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Social media for small businesses alan rae Social media for small businesses alan rae Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media for small businessesthe scenery for the playth f th l Dr Alan Rae Dr Alan Rae
  • Marketing Materials do 3 things Marketing Materials do 3 things• Attract new customers – – PR, advertising, exhibitions, leaflet drops, social  , g, , p, media, telephone campaigns• Convince people you are talking to Convince people you are talking to – Brochures,  Books, demonstrations, proposals, online  profiles and collateral, packaging, point of sale fil d ll l k i i f l• Maintain contact with existing customers g – Newsletters, email and direct mail shots, telephone  campaigns @lisaharris #CIMbrandyou
  • Much business is still done face to faceOnline is like the billboards and the scenery for the play It tells people where to find you and what you do It supports the face to face activityYou WILL be GoogledThey must find good stuff about you Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2011
  • So what should you do? So what should you do?• Get better at selling and face to face activity• Build an online presence to support this – Profiles Linked in Profiles – Linked‐in  – Things that demonstrate you know your stuff • Slide share / YouTube / White papers / Books / Blog – Things that demonstrate you treat your customers  well • Testimonials, accreditations Face book fan page / group – Things that look after your existing customers @lisaharris #CIMbrandyou
  • What you do depends on  the type of your business• It depends on  y whether you sell  locally vs nationally • And whether your  business is scalable  – limited by sales limited by sales  or by capacity @lisaharris #CIMbrandyou
  • On Line vs Offline• It’s a play – – the action is  h i i face to face  networking and  ki d sales – The scenery is  the online  component• 12 hours a week 12 hours a week  – face to face  and online and online Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2012
  • What most companies actually do What most companies actually do Don’t use or occasional use User regularly or depend on itone to one selling 25.7 74.8social networks 29.5 71.5Online advertising 70.4 29.9Workshops 71.1 29.4PR 73 27.5e-shots 73.2 27.3Newsletters 76.3 23.7Blogs 80.3 19.9Direct Mail 80.9 80 9 19.6 19 6Print advertising 83.5 17.1Telesales 87.3 13.5Exhibitions 89.4 89 4 11.4 11 4e-zines 92 7.7leaflet drops 94 5.5magazine inserts 95 5 @lisaharris #CIMbrandyou
  • What types of content work? What types of content work?It’s interesting that what’s most effective are media that engage theemotions of the customer – Case studies are about “people like me” whilevideo, listening to speakers and seminars engage the whole person. Theanalytic approaches are thought to be generally less persuasive.
  • Social Media Channels used by B2B  marketers – and those that get resultsThese are the findings from the B2B barometer in 2011
  • How you build your scenery• Fi First turn your story into keywords i k d• Test them using Google ad‐words either by running a  campaign or by using the keyword tool i b i h k d l• When you’ve got them put them into – anchor text   • Small Business Marketing course sits over • www 1manbrand co uk – Headlines, page title, keywords metatags – Tags for any online materials you create Tags for any online materials you create – Videos, Photos, Blogs, Articles• Create additional places you can link from Create additional places you can link from – Blogs, Social network sites, other people’s sites
  • Tools you can use to  boost your profile1.1 White papers ‐ planning tools – PDF Downloads White papers planning tools PDF Downloads2. Books and e‐books – Completely Novel3. Videos & Channels – YouTube and Viddler4.4 Slide sets – Slide Share Slide sets – Slide Share5. Profiles – Facebook, Linked‐In, Ecademy6. Facebook Fan Pages7. Twitter Streams  Twitter Streams – Paper.Li8. Recommendations9. Embedding Tools – Blidgets & Wordpress Plug‐ins Copyright @alanrae 2012
  • Building the Scenery Your online toolkit. You can create structures like thisto get noticed by influencers Copyright Dr Alan Rae Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2006
  • Source Media Source Media Blogs / Ecademy / YouTube / Slideshare• It’s where you create the materials that  are going to interest people.• As you create them you send the details  via twitter to your profiles on Linked‐In  via twitter to your profiles on Linked In or Facebook
  • Wordpress – The Intelligent GardenWordpress The Intelligent GardenOur Business is Making Your  Copyright Dr Alan RaeBusiness Grow  2010
  • Slideshare – Punch Above Your  WeightOur Business is Making Your  Copyright Dr Alan RaeBusiness Grow  2010
  • YouTube – DrAlanRae Channel YouTube DrAlanRae ChannelOur Business is Making Your  Copyright Dr Alan RaeBusiness Grow  2010
  • Videos - simple but effective Copyright @alanrae 2012
  • Carrier Media Twitter• T itt i Twitter is  pure permission marketing.  i i k ti• People follow if they like what you say. • You’ve 140 characters to make your point. – link to Blogs events offers link to Blogs, events, offers• Converse ‐ don’t broadcast – Ch Chat with colleagues, re‐tweet good stuff.  i h ll d ff – inform and entertain ‐ 15% promotion max• Route blogs via twitter to Facebook and Linked‐ in.
