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Resecch paper (68703)

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Resecch paper (68703)

  1. 1. Ensuring Quality in Polyglot institution Oman<br />Done by: Suleiman Al_Subeihi<br />Spring 2011/ SQU <br />Overview <br />This paper will be as a plan to ensure quality of Polyglot Institute Oman. I will go through important stations of this plan which I will discuss them in depth. I will mention the main goal and objectives of this plan and then description of personnel, content, environment and tools to assess them. But what is Polyglot institute Oman mission? Polyglot institute Oman is responsible for pioneering vocational training within the Sultanate, and this was recognized with the institute becoming classified as a Grade ‘A’ Institute by the Ministry of Manpower. Polyglot holds the highest reputation for both its existing program of courses and its foresight into the development of new areas of training and needs within the Sultanate. With the growing requirement for a qualified, reliable and resourceful Omani workforce, it is essential that training reflects the needs of every type of industry, and it is with this knowledge is worked to provide everyone with the ability to learn and succeed in their chosen field of study. This institute provides many courses in many fields for example; Administration and commercial courses field, such as career program, Arabic and English typing, administration and management, government funded program. In language courses part it provides many courses like; English language, ESP courses, Arabic language, Moderns languages, general translation program. In IT field it provides many courses such as; office skills, Programming & database, hardware and network, graphic design, security and management. That was short description of mission and what the institute do. In this paper I will evaluate personnel, content and curriculum by using many tools which help me to inform me weakness and strings of each one, which will lead me to write my recommendation at the end. The main goal of this plan is to ensure quality of Polyglot institute Oman. The main objectives that will focus in this research are to develop personnel knowledge and skills by assessing the quality of products and services. The second objective is to improve the curriculum by assessing the whole content and products. The third objective of this research is to provide qualitative environment for teaching and learning by ensuring the quality of material and stuffs around the environment. <br />Personnel:<br />Personnel of this institution are administrator, instructors and staff. I want to make sure how they do their job and tasks to ensure the quality of institution's services which provided by this staff. First, I will describe the attributes of each one, administrator should has an excellent skills which are important for leading institution's staff and should his recommendations are affecting the progress of institution. Instructors should update themselves of newest methods of teaching and use an interactive technique, they should use an appropriate content for their students. Staff should follow instructions of administrator and they should do their works according to the policy, vision and objectives of the institution. To assess their job according to institution's objectives I will use specific tools for that purpose as follow:<br /><ul><li>Administrator: from the observation I can collect enough and accurate behavior and progress about the administrator of this institution. I think it is suitable tool to see how the administrator behaves toward the rest of customers or the rest of institution's staff. As follow is an example of this tool:
  2. 2. gggeneral DiminutionYesNo CommentsIs the administrator following the policy of institution?Does he recommend the progress of staff?Does he attend institution on the time?Does he gave instructions and observe staff?
  3. 3. Teachers: I think surveys and descriptive reports are good tools to assess the performance of teachers. Survey provides a good opportunity for students to give their impacts of teacher's performance and achievement. On the other hand, descriptive report allow student to put their comments or suggestions to improve performance of teachers. There are some questions which will be included on survey;
  4. 4. Items1(poor)2(good)3(very good)4(excellent)5(Perfect)Using new teaching of methods.Make classroom interactive.Skills of presenting content.Make student participate.
  5. 5. What type of duty that you are responsible to do it within the institution?How the administrations help you to improve your quality of your duty?Do you have any complaint which make you not comfortable to work?Staff: by using interview I will assess the faculty members of this institution as follow;
  6. 6. </li></ul>Content<br />According to my experiment, I used the content of computer's course. There are sub courses related to computer's courses like; networking, maintenance and designing. Content is very useful and fit the target objectives as I think. It contains theoretical and practical units which is build for target students. Institution provides international books according to international standards. Therefore, institution provides some international certificates. But I want to make sure the quality of delivering and designing the content by using a specific assessment tool. To assess the content, I think survey is the best tool to assess the quality of content because; it has statements for rating scale and open-ended questions to let the customers express their views and feelings toward courses. The following is an example of survey which I will use it to evaluate content;<br /><ul><li>ItemsWeak GoodVery GoodExcellentEasy to understandMeeting standards.Provides with graphics Related tutorials.Using methods of delivering content like simulation, sound, video... etc.</li></ul> <br />Environment;<br />The environment is Polyglot institution Oman. The institution have many labs for teaching computer skills, each lab is for target group of specific courses. I want to make sure and evaluate institution's labs and classes. Are Labs provided by enough computers and its equipment or tools for practical lessons? Are Classes for teaching language skills are provided with round tables, boards, bens, appropriate air conditions and lights? To evaluate institution's environment I will use checklist to ensure the quality. Following as an example of this checklist;<br /><ul><li>ItemsYesNoNot applicableComputer's labs provided with standards equipment.Suitable lights and air conditions are provided.Class rooms and labs are cleaned every day.Facilitators like coffee shop, prayer room are provided. </li></ul>Conclusion:<br />In conclusion, this paper was as a planning to ensure quality in Polyglot institute Oman, I used multiple assessment tools to evaluate administrator, instructors and faculty members this is as an advantage because each tool should be suitable and appropriate to fit each kind of staff. On the other hand, the weaknesses of this plan were the difficulties to find more information about Administration and commercial courses. <br />Recommendations:<br />Institution should provide qualified instructors to deliver courses effectively, that will ensure quality of delivering courses and students will learn efficiency. Administrator should provide institution with an effective content which fit the target students. Each lab and classroom should provide with important equipment. <br />Quality Assurance Diagram:<br />Resources:<br /><ul><li>
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