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North Shore Multicultural Society
Connection and networking with employers and other professions using Social  Media

Ali Tavanayan

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  • Find job through social networking

    1. 1. Connection and networking with employers and other professions using Social Media Ali Tavanayan Director of Tavanayan Enterprises Inc., (TEI Inc.) Dec. 15th , 2011Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    2. 2. Schedule 5:00 – 5:30 Start, Socializing 5:30 – 7:00 Main Lecture 7:00 – 7:15 Q&A, Round the room 7:15 – 7:30 Door prize, NetworkingEmail Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    3. 3. You don’t need to take notes! O Available on Search for “Ali Tavana - Social Networking”Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    4. 4. My Background O Ali Tavanayan-far, Director of TEI Inc. O Senior Web Development Project Manager O PMP, MCSE, A+, e-commerce O Running Tavanayan Enterprises Inc. since 2002 O Software Engineering background O Founder of Vancouver “Joomla” , “Magento”, & “Moodle” User Groups ( O Speaker in “Marketing Mastery Summit”, “Dev Cam”, “Web Not War”, Microsoft 2010 – 2011 O Developing extensions for Open Source Platform, SharePoint, and DNN O Bridge application development for Win App & Web sites O Been doing 2D Animation for over 7 year O Members of ASIFA, few festival films. O Worked at : Jam-e-Jam Daily News paper, Saba, Rasaneh Far Animation for over 3 years O Worked with: Modiri, Kardan(s), Yaghmaina(S), Javaherian, Zarinkelk, Ahmadian, Alidosti, Jahanshahi,.. O Web admin, and marketing for Ardeshir TV. O Lived in London & North Vancouver since 2001Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    5. 5. Agenda O Networking Concept O Finding a new job O Work experience O Education O Social Media O Twitter O Linked in O Meetup O User groups O Facebook O How to O Training O Learn to do O Resources O Tags O Q &AEmail Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    6. 6. It’s all about “my” personal experience! Please, contact professionals for any inquiries. Ali TavanayanEmail Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    7. 7. In my opinion “mostly cultural difference” Ali TavanayanEmail Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    8. 8. statistics: O How many are Computer specialist? O Any gentleman younger than 20? (Ladies are all 18 – We all know about that) O How many of us have more than 5 years work experience? O How many people been here more than 1 year O How many knows about O How many Engineers? O How many from Medical fields? O How has Twitter? LinkedIn ? Facebook? O Do you mind if I am going fast over the slides tonight? (many slides)Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    9. 9. What is social Networking? O How to do networking? O Over %80 of the Canadian jobs are NOT posted officially. The go only through connections, and networking.Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    10. 10. Who is he?Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    11. 11. Finding a jobEmail Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    12. 12. Finding a job is a processEmail Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    13. 13. Finding a job O Are you ready for 3 months research O Do you have enough founds to survive for 6 months O Keep yourself up-to-date O Keep follow only one direction O Focus on your strength O Do not stock in a job that you can not think, research, or update yourself O If you started such a job, before you go to this job, make a deadline for yourself.Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    14. 14. A Job Requirement: Canadian Job Experience Catch-22Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    15. 15. Work experience replacement: O Relevant Work experience O Education  BCIT O Volunteer JobEmail Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    16. 16. The 2 Biggest Problems With Online Networking “I have the feeling I don’t get much out of my time and effort.”The reason is that you have neverdefined:1. Your goal.2. Who is in the best position to help you to reach that goal.
    17. 17. Fundamental PrinciplesO Networking attitude O “Sharing information in a reactive and proactive way without expecting anything immediately in return.” O An attitude that builds trust and makes you more interesting to other people, works best.O Golden Triangle of networking GiveO Do you always thank someone whenO she took the time to look for a solution,O but didn’t find one? Ask Thank
    18. 18. O Power of second Degree ConnectionO Quality & Diversity are both important O Your goals change over time O More opportunities O Value for your network O Diversity creates a larger safetyO Your “Know, Like and Trust” Factor O Raise your factors
