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At YES Canada we provide study abroad and student exchange programs to over 20 exciting countries across the world!

We give students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a brand new culture, language and environment while living with a host family and attending a host high school in their country of choice.

What are you waiting for? Join YES Canada on an international student exchange and we will take you on the trip of a lifetime with endless rewards.

Learn Travel and Experience with YES Canada!

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YES Canada Student Exchange Program Information

  1. 1. !!!!!! Let YES Canada help you open the door to a world of opportunities. Embark on a student exchange today!A Short BackgroundTo give you a bit of background on the company, Youth Educational Services Inc.(YES Canada) has its roots in a close partnership with MLI (Muskoka LanguageInternational). MLI has over 15 years experience providing education in Canadato international students. YES Canada grew from a demand from Canadianstudents and families to travel abroad.Sharing the same ownership, we have been able to utilize strong existingrelationships with global partners to create a solid infrastructure and supportsystem to provide students with a safe opportunity to study abroad over the pastfive years.The YES Canada high school exchange program provides flexible options to suitevery student and family. A student could participate in a reciprocal high schoolexchange, hosting a student in their home and also travelling abroad or theycould opt to participate in a one-way exchange travelling to their country ofchoice.
  2. 2. ! Participate!in!a!Student!Exchange!with! YES!Canada!to!one!of!over!15!countries:Australia) Denmark) Holland) Japan) Spain)Austria) England) Hungary) Norway) Sweden)Brazil) France) Ireland) Poland) Switzerland)Costa)Rica) Germany) Italy) Scotland) ) Program Dates and Application Deadlines March 1st – April 1st for a September program start date August 1st – September 1st for a January program start date. Some deadlines differ as the school year is not the standard Canadian schedule. Check our website for specific deadlines or inquire at ! !
  3. 3. The Application ProcessEligibility and RequirementsStudent applicants are required to meet the following expectations: • Students between 14 & 18 years of age. • Students must have appropriate motives, commitment and maturity. This will be demonstrated through the essay portion of the full application. • The students parents/guardian must support the application. • The student must be enrolled in their own school district during the academic calendar year of the proposed exchange. • The student must have an appropriate academic grade level and the ability to maintain this grade. We will evaluate each application on a case by case basis, however we generally look for a B average. • Financial resources to manage the YES Canada Program FeesTo apply we require you to submit a preliminary application. This application reserves aplace on the program and notes your interest. Upon receipt of the preliminary applicationyou will be supplied with the full application.The Full ApplicationThe full application requires the following: (some differences apply depending on thecountry of choice). - Basic information/personal profile about yourself and family - Academic transcripts for three years - Medical history form - A letter to your host family - A letter from your parents to your host family - A photo collage - A $500 non-refundable deposit is required upon submission of the fullapplication package.Post Submission ProcessAfter submitting the full application the process advances as follows: 1.) YES Canada will schedule an informal interview to get to know you, discuss the program and your expectations. 2.) A post-interview conditional acceptance will be granted upon the assessment and approval of the YES Canada team. You will be notified of this at the conclusion of your interview and via email. 3.) Your application will be sent to our partners for review and full acceptance. During this time, YES Canada may request additional documentation from you at the request of our partners. 4.) A full acceptance notice will be granted on approval from our partners abroad, converting your conditional post-interview acceptance to a full program acceptance. An invoice will be issued along with your acceptance letter. At this time YES Canada will provide you with the exchange program communication schedule to advise you of when regular communication will occur. 5.) A welcome letter will be sent and you will become a member of the Student Exchange Cohort. At this point in the process YES Canada will be in regular communication with you discussing the details of your exchange.!
  4. 4. Program DetailsSupport available in the host countryWhile on exchange students are designated a local area rep/coordinator who is theircontact while abroad. The local area rep speaks English and is available 24/7 for thestudent. A 24/7 emergency phone line is available to students should they requireassistance.To help students settle in a local orientation is conducted by the local area rep tofamiliarize the student with the area.There is a strong support structure in place to help the student adapt to a new country,language and living away from home.Host Family Selection ProcessHost families in each area are screened and interviewed by the local areacoordinator/our partners abroad. A home interview is conducted with all family membersand residents in the home over the age of 18 (or age of majority in the country). A homeinspection is conducted to ensure it is a safe and comfortable environment.Host family profiles along with photos will be sent to the Canadian students and familiesbefore they go abroad. This gives the student and parents here in Canada a chance toget to know the family abroad before sending their son or daughter.Language RequirementsThe language requirement varies from country to country. Generally we ask thatstudents have a year of language experience, however some countries have nolanguage requirement such as Brazil, the UK and Australia.AcademicsThe exchange program does not guarantee the receipt of academic credit. It is designedas a cultural exchange. Since each school board/school and principal have differentrules on academic credit from exchange programs it is the responsibility of the student todevise an academic plan that works for them. You must consult with your school andguidance counselors about this to determine what credits you can be granted. Werecommend a combination of distance/online studies, summer school before and afterthe exchange and/or creating an IEP (independent education plan) for the exchangeyear.VisaWhile YES Canada will provide students with the necessary documentation for theexchange (host family profile, foreign school acceptance and insurance documentswhere necessary), it is required that the student and parents prepare and submit the visaapplication.
  5. 5. PricingPricing varies for each student exchange program dependent on the duration andcountry of choice.The program rate includes: • School Registration • 
Host Family Placement
 • Comprehensive Travel Insurance
 • Orientation (in Toronto/Ottawa/ or via Skype and in selected destination)
 • Monitoring and 24 hour Support
On ground transportation to and from airport in selected destination Additional fees and that you would be responsible for include: • Airfare (While the airfare is not included in our pricing, we can help you find the best deal and recommend travel sites) • Visa Fees (if required) • School supplies, uniforms (if required), cafeteria lunch (if required) or extra- curricular activity fees • Personal Spending money while abroad • Transportation to and from school for some students, dependent on where the host family is located. Some students are required to take a bus or train, while other walk or bike to school. This is dependent on where the host family is located. • Any cancellation, change or program addition fees as issued by YES or the partner organizationHosting ScholarshipsTo determine if a student is eligible for a hosting scholarship we would first determine ifthere is an international student who requires a host in the specific area/city.The family would then undergo the host family screening process to qualify as a hostfamily (home interview, inspection, criminal reference check). Canadian students whoare travelling abroad and wish to host an incoming international student are given priorityfor hosting.There are academic and competitive scholarships available throughout the year inspecific cities and areas. Please inquire with a YES Canada representative about currentscholarships.Program referral discounts of $250 are available to students/families that refer anotherstudent to the YES Canada program.!!!!
  6. 6. !Explore your student exchange options with YES Canada. Reserve your place now! YES Canada Suite 2110 439 University Ave. Toronto ON M5G 1Y8 416-623-6220 ext.403