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  • Up to June 2010, the number of net citizens in China has reached 420 million, with an increase of 36 million compared to the end of 2009.
  • Because they fit better Chinese consumers’ needs and wants in social media, matching the way people consumer and contribute to social media.
  • 3% lower than English
  • UK?
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  • Social media in china ring xu

    1. 1. Social Media in China:What You Know & What You May Not Know YUN XU (RING)
    2. 2. Internet in China Up to December 2011, the number of net citizens in China has reached 513 million, with an increase of 56 million compared to the end of 2010.  Popularisation Rate of Internet  Population of Netizen2 (Source: CNNIC (2012)
    3. 3. Something about China3 Source: Free Software Foundation (2010)
    4. 4. Something Else about China4
    5. 5. Social Media in China5 (Source: TechinAsia, 2012,
    6. 6. Thinking about the Number Now 24% of Global Internet Content is in Chinese Source: Smartling (2012) Source: Hitwise (2012)
    7. 7. Sina Weibo!7 Source: CICC (2011):
    8. 8. Fast Lane8 Source: ChinaMedia360
    9. 9. Sina Weibo? Evolution? Revolution? Profitable?9
    10. 10. The Netizens in China Comparison on Age Structure of Net Citizens from December 2009 to June 2010 Source: CNNIC (2010)10
    11. 11. What do they do online? PARTICIPATING11
    12. 12. Influential Media 56.3% of users admitted that they know brands through online channels; 58.7% actually made purchase decisions based on user-generated online info; When making a purchase, 89.9% of users pay attention to online WOM12 Source: Making sense of Internet World of Mouth, CIC 2009
    13. 13. Commercialization13 Source: ChinaMedia360 Source: ChinaMedia360
    14. 14. Numbers and Facts about Weibo • Sina Weibo accounted for one out of 106 Internet visits in China; • Twitter accounted for one out of 227 Internet visits in the UK; • Twitter accounted for one out of 434 Internet visits in the US; • Sina Weibo has about 450,000 users in the United States as of late November 2011.14 Source: Experian Hitwise (2012) Source: the Economic Times (2012)
    15. 15. Top Users in the UK • NO.1 Rio Ferdinand • No.6 Emma Watson • No.7 Burberry
    16. 16. Consumer WoM in China’s Social Media Part1 British Discount Broadcasting Station :16
    17. 17. Consumer WoM in China Social Media Part2 British Shopping Station Number of Followers: 5230017
    18. 18. Consumer WoM in China Social Media Part3 International Brands on China Weibo • Brand: Coach New York • Number of Followers: 359,564 • Number of posts: 1344 • Youku embedded into Weibo Page18
    19. 19. Consumer WoM in China Social Media Part419
    20. 20. Consumer WoM in China Social Media Part520
    21. 21. Successful Example of Weibo Marketing
    22. 22. Summary China’s social media landscape is constantly growing, innovating, evolving. By the time you see this presentation, the facts may have already changed. Consumers are adopting new technologies and interacting with them in different ways.24
    23. 23. What you can get?— Weibo Opportunities• Huge Consumer Base• 24/7 business opportunities• Mobile app services• Multi-media promotion• Fast WOM effect• Easy to monitor• Better than Facebook and Twitter to approach Chinese customers
    24. 24. What am I Looking for?• Case studies• Effective ways of approaching consumers• Managerial Implications in using Weibo as the primary SNS and mobile app in serving Chinese consumers
    25. 25. • THANK YOU!