    19. 19. 80% Job Market is hidden!O Internal PostingO Over whelmed team without planO Not existing Position 1 in 15 of Informational Interview got job.
    20. 20. FactsO 86% of human resource professionals use social networkingO Facebook is used by 58% of organizations to source job applicants.
    21. 21. Why expanding our network?O Find the decision makersO To know about hidden jobsO Learn about the company and it’s teamO Introduce yourself (familiar face)O Get an Informational InterviewO Lot of extra help on the way
    22. 22. Informational InterviewO Why: Previous slide!O How: • Do the homework • Be polite and flexible (make a positive impression) • Prepare thoughtful questions • Seek additional contacts, and express thanks • Above all, dont bait and switch
    23. 23. Ask for Information Interview I am new to the country/industry. I would like to know how the industry works in Canada? I have experience, but I need to know about it more? 80% says OK if you ask for Coffee Informational Interview
    24. 24. Larger companies in BC O EA Game O Blast Radius O Radical Entertainment O Sierra Wireless O Habanero O Vancouver Air Port O Graphically Speaking O KEG / Boston Pizza / O 6S marketing O Accenture’ O Jim Pattison O BC Lottery, BC Liquor Store O Telus,BC Hydro, O Shaw, Rogers, …Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    25. 25. Elevator pitch15 seconds to:O DescribeO Who you areO What you doO What do you need In an interesting, effective, not begging format
    26. 26. How to do it?Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    27. 27. O Setup your profile (clean up comments & Photos)O Use right keywords in your profileO Get an effective head lineO Increase # of the connectionsO get recommendation (how capable & good you are)
    28. 28. O Job seeker accountO Job Insider toolbarO CompaniesO  Book
    29. 29. O Research companies & industriesO Join groups & answer questionsO Complete your profileO Don’t forget your photoO DON’T be inconsistentO Update your info & network
    30. 30. O Micro blogging in 140 char.O Friend == follower  (how many people will see it)O Direct messageO @AliTavana (mention)O RT @AliTavana (re-twitt)O #NSMCS (Hash tag)
    31. 31. O Setup your profile (clean up comments & Photos)O Include employment & education informationO Join Groups & ApplicationsO Increase # of the connectionsO Facebook personal ad (social ad), sale yourself.
    32. 32. O Advertising models: O Content syndication O Display Advertisement O Gadget & Widgets Apps. O Social Ads O Social Networking Pages
    33. 33. O Recruitment applicationsO Market Place & JobsO Make a group / fan page The PDF Presentation
    34. 34. - SFU Robson Square - Irish Pub - BCIT SE4 – Room 670Email - Convention Center -…. Cell Twitter 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    35. 35. User Groups: O O O O O O O Vancouver Joomla User Group O Vancouver Magento User GroupEmail Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    36. 36. Sometime you have to $$$ O Microsoft Tech Days O DevTeach MVP  (Most valuable professional)Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    37. 37. O Create content on SlideShareO Get promoted on Career pagesO Share in on your other social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)O Promote your self, answer questions
    38. 38. Use resources O VPL (Vancouver Public Library) O O O O Canada e O ….Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    39. 39. Learn to say: • I don’t have pervious experience about this topic. • I will study it and get back to you. • I had similar experience, but not the exact one. • I need to get back to you on this topic after some research. • Unfortunately, it’s not in my comfort zone.Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    40. 40. Learn to be: ON TIME • Communicate, Let them know • Appointment / RSVP requests • Waiting for answers / documentsEmail Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    41. 41. O Non-profitable O Community base O Informational O Resources for new comers O In-need for support by professionals O Experiences O Stories O SkillsEmail Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    42. 42. To do List:O ResumeO LinkedIn Account& profileO Twitter Account & profileO Expand your NetworkO Attend meetups, User groups, and eventsO Get Informational InterviewO Go for InterviewO Get the Job offers
    43. 43. What is this?Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    44. 44. What is it?Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    45. 45. We accept volunteers O If you are in : O Jave & Flash O HTML 5 & CSS 3 O Web Development / Backend or Frontend developer O CMS (PHP / ASP.NET) O VB, C#  VB 6.0 job O DBA, Server admin, We can help you to gain your work experience.Email Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana
    46. 46. Q&A O Contact Me @alitavana Ali Tavanayan 604.506.6108 admin@tavanayan.comEmail Cell 604.506.6108 @alitavana Support