My Reflection Project


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This slide show presentation covers a management problem I face when I brought a dog into the house without my roomates full consent. We cover mine and my roomeates views of the scenerio. We then dive into the ethical and team problems I committed. Then to finish of the the presentation we review the solutions to the mistakes the were made, so we all can learn from my past flaws.

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My Reflection Project

  1. 1. Thoughtful-NOT Ali Thomas
  2. 2. Situation My New RoommatesI think I need a ….
  3. 3. Task Roommates wishes:Wait till after sorority recruitmentWant to be settled in and ready… Then I can get a DOG!
  4. 4. Action I couldn’t wait any longer….Humane Society + Sad Puppies = Impulse Buy …. I got the dog TOO EARLY
  5. 5. Result Agreement broken…Roommate Amanda NOT HAPPY! YELLING AND SCREAMING TENSION Dog’s a keeper.
  6. 6. Point of View Amanda My Roommate
  7. 7. SituationMoving in with my Best friends School of Education BUSY!
  8. 8. TaskDogs = Responsibility - Words to Ali -“Dog idea MUST WAIT”
  9. 9. ActionSurprise it’s a dog! How Could She?
  10. 10. ResultThe Dog is so SWEET! Apologies followed
  11. 11. A Happy Family
  12. 12. Real Life Management Ethics & Being a Team
  13. 13. Concept to Apply EthicsMorally what is or Be the leading example When.. Ethical Dilemmas arise To.. prevent an Ethical Lapse Follow.. the right approach
  14. 14. Ethical Lapse A Decision Made Outside of Your BeliefsMy Belief Keep Promise Respect FriendsMy Promise comes when agreed uponMy Action Broke my promiseMy Result Lost friend’s respect
  15. 15. Universal ApproachDo unto others as you would have others do unto you The Golden Rule Applies to everyone’s moral rights My actions hurt my Best-friend Is this how I would want to be treated?
  16. 16. Concept to ApplyA Team is.. More than a group of people.A Team gives… a sense of belongingA Team enables… a sense of personal responsibilityGroups = Conflicts Task, Process, or Relationship conflicts
  17. 17. Informal TeamVoluntarily choose to interact togetherDone Correctly can be VERY POSITIVE My Roommates = My Team Working together to live in harmony
  18. 18. Task Conflicts Group member interpersonal differences Problem Members are.. focused on personal opinions ResolutionCreate… openness of emotions and cooperationI knew what I wanted and I wanted it now. I was close minded to anything else.
  19. 19. LessonsYou live and You learn
  20. 20. What makes up ME?Personality Traits Resulting BehaviorFree Spirited Live day to dayCaring Animal sensitiveLaid-Back Relax it works outFun Lets do it!
  21. 21. Learned Lessons Compromise Keep PromisesThink Before You Act Remember Others
  22. 22. Closer UnderstandingMy Roommates are My Best Friends Doggies are like babiesCare for the Ones You Love
  23. 23. What I Can DoBe Open-minded, Caring, & RespectfulI WILL set the example that other’s WANT to Follow