Auto mobile helpers - Enterpenure Presentation Business Plan


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Auto mobile helpers - Enterpenure Presentation Business Plan

  1. 1. Presented To:Waqar-ul-Qayyum
  2. 2. Group Members:Asadullah Bashir BBA02103088Ali Mukhtar BBA02103120Safwan Saleemi BBA02103167Usman Tahir BBA02103227
  3. 3. Introduction: This project covers the prospects of Car Repair Service(Road,Home,Workshop). Business Car repair Service inPakistan is going to very bad and in deceive senses. Beforeworking on this, we do many web research but we get toknow that our innovative idea Car Repair Service(Road,Home,Workshop) no previous work had done on suchidea especially in Pakistan. Now there is some introductionfor this idea.
  4. 4. IntroductIon… The others workshops which are working in themarket of under develop countries like Pakistan isgoing to worse. They charge original parts price and fixthose parts that are not original and so many other badthings. And if car stuck on road or home then thecustomer have no choice. We recognized this problemand start our new service called Automobile Helpers.
  5. 5. Automobile HelpersLogo Color:Blue, Red, Green
  6. 6. Mission statement: Our mission is to provide High quality service in automobileworkshop industry and satisfy customer to build long termrelationship.
  7. 7. Goals and objectives:Exceed customers expectations.Increase the number of clients served by 20% per yearthrough superior performance.Develop a sustainable start-up business that is profitable.To maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.To provide the greatest return for our business partners.To get customer trust.Long Term relationship.
  8. 8. Automobile Helpers It’s a company name that’s provide you car repair service atroad, home and in workshop. If stuck on road and no onethere to help you call us we are there to help you out. Want to change oil or want to check your car before leavingto long route call us our mechanic will be there. Every type of repapering and other services providing by us. Body paint
  9. 9. Our Features: Time saving. On your spot. Fast service. Granted Original spare parts. Repairing at road. Repairing at home. Fare price . New Technology.
  10. 10. Automotive IndustryAnalysiscars:
  11. 11. Workshop Analysis: The Number of Workshop increase highly in Islamicrepublic of Pakistan & any one can open workshop easily.Figure of workshops in Pakistan is so high even we can’t getthe exact figure. 5s is the services are that where these fiveS is on 5 services depend on the workshops. These “S” aregiven below; Sales Services Spare Parts Second Hand Exchange Safety Automobile are repaired,paint,body damages& oil changeetc. in workshops.
  12. 12. 020040060080010001200Suzuki Honda Toyota Other WorkshopsWorkshopsNumber of Workshops in Major Cities Workshops In Lahore
  13. 13. Portal Five Foresees: Barging power of customers; Barging power of supplier Threats of new entrant Threats of substitute services Revile competitors in industry
  14. 14. Bargaining power ofcustomers: In Pakistan barging power of customer is low. People are priceconcisions. They want best quality and better quality in lowprice. There are number of stores and workshop where customercan easily switch with the price and the better quality. There aremany options in this industry and they can easily with switch thecustomers. But in this industry customers want best quality atany price because this industry is based on the services they canpay you high is your work is according to the customers point. Ifthey have again issue on same point then they switch to anotherworkshop. The customers of cars is going increase day by daythen the workshop same going to build like if the customer havemore cars then they need more efficient in the car repair andmaintains.
  15. 15. Bargaining power ofsupplier: In this industry they are more suppliers to give the productto the workshops. This industry is the strength ofdistribution channel is so high. A spare part of theautomotive is easily available and the firms have muchoption to get the suppliers this industry in Pakistan isgoing increased day by day. We have many options to getthe suppliers like China’s Spare Parts and They Japan’sspare parts its good to have even the manufactures givenspare parts to the local market so we can easily approach tothe product. Different position in this industry and we haveoption to switch any dealers of the product that we havechosen and can easily available to the customers.
  16. 16. Threats of new entrants: As We Given above the workshop of automotive ismore than we can count in this industry then theworkshop easily enter in this services. As the companygiven dealership to the Workshop and then giveoption to the companies workshops and theyconsumer is satisfied to the companies workshopswork.
