Saudi Arabia to America


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  • Saudi Arabia to America

    1. 1. Muneer ALKhaldi
    2. 2. Universities in Saudi Arabia were less time consumingfor me because it is where I’m from.
    3. 3. Here at UCF, every task takes longer because ofEnglish being my second language.
    4. 4. Women in Saudi Arabia attend their own universities from men.
    5. 5. At UCF, it is interesting to attend class with women. At first, it wasexciting because it was different than back home. Now, I’mcomfortable with attending class with women.
    6. 6. Aspects of American university such as cheerleading areexciting because of being very new and different as well asfor cheering on the university teams.
    7. 7. Saudi Arabia is a very different picture. They are veryexcited for their university for women.
    8. 8. In Saudi Arabia, it is difficult to get a job. So I came to America toget the higher education experience to be able to get a job moreeasily than if I hadn’t.
    9. 9. In Saudi Arabia, it is difficult to get a job. So I came to America to getthe higher education experience to be able to get a job more easilythan if I hadn’t.
    10. 10. The mall in America is more about shopping for what you need andthen leaving.
    11. 11. Black Friday is a good example of how Americans tend to shop justto shop.
    12. 12. In Saudi Arabia, the malls are an all day thing. There is as much ifnot more socializing than shopping when we go to the mall.
    13. 13. In America, I enjoy having the female servers though I am still not used topaying tips. It tends to keep me resisting expensive places.
    14. 14. I miss the fresh taste of food in Saudi Arabia and the kind of food. Ihaven’t found a place in America so far that does our food justice.
    15. 15. Enjoying good food and good company.
    16. 16. Alcohol is the biggest difference between America and Saudi Arabia.I don’t have an interest in drinking but sometimes it is amusing towatch others. Though unfortunately my friends and I have had tobreak up fights at our favorite hookah bar in America.
    17. 17. Instead of bars in Saudi Arabia, there are hookah lounges.There is no alcohol.
    18. 18. Makah is the most important city for the Muslim religion.Everyone needs to travel to Makah at least once in theirlifetime.
    19. 19. I was first worried about coming to America because of culturalignorance. I was very pleased to never have had a problem andeveryone I have met has always been friendly and notjudgmental.
    20. 20. Despite the outer cultural differences ( the clothing, the socialstructure, etc), people are people, There are good and bad peopleeverywhere. Polite and rude. It is nice to know there are polite peopleevery where. It makes traveling out of Saudi Arabia enjoyable.