The Evil Genius- Jack Peeples
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The Evil Genius- Jack Peeples






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The Evil Genius- Jack Peeples The Evil Genius- Jack Peeples Presentation Transcript

  • Jack Peeples
  •  It is an clever scheming man/woman with intricate plots They typically are evil beyond reason and have a lack of understanding of human emotions Hubris is common, leading them to reveal their plots to their enemies in confidence, sometimes leading to their downfall They also often have a difficult childhood
  •  Marduk is a Sumerian god He led a battle with the “new gods” against the “old gods” according to the poem Enuma Elish
  •  He is very clever and had a difficult childhood He hid his evil when he was young through being polite and clever He eventually used his evil to steal the Elder Wand, murder tons of people, and almost kill Harry several times
  •  The old witch is an example of an evil genius She builds her house from candy and tempts the children inside, knowing they would like candy She then, if the plan had worked out, would have eaten them
  •  Plankton constantly has devious plans to destroy the Krusty Krab In the SpongeBob Square pants movie, he initiates a plot where he turns the entire town into his own personal zombies
  •  Though not consider a villain to humanity, he is a villain to the Gods He first tricks Zeus into choosing a poor offering, just to be superior, and stole fire from him because he felt Zeus shouldn’t keep it to himself
  •  Superman’s arch rival He doesn’t have any super powers but is wealthy and intelligent, using his inventive powers to try and destroy the world His plans typically involve killing superman, typically as a stepping stone to world domination
  •  This man runs a carnival and trick Pinocchio into joining him and then locks him up, to use for profit
  •  http://www.ancient- villains/