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    Services marketing final - Jazzercise Services marketing final - Jazzercise Presentation Transcript

    • Services Marketing Launching Foreign Services In Pakistan
    • Presented By ȸ Ali Zulfiqar ȸ Asadullah Bashir ȸ Noman Shiekh ȸ Iqra Ishtiaq ȸ Safwan Saleemi ȸ Javed Iqbal Presented To ȸ Mam Shafaq Naeem Lahore Business School (LBS)
    • Task & Discussion • New foreign service (currently running in a foreign country) • Bring valid and reliable arguments for the success • Empirical research • Secondary research • Analysis • Marketing Mix • Potential, Tapped & Untapped (Market) • Why In Pakistan (Scoop) • Marketing Communication Mix • SWOT Analysis • Conclusion • Recommendations
    • Questions Gender How Many People want To Be Slim? Male Female Service Offers Services For Reducing Weigth In Pakistan Gym Dance Walk Other
    • How many Girls Want To Reduce Some Weight?
    • Exercise Benefits • Reduce Stress • Boost Happy Chemicals • Improve Self-Confidenc • Boost Brain Power • Sharpen memory • Increase Relaxation • Helps control weight.
    • Jazzercise Dance, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and kickboxing into one fun and effective total body workout. Dance-fitness classes, conventions, apparel and accessories Years U.S Canadia n International Company Owned 2013 6,854 186 1,500 3 2012 6,984 183 1,474 2 2011 6,763 165 1,251 2 2010 6,627 149 1,233 2 Total 27,228 683 5,458 9
    • Jazzercise (Introduction)  Illinois, in 1969, Judi Sheppard Missett  Teaching traditional jazz dance classes in Evanston  Southern California, she started training other instructors in the Jazzercise program in 1977  Six years later, began franchising  Carlsbad, California, Jazzercise's instructors teach its total-body conditioning program to almost half a million participants each year in the United States and more than 30 other countries.
    • Jazzercise Mission (What We Do) • We Develop & Market Fun & Effective Fitness Programs & Products That Enhance The Well Being of People of All Ages Philosophy (What We Believe) • We Believe Fitness is an important aspect of well-being & enhances the overall quality of people’s Live therefore, Jazzercise is committed to helping people understand & value the importance of health & Fitness
    • Jazzercise - Vision • We Strive To Educate: Inform the public about the physical and emotional benefits of Jazzercise, worldwide. • Understand: Embrace customer information that will enable us to anticipate and deliver on customers' needs • Innovate: Expand our product and service offerings with creative and effective fitness solutions. • Inspire: Draw upon our passion and enthusiasm to motivate others to maintain a healthy lifestyle. • Affect: Make a difference in the lives of the people we touch on a daily basis.
    • Jazzercise Offers • Fitness Class • Dance Classes • Yoga • Kickboxing • Strength Training • Pilates • Junior Jazzercise • Accessories • Tops • Bottom • Thanks and cameos • Shoes • Socks Jazzercise Shops
    • Potential Market Potential Market • 20% Women's • 25% Young Girls • 15% Children • Statistics Tapped Market • 2 to 5 % Already Capture And Using The Some Services To Reduce Waste • While Most Women Go For Walk In Some Garden Because of Not Available Cheap Services for women only
    • Why Jazzercise In Pakistan? Currently In Pakistan • Private Dance Classes (olx, online classes) • People do Yoga by getting Online Training from other countries. • Not A single Well established Institute working in Pakistan. • A online Survey shows 40 to 55 % people like Dance want Such a institute . What we introduce… • A established Institute that treat you professionally in all our offers. • Give you face to face training of Yoga, KickBoxing, Strongness and dance. • Give you perfect body shape • Giving you and your child a “Feel good Factor”
    • Marketing Mix Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical Environment & Process
    • Marketing Mix (Product – Price) Product • Fitness Class • Yoga • Junior Jazzercise • Accessories • Beauty • Nutrition Price
    • Marketing Mix (Place – Promotions) Places Elite Class Residential Areas Promotion • Advertising • Internet • T.V • Billboards • Newspapers • User Free Trials • Gifts Vouchers
    • Marketing Mix (Environment– People) Physical Environment • Environment must be calm and clean so customer feel free to do their work • Equipped with all facilities so customer need any thing get it People • Employees • Management • Customer Service
    • SWOT Analysis Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threats
    •  Single well known company  Not a single competitor  Global Brand  Professional trainers  First service also for Childs  Younger's interest • First movers • Awareness • Play World For Children • Baby Care Centre  First mover  Young generation interest  No competitor  New Market  People Behavior  Gym  Major threat from Social circle  May be people not come due to social pressure Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats
    • Marketing Communication Mix Direct Marketing, Selling Personal, Sales Promotion
    • Thank You So Much Any Questions??