resource49 The DMAIC cycle of Six Sigma is similar to which of the following qualitymanagement topics?a. Continuous improvementb. Servqualc. ISO 9000d. External benchmarking50 In the Pull System the partner that begins the process of “pulling” is which of thefollowing?a. CEOb. Customersc. Vendorsd. Fabrication personnel ISCOM 471 FINAL EXAM PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE ANSWERS HERE!!!