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4th Period Tundra
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Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. Tundra Biome By: Brittney C, Julia C, and Marissa C
  • 2. F u n F a c t s !
  • 3.
    • The word Tundra means 'treeless plain.‘
    • The aurora boreal (a bunch of colorful lights) sometimes appears in tundra's such as Alaska
    • T he arctic tundra is at the top of the world
  • 4. ☼ Animals in the tundra! ☼ :)
  • 5. Polar Bear
    • This large carnivorous mammal is the polar bear. They are found farther north in most places and have adapted to the cold, using there thick coats of fur that are as white as the snow!
  • 6. Snowy Owl
    • This large bird is the Snowy Owl. It feeds on small mammals and it lives in cooler places and has white feathers to blend in with the snow!
  • 7. Artic Fox
    • This small carnivore is the Artic Fox. They have adapted to the cool weather with its snow white fur and they do not hibernate and can withstand temperatures as low as -50 degrees C!!!
  • 8. Plants in the Tundra 
  • 9. Lichen
    • G rowing on the surface of this rock is a lichen. This strange fungi is used as food for some tundra animals!
  • 10. Dark Red leaves
    • Many plants, such as this one, have leaves that are dark red. Dark leaves allow the plant to absorb more heat from the sun which helps for living in this cold climate
  • 11. Seeds
          • T undra birds help distribute seeds. When they eat brightly colored berries, the birds carry seeds to other places and leave the seeds to grow.
  • 12. We hope you enjoyed taking a look at the Tundra Biome. Thank you! Bye!
  • 13. General Description A tundra is usually a very cold and barren land. The tundra is a very immense and treeless land. Tundra’s are mostly located in the Northern Hemisphere.