How to astral project


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How to astral project

  1. 1. Copyright © 2010 Ali WylieYou may reproduce or transmit this Ebook on theunderstanding that the author Ali Wylie is acknowledged.It must not be sold.Websitewww.astralwings.comThe Astral Projection Podcastwww.astralprojectionpodcast.com2
  2. 2. ContentsIntroduction 4We all Sleep 5Do You Remember Your Dreams? 5Lost in Dreams/Lost in Life? 6Get Conscious in Life 6Get Conscious in your Dreams 7Summary 7Final Word 83
  3. 3. IntroductionI am not a monk tucked away in some quiet corner of the world where no one will disturbme, I am not someone who meditates every day, though I probably should. I usuallymanage to go to bed early and listen to some binaural beats, sometimes I even make itthrough to the end without falling asleep.I live in Italy, a pretty chaotic country for someone who was born and brought up in a quietEnglish village. My kids start school around 8.00am and finish around 1.00pm and thatincludes Saturdays. If I am going to do any communing with my self in the realms of thepresent moment it has to be within those times, in between all the other things I have todo. This doesn’t include, of course, the 3-month summer holidays, during which quietingcommuning with my self is possible only at night.I sometimes wonder how I ever managed to teach myself how to leave my body, little kidsjust don’t relate to ‘just sit there quietly for 20 minutes while I go and do my OBE training.’My kids are older now but the interruptions haven’t stopped. So lately I’ve been lookingback at what I did, indeed what I continue to do, for astral projection is a work in progress.I continually work at it for there is always progress to be made and slacking off meansfewer OBEs.I want to be brief and to the point because busy people with jobs and families need asimple, straightforward technique which can be practiced anywhere and at anytime.Basically it is a system which uses normal dreams as a springboard to expanding yourconsciousness.4
  4. 4. 1. We All SleepOften this is the only time I can practise any Astral Projection techniques. It is the only timereally when I am completely relaxed and not usually interrupted. We all sleep so we can alluse this time.If you wake up several times during the night, each time is an opportunity to practisestaying awake while you fall asleep. Your consciousness has to be gently present throughthe whole process, don’t concentrate too hard or your body will never fall asleep. However,this isn’t the technique I wanted to discuss. When I was teaching myself to OBE oftenexhaustion would set in and I would fall asleep. This problem led me to look at dreams.2. Do You Remember Your Dreams?This is fundamental. If you don’t remember your dreams the first thing you have to do isdevelop your dream recall. This OBE technique relies on something we all do every nightwhether you remember or not. Memory is important for dreams and out-of-bodyexperiences alike.So, to remember your dreams and develop your recall ability, it is essential to start writingdown your dreams and any feelings or sensations you have during the night. This givesthe message to your subconscious that you want to remember what you do at night. Youmay also use affirmations before you go to sleep and each time you wake up, for example,‘I remember my dreams,’ over and over again. Take a little time each morning, just afteryou wake up, to sink back a little to that zone between waking and sleeping, let yourdreams come floating back into your mind.If you’re new to OBEs it may be a good idea to surround yourself with Light before you goto sleep. Many people recommend this to keep away unwanted entities. To tell the truth Idon’t go through this process because it has become automatic. I am fairly confident whenI’m out-of-body, I have had a quite a few scary moments and overcome them. After all thenegative energy I’ve blasted with Light and Love most of the annoying entities probablyrun a mile when they see me coming!5
  5. 5. 3. Lost in Dreams/Lost in Life?Our consciousness is often lost in dreams just as sometimes our consciousness is lost inlife. Too often we get swept along by the chaos. Are we really consciously present in ourlives 100% of the time. I know I’m not. How many times during the day do we drift off to thepast or to the future, we play past events through our minds and sometimes worry aboutthe future. How much time do we actually spend focused in the present? It is great practiceto stay focused when all around us seems in chaos. Many people have said that our pointof power is the present and how right they are.So if we are not present in our lives how can we be present when we sleep, how can webe conscious in our dreams when we are not always conscious in life?4. Get Conscious in LifeOften we do things in an automated way because we are used to it, we have learnt how todo it so we don’t have to think about it anymore. So now we have to teach ourselves to beconscious, to wake up while the body sleeps, to wake up within the chaotic life of ourdreams. We have to teach ourselves to be conscious within the chaos, the chaos of ourphysical life and our dream life. Training ourselves to be more aware in daily life will reflectin our dreams.This is a short technique on paper, this does not mean it is ineffective, it just means it issimple but it is not for the lazy of mind. It takes conscious effort to stop the mind fromwandering. Astral Projection is a skill that requires work, just like any other, but with thistechnique your astral projection practice can be integrated into your everyday life.There is one basic thing you should do throughout the day as often as you can bringyourself back to it.Be present in whatever you are doing, be present with your consciousness, concentrateand pay attention to exactly what you are doing in the present moment.If you are driving, be present, notice the car in front of you, what colour is it, what makeis it. Instead of thinking about what’s for lunch or dinner or one of the million other things6
  6. 6. we think about when driving, concentrate and pay attention to what you are doing and towho or what is around you.If you are shopping, be present, look around you, take notice of things, the products, thepeople, be present in the present, concentrate and pay attention, really be in the moment.If you are doing housework, be present, pay attention to what you are doing, you don’thave to literally count the bubbles in the detergent, but notice them, be more aware.Concentrate.The list can go on and on, eating, getting dressed, washing, shaving... all the things we doautomatically we are not usually present in, we are off thinking about something else.Every so often choose an object and concentrate on it, look at it in detail, start with aminute or so, then increase the time. Our minds drift, so we drift away from the presentmoment. We don’t pay attention or concentrate. The key is concentration because in theend if we concentrate and pay attention in our lives this too will be reflected in ourdreams. We need to go consciously into our lives so we can go consciously into ourdreams.Be conscious in your life, be present.5. Get Conscious in your DreamsWith time you will start to become more aware, the more you remind yourself toconcentrate in life the more it will be reflected in your dreams. You may well find yourselfconcentrating on something in a dream automatically, bingo, you’ve almost cracked it. Itdoesn’t matter what holds your attention, it could be someone’s voice, or an object, theimportant thing is not to get distracted. Don’t think about it, don’t wonder about it, justfocus on it. The action is important, not the object, and it is the focusing, the concentratingthat will get you from a dream to a state of expanded consciousness. This is not luciddreaming, lucid dreaming is simply being awake or conscious in a dream, we are takingour attention away from the dream by focusing on one object, ignoring all the rest of theactivity. We are dissolving the dream and expanding our consciousness.7
  7. 7. Using this method I have found myself in the mind awake/body asleep state ready to astralproject. I have found myself going through a tunnel, at the exit of the tunnel I have been ina state of pure consciousness, beyond form.This method of concentration can also be used if you are in your astral body. Just closedown your astral vision and concentrate, focus inwards, try to empty your mind orthoughts. It takes effort but the result is amazing.Summary1. Take advantage of sleep time.2. Train your memory.3. Make chaos your ally.4. Get Conscious in Life5. Get Conscious in Dreams8
  8. 8. A Final WordThe Dream Focus Technique will not work overnight because it involves developing yourconsciousness in the present moment. Practising this technique will help you project in theastral and mental body. You will also become more consciously present in what ishappening around you in physical life and less involved in the crazy emotional side ofhuman life. Remaining objective is important in the Astral, controlling thoughts is essentialin such a thought-sensitive reality. The key words are:Be PresentFocusPay AttentionConcentrateBe ConsciousHappy travels! Ali9