Facebook Workshop: Optimizing for Nonprofits


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This presentation covers some tips on optimizing Facebook for nonprofits looking to recruit volunteers. Some nuts and bolts tips with some prompts for strategy and planning. The companion presentation is Social Media for Nonprofit Volunteer Recruitment - more of an overview.

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Facebook Workshop: Optimizing for Nonprofits

  1. Facebook Workshop:Attract, Interact, Manage, Grow#GiveBack13 @alizasherman AlizaSherman.com Aliza Sherman!
  2. Leverage the ConnectionsAliza Sherman @alizasherman ! ! AlizaSherman.com! #GiveBack13!
  3. Leverage the ToolsAliza Sherman @alizasherman ! ! AlizaSherman.com! #GiveBack13!
  4. Firstimpressionscount…  
  5. Cover Image  
  6. Cover Image  
  7. Cover Image  
  8. Cover Image  
  9. About Section  
  10. About Section  
  11. Profile Image  
  12. Profile Image  
  13. Profile Image  
  14. Profile Image  
  15. Cover and Profile Images  
  16. Addopportunities toconnect…  
  17. Apps  
  18. Apps  
  19. Apps  
  20. Apps  
  21. Custom Apps  Opportunities to connect  
  22. Remember: Hidden Apps  Customize, organize, prioritize  
  23. Apps Images  
  24. Start theconversation…  
  25. Text Post  
  26. Link Post  
  27. Photo Post  
  28. Photo Album Post  
  29. Quote Image  
  30. Timeline Posts  
  31. Highlight or Milestone  
  32. Highlight or Milestone  
  33. Highlight or Milestone  
  34. Connect andintegrate…  
  35. Website  
  36. Website  
  37. Website  
  38. Organize your content  
  39. Key Content & Toolso  Policieso  Guidelineso  Messaging Mapo  Editorial Calendaro  Scheduling Tools
  40. Policieso  Privacy Policy o  What data you ask for o  How you use it o  If and how you store ito  Security Policy o  Site o  Server
  41. Guidelineso  Internal guidelines o  What is allowed o  “Appropriate” o  Violations, Repercussionso  Community guidelines o  Golden Rule o  Terms of Service
  42. Messaging Mapo  Your audienceo  Their interestso  The tone o  Factual, Serious o  Humorous, Heartwarming o  Inspirational o  Motivating
  43. Editorial Calendaro  Monthly, Weekly, Dailyo  Events o  Promotional o  Seasonal o  Topical o  Informative o  Action-oriented
  44. Type of Contento  Organization newso  Upcoming eventso  Current eventso  Reports, facts and figureso  Storytellingo  Calls to actiono  Behind-the-scenes
  45. RecruitLead them to actions.   rm   er fo Vo lunte List of volunteer opportunities   Ways to sha re info  
  46. InformGive them information.   N ews   Progress reports   Photos & video   Storie s  
  47. RetainShow appreciation.   thanks   Pu blic Celebrate achievements   Tell th eir sto ries  
  48. Monitor and Measure
  49. Facebook Scheduler
  50. Facebook Activity Log
  51. Facebook Activity Log
  52. Facebook Post Stats
  53. Facebook Promoted Posts
  54. Facebook Insights
  55. Facebook Statso  Viralityo  Talking Abouto  Likes – Easy gestureo  Comments - Communityo  Shares – “Seal of approval”
  56. Social MediaGo for long-term,lasting relationships.
  57. Get this and otherpresentations from Aliza Sherman at www.slideshare.net/ alizasherman  
  58. Aliza Shermano  aliza@mediaegg.com  o  @alizasherman  o  alizasherman.com  
  59. Give Back 2013 Project #GiveBack13  Aliza Sherman @alizasherman ! ! AlizaSherman.com! #GiveBack13!