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  1. 1. “A Qualitative study on Intelligence and video games among selected individuals in Cebu” by: Aljoriz M. Dublin, Ed.D.
  2. 2. PRESS START TO PLAY (the introduction)  What is a video game?  What can this study do for me?  Why pick video games?
  3. 3. The Researcher's Bias  I want to JUSTIFY to my wife my expenses on video games.  I STILL play Pokemon at my age. I believe gaming makes me feel younger.  I am an administrator of a gaming community
  4. 4. The Study This study seeks to answer the following concerns  What are the perceived effects of gaming to the informants intelligence?  identify the gaming habit of the informants.  Determine if there is any effect of gaming to the lives
  5. 5. Methodology  Grounded Theory and IPA  Purposive Sampling Method with six respondents.  Use of Nintendo game brain age to determine validity of perceived effects of gaming  Questionnaire with informants
  6. 6. Methodology Interview was done at conducive place either at informant's home or a coffee shop In a few cases interview was done via e-mail and was later verified through personal meet ups. Testing of the perceived intelligence via Brain Age
  7. 7. Nintendo official reply Copy right issues: Fair Use doctrine for research
  8. 8. Results & discussion (1 of 4)  Majority of the informants own at least 2 or more video game consoles.  Informants age ranged from 20-32  The study showed that playing video games may slightly affect brain development, when games are played on a short burst.
  9. 9. Results & Discussions (2 of 4)  Majority of the respondents started to play at 3-6 years old.  Most would practice “binge gaming” in their forming years  Some failed in their classes due
  10. 10. Results & discussion (3 of 4)
  11. 11. Results & Discussion (4 of 4) They play with friends either online or with a group They go through lengths of researching on playing a game, as evidence by the statistical data share by one informant on Pokemon
  12. 12. Selected Tracts On the effects of video games?  “negative? issues causes me to fail some of my minor subjects in college. Positive? it became a part of my profession.”  corrosion of relationships. Like girlfriend, wives and social life.
  13. 13. Theory generation Dublin's game time theory. A persons play time is usually inversely proportional of their chronological age.
  14. 14. IMPLICATIONS  The theory explains “binge gaming”.  Parents should be more involved on video game purchases  Kids are more susceptible in ignoring their studies instead of gaming.  Gaming as a hobby may decease with age, as other factors come into play.