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At Ireo Skyon, you will experience a whole new level of living where things happen at the touch of a button. Whether it is answering the front door, adjusting the curtains,
pre-scheduling electrical gadgets, setting safety alarts or much more - now it's all possible with a simple touch of your portable home console, the iHomePad. Harnessing the best of home control technology to provide insightful, relevant solutions for a variety of everyday needs, Ireo Skyon features homes that are truly future-ready.

Combine that with its prime location within Gurgaon, its uniquely eye-catching "sweeping balconies" architecture, its carefully designed viewing corridors that overlook a central Golf Park, it's world class clubhouse - and you can see why Ireo Skyon is a dream come true.

Come experience the magic of space age living. Come experience happiness multiplied.


Located in the prime Sector 60 of Gurgaon, the complex is in proximity to the Southern Periphery Road and sits comfortably in a great location. Apart from easy access to NH8, residents will also benefit from two new fast exit roads to Delhi, via Faridabad Road and via M G Road. What's more, Ireo Skyon is approximately 2 kms away from the proposed Metro Station which will further add to travelling convenience.

Furthermore, Ireo Skyon is located within the upcoming 600 acre Ireo City master-planned development, which means it will be in close proximity to Ireo City's premium recreational district with hi-end retail, recreational clubs, 5-star hotel and much more.

Step into the exciting new dimension of living where your home amplifies the way you lead your life.

At Ireo, we believe in providing insightful everyday solutions that make life better, easier and a lot more comfortable. We have taken state-of-the-art technology and made it your loyal servant. Draw curtains without moving an inch, unlock your front door at the touch of a button on your iHomePad and enjoy several other facets of smart living that only Ireo brings to you. You call this a dream life; we call it Space Age Living.

Explore a world of space age conveniences -

iHomePad: This device is truly the nerve centre of your home. With the iHomePad at your service, you can manage your entire household with the touch of a button. Be it answering the door while sipping tea in your balcony, opening the curtains to greet the sun while still in your bed, or waking up to find warm water ready for a bath - the iHomePad is designed to multiply your joy of living. At the same time, it ensures your safety and even saves energy. For your convenience, the iHomePad is provided in both wall mounted and portable versions.
Mood Lighting: Modulate light intensity
Curtain Control: Open and close curtains
Remote door unlocking: See who's at the door and unlock it.
Pre-set gadgets: Schedule on/off for AC/Geyser etc.
Home Profiles: Set to In/Out/Maid/Holiday
Fire & Gas Alerts: Set fire & gas alerts.

Unique Sweeping Balconies
One of the most eye catching features of Ireo Skyon is undoubtedly its unique sweeping balconies that overlook the lush green landscape, providing a beautiful scenic experience.

These balconies have been created to give an impression of being in constant motion which makes it visually appealing. Each balcony has been so constructed that the residents have access to it from the living/dining area, the master bedroom, and one additional bedroom. The progressively stepped, bent form of the balconies gives it an individual space that is not found in a lot of residential designs. The pinwheel shape of the building makes it possible for balconies of each wing to not overlap. Not only does this ensure absolute privacy for each household, it also provides each balcony with an uninterrupted viewing corridor.

The pricing details for SKYON are as below:
· Current BSP:
o Tower B (G+39) - Rs 7700/- psft.
o Mid

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Ireo Skyon SPACE AGE LIVING Sector 60 Gurgaon | +919560214267

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