  17. 17. Revile Competitive with inindustry: FWO work against us with same product in this sector butonly on motor way and they are direct competitor of oursector. And other indirect competitor in this sector is morethan we count is in this sector like “the person alone walkwith tool kit on the road if they see they cars stop they helpthen and get their works money”, Other SME workshop in this sector is also over indirectcompetitor they can easily adopted this service strategy totheir workshop & grab they market shares back. If the car isstuck in the place then they pick your car and then leaveyour car to any workshop where you want to go. Then theycan also over competitor even the government give thisopportunity to they industry.
  18. 18. Substitutes: in this industry they are more substituted in the sparesparts and they can make spare parts to the industry.Workshop is the subsides in this sector they can easilyget you competitors and then they will grab theycustomers.
  19. 19. Marketing strategy Pull strategy Gab the market of Lahore Specific location
  20. 20. Marketing Mix Product Price Place Promotion People Process Physical evidence
  21. 21. Product: We are going to give services to the end consumers ofautomotive. Our services is repaired & maintance ofthe cars. We are going to give best services like this is based on timemanagement, we are with you at your spot in 20 minutes inout target areas. Homes services On road while your cars stuck.
  22. 22.  Skilled workers Mechanical works Electric works Performance parts Denting & painting Genuine spare parts CNG installation/Services, Accessories Car Wash AC installation/Services Toe Services Oil Changing Tiers Balancing/repairing
  23. 23. Price:
  24. 24. prIce… Price of theses three categories (only service notproduct include) vary with car models. If customer donot want to pick category then he going to pay eachindividual services. And if he pick any one categorythen he get special discount 10% of total that’s why wegive these category. Oil change service is free. If we do any category on your place or place thencustomer pay 13% extra. The price of spare parts depends on genuine or localparts. Price of any category depends on car model
  25. 25. Place: Our mechanic available in our target areas.
  26. 26. Promotion: We use Key Account Management for our loyalcustomers. We issue a card for our loyal customer andhe will get special discount and proritrity based work.We issue this card when he come again and again (10to 15 times for category A and for B,C and d for 4 to 6times). Every category card is different.
  27. 27. People: People are an essential ingredient in service provision;recruiting and training the right staff is required to create acompetitive advantage. Customers make judgments aboutservice provision and delivery based on the peoplerepresenting your organization. This is because people areone of the few elements of the service that customers cansee and interact with. Our staff have these qualities: Skilled labor Trained officers Good behavior Customer relationship Customer stratification power
  28. 28. Process: This element of the marketing mix looks at the systems used to deliver theservice. All services need to be underpinned by clearly defined and efficient processes.This will avoid confusion and promote a consistent service. In other wordsprocesses mean that everybody knows what to do and how to do it. A customer call our number and attended get information about his problemand location. Then he call to our mechanics present near to customer locationand give him customer location and car number. Mechanic reached a that placeand try to fix the problem. If problem not fixed then he call to toe truck andconvey the car to workshop. Or if the problem fixed the mechanic give him a official bill and receivedpayment. If a customer come to our workshop then he give car to our inspection officersand tell him the problem. Then the customer procedure to customer waitingsection and car procedure to inspection department and then furtherprocedure to next. We describe our complete process in our Blue print.
  29. 29. Physical evidence: Physical evidence is about where the service is beingdelivered from. It is particularly relevant to retailersoperating out of shops. This element of the marketingmix will distinguish a company from its competitors.Physical evidence can be used to charge a premiumprice for a service and establish a positive experience. We make our physical evidence as we describe in ourplace and segmentation. We make our 1 main work shops in different areas. That’s why customer make trust on us.
  30. 30. Promotion Mix.Advertising: We advertise our company through different means: TV. cable adds (through cable of that specific areas) Through Broachers F.M radio Flex only For main roads
  31. 31.  Sending Cards:Sending a card to our customers to either thank themfor their business or to give them a special offer can bea very effective way to get repeat business. While thisdoesn’t bring in new customers it can get your currentcustomers to visit your shop more often.
  32. 32.  Online Review SitesAs the internet grows in both its popularity and reachmore people are looking for local services online. Thereason customers look through online directories is toresearch the different auto shops and read reviews.
  33. 33. Target Market: Our target market is A and B class. All porch areas areour target market like as Model town , Cant DefenseAirport road And all societies such as EME,BahriaTown ,And Wapda town etc. Any person have a carover Rs.1200000. worth is also our target market (onlyin our target areas).
