Media Evaluation


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Here I have done my evaluation through the use of slideshare.

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Media Evaluation

  1. 1. Evaluation
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?My magazine “threshold” is designed specifically to suit the music genre of metal and itstarget audience. I researched into other metal genre magazines and found out what werethe most popular conventions to use. It terms of layout I took a lot of inspiration from ametal magazine “decibel”. Like the front cover of many decibel magazines the image isby far the main attraction. This is also the case with mine, the photo I have used for myfront cover looks the buyer directly in the eye following the convention of directengagement with the reader.My magazines logo I feel is very unique, on my front cover it is incorporated with the titletext itself. The logo used is a scythe, it connotes death which is thus linked to the “deathmetal” genre of music. Unlike man other metal magazines however the title lays over thetop of the picture, I felt this would be an important generic convention to change as itbeing the first edition it is priority that the name and logo is remembered over everythingelse.My magazine, also like many other music magazines follows the rule of thirds, the top ofthe magazine holsters the title and lure, the centre holds the bulk information of themagazine, that is the picture and text and the lower part of the page holsters excess butstill important information, in this case the heading “shredding the anger tour”. Byfollowing the rule of thirds I maintain a professional look to my magazine.
  3. 3. Similarities Masthead Text located around the sides of the magazine Rule of thirds TwoPicture is the centre of the primaryimage and direct contact given colours
  4. 4. How does your media product represent particular social groups?My media product represents a young audience of around the ages. This group however is more of a minority in comparison to others which is thus why my magazine holsters such a unique look in comparison to say a pop or rnb magazine which thus connotes the individuality of the buyer. The individuality is shown throughout its colours and aggressive nature. The logo of my magazine itself connotes death, (a major theme throughout metal music) and the aggression that is also The facial expression of my model is connotes represents its more showing clear aggression, relation to the characteristically aggressive age of my target audience and his dark readers, i.e soldiers etc. clothing relates further target audience further.
  5. 5. What kind of media institute might distribute your media product and why? What is an institution?A media institution is the establishment in charge of the distribution, marketing and production of media products, one example being “COMAG” who distribute the magazine “vibe”
  6. 6. What kind of media institute might distribute your media product and why?My magazine is not suited for a large range of audience and as such it is notlikely that this magazine would be distributed by a company that specialises ina more niche market, however in this case I believe BAUER would make agood choice in distributing my magazine. Although they specialize in rock andpop magazines I believe that my magazine shares a close audience with theremagazine “Kerrang”. Their magazine “Kerrang” has an median audience age of22 which is near centre of my age range target.They also do not sell a specific metal magazine yet so I feel this would be a good additionto their collection of currently sold magazines as it offers something more unique. They also have a very large budget which in turn means that much of this budget can be focused around advertisement meaning there is an increased chance of this magazine getting out there.
  7. 7. Who would be your audience for your media product? My audience for my media product would be around the arrange 16 – 24 years, male and suit for all ethnicities. It is mainly suited towards those with interests in heavy/old school death metal.To find my target audience I used magazines such as “Kerrang”, who attracted a similaraudience and observed what techniques they used so I could later incorporate them with mymagazine. It was also through the use of a questionnaire thatI gathered necessary information to find out not only the typeof people that like the metal theme but what they alsothought about the colour schemes, layout should look likee.c.t
  8. 8. My magazine itself connotes death, (a major theme throughout metal music) and the aggression that it also connotes represents its more characteristically aggressive readers, i.e soldiers etc and as such I feel they would be the larger reader. The main image on the front cover I feel would be suitable towards these type of readers as the actor is within the age range of the audience and showing clear aggressive nature. Not only that but he fits in with the metal scene thus relating to customers directly. The stereo type name given for my audience is “metal head”. In my cover I am further conveying my relation to them by the use of a hand gesture connoting devil horns which relates to the topic too much of the metal music. Aggression
  9. 9. How did you attract/address your audience?I attracted my audience in my magazine initially by the lure, in this case it Is the “shredding the anger heading” located at the top of the page, the reason it is located there as it is likely that other magazines will be placed over it and the first thing I want the audience to see is something they can relate to instantly, in this case it is a very well known metal tour known by many in the metal scene.
  10. 10. Once the audience has picked the magazine they will be instantly given eye contact with the front cover and thus will feel an engagement. Should the magazine be put at the front of a shelf this will cause the magazine to stand out much more. A common convention for most magazines. Also, a large majority of death metal fans will favour the colour black or red over others as it symbolises there music well, black for death and red for blood. By incorporating these colours on the front page the audience will see this and favour the magazine much more than if they were to look at a pink and yellow magazine. The customer feels connected with the magazine as they have now a personal connection thus intriguing them more.
  11. 11. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing magazine I have used variousThroughout the construction of this this product? software programs and equipment. Something I have learnt when using photo shop is that it is very easy to change the atmospheric feeling of a photo from per say happy to sad. I used this technique of changing the mood in my contents page, initially the image had no emotion to it, but by change the colours to black and white and adjusting the contrast settings I found that I was able to create a much darker mood which connotes the symbolism of the metal music genre. I have also learnt how necessary it is to learn how to use new technologies in order to keep up with today’s modern standard of production. For example, using photo shop to enhance images, although it is possible to create and take pictures looking just as professional the time it would take to perfect an image for it to meet the standards of a photo shop image is obsolete. Personally I feel quite acquainted with the program adobe photo shop cs.5 however I would of not said the same thing at the beginning of this task.
  12. 12. Looking back at your preliminary task, what doyou feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? (Preliminary) (Final)
  13. 13. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?Since completing my preliminary task I have learnt many things, one of these things being the importance of target audience research and since then I feel that this is one of the most important aspects of creating a magazine as it allows you to construct something personal to the buyer making them want it more. Something else I have learnt through the process is meeting expectations. It is clear that there is a set “standard” level of professionalism and only these magazines are successful, I have learn that to achieve the same level that sampling of general conventions should be taken in order for a magazine to be successful I have also learn that although eye contact is key, what makes all the difference is the facial expression. On my preliminary task although I had eye contact there was not too much emotion expressed. Also in the preliminary task I found myself trying to make the magazine look appealing to me, as a pose to make it look appealing for its target audience.I have also learnt that a key part of constructing the magazine is getting the best image possible as it will save you a lot of time in the long run. I had the right image for my contents page and for my front cover and found both pages looking not only a lot better then my double page spread but a lot less time had to be put into them.