Brownilocks and the Three Polar Bears


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Brownilocks and the Three Polar Bears

  1. 1. Brownilocks and the Three Polar Bears By:Alissa Brehmer Once upon a far away ice land, there was a tiny little Igloo in the middle of Antarctica where three polar bears lived. Not far from that Igloo, was a small little girl with dark brown, strait long hair. She was walking down a path to the grocery store for some eggs to make an omelet, when all of a sudden Brownilocks noticed that she was unfamiliar with her surroundings. She kept walking and suddenly she bumped into a sign that said, " Look out!The bears are in!" Now you must understand that Brownilocks was definitely not the smartest cookie around, so she had no idea what this sign said. So she kept on walking. After a while Brownilocks found a small little cottage. Brownilocks was hungry and freezing so she just walked right in the front door.(without knocking or ringing the door bell.) Brownilocks walked inside and found 3 steaming hot bowls of fish stew one huge one, one medium sized one, and one little one. Brownilocks walked to the three bowls and while she was still tracking snow she
  2. 2. said aloud to herself, "Mmmm I am hungry. I guess I should eat something to regain my energy."she said "WHOAH!!! This one is way to hot!!" said Brownilocks after she had a bite of the first huge bowl of fish stew. "EWW!!! This one is to soggy!!!" she said after she tried a bite of the second fish stew. "Hey, this one is delicious!!!" said Brownilocks after she finished the third bowl of soup. Brownilocks decided she should probably investigate the rest of this little Igloo, but just until she found a map, or until she warmed up a bit more. In the middle of the Igloo Brownilocks found three chairs, one huge chair,one medium sized chair, and one little chair. "Boy am I stuffed!!! I better sit down and take a rest." said Brownilocks. Brownilocks sat in the medium chair and said this,"This chair is to hard."
  3. 3. Brownilocks sat in the small chair and said,"Oh no I broke this chair!" Brownilocks tried the huge chair,"Ah this one is just right." Brownilocks started watching the ice box television when her eyes started to droop. "Boy am I tired I better get some rest before I leave to find my way back home."Brownilocks walked up some icicle stairs and found 1 big room with 3 beds in it. Brownilocks was so tired she just flopped right on top of the big bed, and fell fast asleep. Meanwhile 3 polar bears walked into their kitchen.Their names are, Mama polar bear, Papa polar bear, and Baby polar bear. "Hey! someone has been eating our fish soup!!!!" said Mama polar bear.
  4. 4. "Ya and they ate all of mine!!" said Baby polar bear. Papa polar bear went into the middle of the iggloo. "Hey!!! Someone sat in all of our chairs!!" said Papa polar bear "Ya and they broke mine!!!" said Baby polar bear. All three of the bears followed snowy footprints up to their bedroom. "Hey someone is sleeping in my bed!" said Papa polar bear. At that moment Brownilocks woke up in a shock. She was embarrassed and she was frightened. "I'm really sorry I just needed some rest. I will leave right now." said Brownilocks turning red.
  5. 5. "It's ok you can stay if you want to." said the 3 polar bears. So Brownilocks stayed and helped the polar bears clean up her mess. So from that day on Brownilocks has lived with the bears ever since. But don't worry Brownilocks always went to visit her family and her sister Goldilocks.