New Ways to Use Social Media and Mobile to Market Your Business


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How to market your business using social media and mobile including social networks, mobile applications and even QR codes. Tips on reaching the savvy consumer with a smartphone. (

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New Ways to Use Social Media and Mobile to Market Your Business

  1. 1. New Social and Mobile Ways to Market Your BusinessPresenter: Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  2. 2. Letʼs Talk Social & Mobile"  Why Social Media?  Why Mobile?  Using Social Media  Going Mobile  Apps & QR Codes @alizasherman
  3. 3. Why Social?" Over 80% of Americans " use social networks" Source:   Nielsen  2011  
  4. 4. Why Social?"Most access socialnetworks and blogswhen theyʼre online."
  5. 5. Why Mobile?" @alizasherman
  6. 6. Why Mobile?"
  7. 7. How do you reach customers?"
  8. 8. Using Social Media" Brand awareness Customer loyalty Customer serviceCustomer communityCustomer conversion
  9. 9. Using Social Media" @alizasherman
  10. 10. Using Social Media"A Blog: A social-powered hub of current content.  LinkedIn: Business presence and networking toolsfor professionals and companies.  Facebook: Public Pages, social advertising tools,multimedia features, sharing functions.  Twitter: Information feed, conversation monitoring,brand builder, traffic driver.  Flickr: Showcase photographs, build community,leverage images.  YouTube: Leverage video, attract attention, providevalue, enhance sites and channels.   @alizasherman
  11. 11. Using Social Media"SlideShare: Showcase expertise, leverage slidepresentations, enhance social sites.  Tumblr: Like a blog but considered more of a “lifestream,” pulls in feeds from your social channels.  Google+: Fast moving feed like Twitter andmultimedia like Facebook, community-oriented.   @alizasherman
  12. 12. 2 of 5 social media users access via mobile devices." Source:   Pew  2011   @alizasherman
  13. 13. Using Mobile"“Checking In”"
  14. 14. Using Mobile"Photo Community"
  15. 15. Using Mobile"Sharing “things”"
  16. 16. Using Mobile"Hybrid Photo Video"
  17. 17. Using Mobile"Sharing Dishes"
  18. 18. Using Mobile"Exploring, Discovering"
  19. 19. Using Mobile"Foursquare: Gives businesses access to candidcustomer comments, builds loyalty, provide perks.  Instagram: Brand building through photographs,community building, outreach, image enhancing.  Pinterest: Build brand personality, show affinities,showcase company or your likes through images.  GMLPS: Unique photographs with embedded video,shareable on social channels.  Foodspotting: Food businesses can share dishes,access images, comments from customers.  Trover: Showcase most interesting things aboutspecific locations, exploration and discovery.  
  20. 20. Have a smartphone?
Get social for business."
  21. 21. Using Mobile" QR Codes = 
quick response codes"
  22. 22. QR Codes lead somewhere" …or trigger actions."
  23. 23. Custom QR Codes"
  24. 24. QR Code Collateral"
  25. 25. Using Mobile"QR Code Coupons"
  26. 26. Where are we headed?"
  27. 27. Augmented Reality"
  28. 28. Viewing Digital Data Through 
 Our Smartphones"
  29. 29. Always remember…" Your Goals Your Target The Actions Measurement Resources
  30. 30.  Aliza  @alizasherman