  • Twitter for Research• You can follow ideas using hashtags You can follow ideas using hashtags – #nfu11 #organic, #marketresearch• You can identify who has things worth saying  and you can check their reach using• This will help you decide who is influential in This will help you decide who is influential in  your field.Our Business is Making Your  Copyright Dr Alan RaeBusiness Grow  2010
  • DestinationMedia FacebookFaceBook• Allows 3rd party  applications and is good at  easily importing pictures and videos• It blurs boundaries between  professional It blurs boundaries between ‘professional’  and ‘social’ worlds. Fine if you live  blamelessly. • Special interest groups can be created such  Special interest groups can be created such as “How to do Business” which has acquired  950 members.  This group feature works well  for managed discussions• Apps such as can post curated  content to your page or group• Facebook has been organised around the  selective advertising.   l ti d ti i
  • Linked –in Finding your Influencers• Linked‐in is well used by corporates• Who knows whom  Wh k h• Who you know that knows them y• Who discusses what in industry groups• Demonstrate your expertise in discussions D i i di i• Your friends can endorse and recommend you y• Blog entries and slideshare on your profile  – You can demonstrate thought leadership dOur Business is Making Your  h h l d h Copyright Dr Alan RaeBusiness Grow  2010
  • Linked‐in Profile Linked in ProfileOur Business is Making Your  Copyright Dr Alan RaeBusiness Grow  2010
  • Blog in linked‐in Blog in linked inOur Business is Making Your  Copyright Dr Alan RaeBusiness Grow  2010
  • Embedding toolsEmbedding tools
  • Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2011
  • Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2011
  • @lisaharris #CIMbrandyou
  • What customers want What customers want• To be informed• To buy based on other peoples recommendations• To deal with real humans who take their  responsibilities as providers seriously. responsibilities as providers seriously.• To be dealt with transparently• To see an eas to se acc rate site for transactions To see an easy to use, accurate site for transactions• To be engaged and listened to• Not to have flashy distractions• Not to be sold or broadcast to @Dr Alan Rae 2011
  • Simplify your design for phone  users – or create an app Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2011
  • Much  MuchAnd no Typos! @lisaharris #CIMbrandyou @Dr Alan Rae 2011
  • Marketing to do list Marketing to do list• List 50 people you need to meet and how List 50 people you need to meet and how – They can find you – You can get introduced to them – You can collide with them• Use social media to create the scenery  – this book tells you how – join linkedIn ‐ Build profile ‐ join groups  ‐ contribute – Use PR – Build Collateral library ‐ 7 things you should know – white papers  etc u d Co ate a b a y t gs you s ou d o te pape s etc – Create a form for people to sign up for these so you can email them – Build Social media profiles – Connect it all together – so when people check you out they find your stuff. C t it ll t th h l h k t th fi d t ff Our Business is Making Your  Copyright Dr Alan Rae Business Grow  2009
  • Contact Details for Dr Alan Rae1. Phone number 0845 094 04072. Mobile 07958 2001123. Email Twitter @alanrae, @intelligarden, @brandnetwork Twitter @alanrae @intelligarden @brandnetwork5. Amazon Author Page – for Books is sr_tc_2_0?rh i%3Astripbooks%2Ck%3AAlan Rae&keywords Alan Rae&ie UTF tc 2 0?rh=i%3Astripbooks%2Ck%3AAlan+Rae&keywords=Alan+Rae&ie=UTF 8&qid=1317971948&sr=1‐2‐ent&field‐contributor_id=B0046OVJL06. blog page Blog.howtodobusiness.com8. www.small‐business‐ @ Dr Alan Rae 2011