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Swe suleiman 68703 Swe suleiman 68703 Document Transcript

  • TECH 4211 Educational Software/Website Evaluation<br />Student Name Suleiman Sulaim Khlfan Al_subeihi Date 7/3/2011<br />Name, Type, and Date of Publication of Software:<br />Name: National Wildlife Federation <br />Type: Educational with fun and entertainment.<br />Date of Publication: 1996<br />Website url: http://www.nwf.org/Kids.aspx <br />Instructions: Using the criteria below, evaluate an educational software or website. Use the categories below and assign a number value to each assessment using the scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Following each category, provide your comments. <br />Correctness (Number Score) 9<br />Comments:<br />In my point of view, the correctness of this website is excellent because from the designing and arrangement confirm with the specification and objectives of the website. <br />Reliability Number Score) 6<br />Comments:<br />This website is almost reliable, because some and may all articles or contributions are provided with whom or which institution published. <br />Efficiency (Number Score) 5<br />Comments:<br />The website has good designing with a lot of pictures and some animations and clear navigation, but I believe video clips are more effective to gain knowledge and information which not provided to this putty website.<br />Integrity (Number Score) 6<br />Comments:<br />Website has different items which are integrated to achieve the desired outcomes, items are; magazines, newsletters and also you can buy from SHOP link magazines which you can find what are you looking for, all that is to achieve website its policy and outcomes. <br />Usability (Number Score)8<br />Comments:<br />I think everyone can use this website easily, because most links are clear and you can recognize where the link take you. Some links have icons which you can understand what is in the link.<br />Pictures, writing, instruction are almost clear. <br />Maintainability (Number Score) 7<br />Comments:<br />Maintainability is the quality of being able to provide good service, so I think this website is a little bet is maintainability, is proved links called Customer Services which contains many services for example; Chat now, Contact us, FAQ, Sitemap. And there is link provide magazine which any customer can buy his favorite magazine.<br />Testability (Number Score) 2<br />Comments:<br />I think we couldn’t test this website, is not testable a little bit.<br />Expandability (Number Score)7<br />Comments:<br />Website is able to expand by more articles, magazines, news and so on which is related to the main goal of this website.<br />Portability, reusability and interoperability<br /> (Number Score)8<br />Comments:<br />Interoperability is the degree of effective interaction between items or concepts, so news, magazines, global warming are interact with national wildlife. <br />