The Male Nude


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The Male Nude

  1. 1. 1500-1600Laura, Lauren, David, Alexandra
  2. 2.   The Dark Ages fade, and artistic experimentation blossoms  “We first have to draw the naked body beneath, then cover it with clothes.” -Michelangelo  Michelangelo’s Cascina Cartoon
  3. 3.   Michelangelo stopped short before the end of design, leaving the process of design visible  The body is the manifestation of the soul or state of mind and character.  The Last Judgement Michelangelo
  4. 4.   Greeks studied the male figure as a means of measuring beauty  Figure was portrayed with “correctitude”  Greek statue of Kouros
  5. 5.   Real VS Natural  Antonio del Pollaiuolo- first artistic anatomist  Dissects cadavers  Battle of the Nudes
  6. 6.   First ideal form was the masculine male form (the modern day “strongman”)  Eugen Sandow  Michelangelo was a big “strongman” user  The Creation of Adam
  7. 7.   Second ideal form was the feminine male (modern day “rockstar” man)  David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust  Androgynous, youthful, pretty  Adam Albrecht Durer
  8. 8. The Ressurection of the Flesh Signorelli
  9. 9.   Art suggesting homosexuality was illegal at this time  Homosexual rebellions arose  Donatello creates the first life-size David since the ancient Romans
  10. 10.   Giovanni Antonio Bazzi prefers, “Il Sodoma”, The Sodomite  His work depicted martyred saints because of illustrated sensuality and physical suffering of the male figure
  11. 11.   Bathhouse Albrecht Durer
  12. 12.   Michelangelo confesses, in a series of letters, his homosexual desires  Suggests his love through drawings of and for Tommaso Cavalieri
  13. 13. Ganymede Michelangelo
  14. 14. Tityus Michelangelo
  15. 15.   Gender roles became apparent not only in society, but in art  Male’s represented strength and power  Women were portrayed as objects rather than subjects  Michelangelo’s David VS Titian’s Venus of Urbino
  16. 16.   Male child nudity was acceptable  Ancient sculptures (Eros) had influence over nudity in art  Male nudity posed as an aspiration for men, but served for women as a constant reminder of where they “belonged” in society
  17. 17.   Since the 17th Century, societies ideals and limits have changed quite a bit. How do you think the image of how the male nude is seen today has changed compared to during the Renaissance? Is it accepted more or less? What about attitudes towards homosexual themes and undertones? And gender roles? How have all these things changed since the 17th century?
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