  34. 34. Market segmentations: Geographic segmentations. Our mechanic available every where in all targetedregions. First we open our workshop in our target area. One in Farozpur road. With this location we cover overall target market.
  35. 35. Business Model: Strategic resources: Core competency: Our principles is to provide high quality and satisfaction of customer. Serve customer with high attention. quick service. Time saving High quality New technology. Customer satisfaction Affordable price. We insure that our strategies and teamwork help us to meet customer’s expectations. Suppliers: A large number of suppliers present in this field. We buy genius parts fromcompanies to minimum the middle man cost.
  36. 36.  Customer interface: Our basic requirement for our employees is thatthey do there work coractily and satisfy the customer..Most of our employee is trained and have good skilledand manners, if we compare them to sales personnel atmultinational food outlets. Every supervisor have 10persons to make work in flow. We make good relations with our customer. ouremployee have good behavioral attitude and skilledlabor.
  37. 37. PEST analysis: Political Social Economical Technology
  38. 38. Political Before March, 2007 political environment of Pakistan wasin stable situation and country was doing an excellent oneconomic front. But after it overall political condition ofPakistan turned into a sever condition. Main reasons of thiscrisis were lawyers’ movement, assassination of BenazirBhutto and military operation in NWFP. At the same timeno political party could take majority in generalelections, 2008. Due to it a collation government could notmake sure a politically stability of Pakistan. Currently, allsectors in Pakistan are in crisis due to political instability.But security equipment sector is the only sector which isgrowing in rapid speed due to bad law and order situation. And now elections of 2013 is a big problem.
  39. 39. Economical: In Pakistan, rate of inflation is creeping up day by day.People are facing hardships. They do not have moneyeven to purchase their daily items. Purchasing powerof general public has decreased. Banks have stoppedlandings. Inflation is controlling by state bank andunder strict eyes but unemployment rate is going upand up with the increase of level of poverty. Due toabove factors sales of our workshop may godownward.
  40. 40. Social Local population changes (increasing numbers) Most of the people dislike anything extra-ordinary orsomething which sabotage their set pattern ofbehavior. People are now more status conscious in our societyand want more variety to choose from. Social networking – blogs, Facebook, twitter But we have a great number of chance that our ideaaccepted by people.
  41. 41. Technology Companies have technology with which they cancompete in the Pakistan and now companies areinvesting in their infrastructure to not only expand butalso to upgrade their existing structure. Thistechnological revolution may affect the workshopindustry and its sales and market as well.
  42. 42. Project Investment:Items Estimated CostConcentration - Office / workshop Rs.2,000,000Concentration-Service station Rs.400,000Mechanical Equipment Rs.300,000Denting Equipment Rs.100,000Painting Equipment Rs.50,000Wheel Alignment Machine Rs.1,100,000Wheel Balancing Machine Rs.700,000High Pressure Cleaning Equipment Rs.575,000Piston Pump Rs.250,000Spare Part purchase Rs.500,000
  43. 43. Items Estimated CostLubricant Purchase Rs.40,000Advance Rent and Deposit Rs.1,000,000Cars (pick up 4) Rs.2,000,000Bikes (8) Ra.240,000Labor (20) Rs.160,000Officers(3) Rs.36,000Supervisor (3) Rs.25,000
  44. 44. Swot Analysis
  45. 45. Strengths: Fast service. Granted Original spare parts. Repairing at road. Repairing at home. Fare price . Time saving. A number of suppliers.. Attached with banks leased car. Attached with companies leased car. New Technology.
  46. 46. Weakness: Too many workshops. Many barriers to new entrant. Customer trust. New Entrant. In start Load shading. Only basic awareness, planning, andimplementation required to meet thesechallenges.
  47. 47. Opportunity: new idea. Govt. policies. Number of cars increases. Well trained workers.
  48. 48. Threats: Too many workshops Cost Investment in these issues is generally safe andnecessary. Customers taste change Assessment of risk crucial. Where risk is low then we must ignore these issues and notbe distracted by them. Where risk is high we must assess capability gaps and planto defend/avert in very specific controlled ways. New Entrant
  49. 49. Any Question?