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Call Arun @ +919560214267.
Having once held a prestigious spot on Money Magazine's 100 Best Places to Live list, Jaypee Chambers 1 continues to please residents, business owners and employees.
This Noida suburb has over 100,000 individuals living within its boundaries and is a great place to live, work and visit.

About the Residents
Noida is a medium-sized city with a median household income of Rs 50000. Residents within the city often live and work there as well due to the employment opportunities and family atmosphere of the city.

Business Atmosphere
Many business owners who set up shop in this village favor the business atmosphere which this locale provides.
It is close to the city, with easy access via many main interstates, while being far enough away to maintain that small-town feel. Public transportation is available for those who wish to keep the car in the garage but still enable themselves to get around town.
Clients have easy ways to get to the various businesses quickly and easily.

Other Businesses
There are many businesses throughout this village, both large and small. Some of the big names in the Jaypee Chambers 1 area include the Morey Corporation, Wilton Brands, Inc. and Pabst Brewing Company.
Whether your business is a public corporation or a privately-owned company, this village can accommodate you if you are eager to buy or lease commercial office space there.
Things to Do
Whether you live or work here, you are bound to find something entertaining and/or enlightening to do.
The Jaypee Chambers 1 Park District is a popular option for outdoor lovers while those who like to stay inside for fun can engage in activities such as catching a movie or heading out of town to see the Morton Arboretum located in a neighboring community.
Golfing is also a popular pastime in the area for those who like to get outside for a golf game every once in a while.

Dining and Shopping Options
With an area the size of Jaypee Chambers 1, it would simply make sense that there would be plenty of dining and shopping options in town. Variety is a key component in this area and whether you are eager to dine at a restaurant with pasta, steak or other type of cuisine on the menu, you will certainly find it in this village. Shopping options are also wide and varied. For those who appreciate larger, one-stop shopping stores, Kohl's and J.C. Penney await you. If you are interested in smaller boutique-style shops, this town has these types of shops as well.

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Jaypee Greens Chambers 1 Sector 129 Noida Location Map Price List Floor Plan Commercial Office Space

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