How to brew a User Experience Love Potion


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Struggling to have the impact you want? Don’t worry! We have just the recipe that will make your team fall in love with UX. We’ll share how we inspired our team to work with us as strategic partners to deliver the 5-star Intuit Snap Payroll iPhone app. Along the way, we’ll share stories and techniques to help YOU brew your own UX Love Potion for your team!

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Alissa Briggs is a Principal Interaction Designer and Innovation Catalyst at Intuit, using creativity and collaboration to make the world a better place. She leads the user experience for top-rated mobile and web apps, including Intuit Snap Payroll. As a UX thought leader, she speaks and writes about design, research, and collaboration. Find her at and tweet @alissadesigns.

Raman Hansi is a Principal User Researcher and Innovation Catalyst at Intuit. She's a design thinker, thought provoker, and customer advocate by heart and trade, and her passion is for bridging technology with deep customer empathy and insights. For the past 15 years she has led experience design research efforts for high tech firms, state and federal agencies, and non-profit organizations. As the Lead User Researcher for Snap Payroll and Intuit Payroll for Mobile, she inspires strong customer focus across the team.

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How to brew a User Experience Love Potion

  1. 1. #uxlovepotionHow to brew aUX Love Potion
  2. 2. #uxlovepotionAlissa BriggsInteraction Design@alissadesignsRaman HansiUser Research@rums813
  3. 3. #uxlovepotionMeet 5th grade Alissa
  4. 4. #uxlovepotionHow to brew aLove Potionto make your team fall in love withuser experience
  5. 5. #uxlovepotion
  6. 6. #uxlovepotionWhat’s thesecretingredient?
  7. 7. #uxlovepotionCOLLABORATION
  8. 8. #uxlovepotion"Unity is strength... when there isteamwork and collaboration,wonderful things can be achieved."- Mattie J.T. Stepanek
  9. 9. #uxlovepotionRelay RaceRugby Gameversus
  10. 10. #uxlovepotionRelay RaceGet baton Run really hard Hand off baton
  11. 11. #uxlovepotionRugby GameWork together Win
  12. 12. #uxlovepotionUX Love Potion RecipeFind the sparkOpen upDream together#uxlovepotion
  13. 13. #uxlovepotionSPARKFind the#uxlovepotion
  14. 14. #uxlovepotionThese are my coworkers
  15. 15. #uxlovepotionThis is me
  16. 16. #uxlovepotionThese are our meetings
  17. 17. #uxlovepotionPurpose of this Meeting:To get to know a little more about youand share a little about myself so thatwe can have a healthy workingrelationship!  Step 1:Set context
  18. 18. #uxlovepotionInterview Questions:•  How long have you been at Intuit?•  Early bird or night owl?•  What’s the best way to run a team?•  What do you love doing?•  What pisses you off?Step 2:Prep questions
  19. 19. #uxlovepotionStep 3:Look forsurprisesSurprises:•  Agile coach•  Numbers guy•  Builds boats for fun
  20. 20. #uxlovepotionStep 3:Look forsurprisesUX + Agile EvangelistData analytics and visualizationNeutral subject to keep the peaceSurprises:•  Agile coach•  Numbers guy•  Builds boats for fun
  21. 21. #uxlovepotionTeammate InterviewTIPS•  Set context•  Prep questions•  Look for surprises
  22. 22. #uxlovepotionSPARKto find theUse your research skillsand build acollaborationstrong foundation for
  23. 23. #uxlovepotionOPEN UP#uxlovepotion
  24. 24. #uxlovepotionThe lonely researcher…
  25. 25. #uxlovepotion…dreams ofbuilding passionfor customers.
  26. 26. #uxlovepotion
  27. 27. #uxlovepotionStep 1:Plan researchtogetherAsk their help in deciding how to reachout to customers.  
  28. 28. #uxlovepotionStep 2:Prep for agreat sessionAddress their concerns by giving thetraining and resources they need tofeel empowered.  
  29. 29. #uxlovepotionStep 3:Go for it!Give them a clear mission and throwthem in head-first.  Photo credit
  30. 30. #uxlovepotionOpening up researchTIPS•  Plan research together•  Prep for a great session•  Go for it!
  31. 31. #uxlovepotionThe lonely designer…
  32. 32. #uxlovepotion…dreams ofcreativity andquality.
  33. 33. #uxlovepotionTaking the leap with LeanUX
  34. 34. #uxlovepotionStep 1:Share themessy stuffWhat’s the lowest fidelity design youcan share to communicate your ideaand get valuable feedback?  
  35. 35. #uxlovepotionStep 2:Get creativeEmbrace the strengths each teammatebrings to the creative process.•  Sketching•  Whiteboarding  
  36. 36. #uxlovepotionStep 3:Bridge thegapLearn more about your teammates’worlds to better bridge the gaps.  
  37. 37. #uxlovepotionOpening up designTIPS•  Share the messy stuff•  Get creative•  Bridge the gap
  38. 38. #uxlovepotionOPEN UPto create a culture ofeverydaycollaboration
  39. 39. #uxlovepotionTOGETHERDream#uxlovepotion
  40. 40. #uxlovepotionWe dream alone.
  41. 41. #uxlovepotionAnotherlesson fromAlissaschildhood...
  42. 42. #uxlovepotionA dream you dream alone is only a- John LennonDREAMA dream you dream together isREALITY
  43. 43. #uxlovepotionStep 1:Define “vision”VISION paints the picture for howwe impact the lives of those we serve.
  44. 44. #uxlovepotionTo provide a freeworld-class educationto anyone anywhere.- Khan Academy
  45. 45. #uxlovepotionMaking the bestpossible ice cream,in the nicestpossible way.- Ben & Jerry’s
  46. 46. #uxlovepotionStep 2:Craft itviscerallyWhat does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like?
  47. 47. #uxlovepotionStep 3:Give it lifeInspire your team by putting it up inshared spaces and slide decks.Make it tactical by using it in day-to-day decision making.  Help newemployerspay theiremployeeswithconfidence.
  48. 48. #uxlovepotionVision creationTIPS•  Define “vision”•  Craft it viscerally•  Give it life
  49. 49. #uxlovepotionDREAMtogetherCraft a vision thathelps youand pull together as one team.
  50. 50. #uxlovepotionUX Love Potion RecipeFind the sparkOpen upDream together#uxlovepotion
  51. 51. #uxlovepotionLaunch itNEXTMONTH
  52. 52. #uxlovepotionLaunch itwith lots ofUI BugsNigelEngineering Manager
  53. 53. #uxlovepotionWe must fixthese UIBugsNigelEngineering Manager
  54. 54. #uxlovepotionCutcritical UXfeaturesColinProduct Manager
  55. 55. #uxlovepotionWe mustkeep theseUX featuresColinProduct Manager
  56. 56. #uxlovepotionWe mustinclude topUX featuresAlissaInteraction Designer
  57. 57. #uxlovepotionLets trythisalternativeAlissaInteraction Designer
  58. 58. #uxlovepotionLaunch itNEXTMONTH
  59. 59. #uxlovepotion2 months todeliver your vision?GO FOR IT.
  60. 60. #uxlovepotionUX Love Potion RecipeFind the sparkOpen upDream together#uxlovepotion
  61. 61. #uxlovepotionCurious?
  62. 62. #uxlovepotion•  Macbeth  play,  3:  •  Relay  race,  10:­‐to-­‐play-­‐ux-­‐rugby-­‐extended  •  Rugby,  11:  •  Cat  in  a  tie,  14:  •  Lovely  cat,  15:­‐cat-­‐lovely-­‐cat.html  •  Cats  in  a  tree,  16:  http://media-­‐cache-­‐  •  Cat  notepad,  21,  30,  37:  •  Cat  in  a  fishbowl,  24:  •  Cat  sleeping,  25,  32,  40:  http://media-­‐cache-­‐  •  Cat  collage,  26:  https://encrypted-­‐­‐GU5yY709OyZBJXwzsh85obZlcGg  •  Cat  drawing,  31:­‐drawing-­‐on-­‐window/  •  LeanUX,  33:  •  Khan  Academy,  44:  •  Ben  &  Jerry’s,  45:  •  Black  cat,  61:­‐awww-­‐kitty-­‐cat-­‐cuteness-­‐34-­‐photos/kitty-­‐cat-­‐8/  •  Photos  on  27,  41:  Alissa  Briggs  •  Photos  on  17-­‐20,  29,  52,  53,  54,  55:  Raman  Hansi  •  Agile  UX,  Anders  Ramsey:­‐to-­‐play-­‐ux-­‐rugby-­‐extended  •  Lean  UX,  Jeff  Gothelf  •  Vision,  Innovation  Catalyst,  Intuit,  Inc.  •  Song  -­‐  Can  you  feel  the  love  tonight,  Lion  King,  Elton  John  PhotosSourcesCredits