Healthy desserts


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Healthy desserts

  1. 1. HEALTHY DESSERTS! Some people are quick to think that these two are like oil and water and never the two shall meet. This is because the sweet course taken after meals is oftentimes associated with sugar and fat, indulgence and weight gain. For those who seem to be tied up with this preconception, they simply skip it but sometimes make up for it by eating more of the main course or snack on junk food in between meals.www.gourmandia.netOne thing that makes desserts potentially unhealthy is the excessive amount of refined sugar that isused to prepare it. However, there are a lot of sugar substitutes in the market, artificial and natural,that are able to sweeten without the calories and high-glycemic index. Low-glycemic foods andsweeteners do not rapidly elevate a person’s blood sugar which can have a harmful even life threateningimpact on diabetics.Once again, it seems that mankind has advanced too much in the pursuit of satisfying the sweet toothwithout the weight gain. Big companies have managed to create intensely sweet substances fromchemicals or modify naturally occurring substances so much that they lostvirtually all nutrients present. Go online and you’ll be surprised to see that a lot of synthetic artificialsweeteners which were the craze just a few years ago are now beingsuspected as potentially harmful. Not surprising considering how theseare manufactured. www.gourmandia.comFortunately, natural sweeteners that are both low-glycemic and made from plant-based materials arenow available. Stevia, coconut and palm sugar, and agave nectar are touted by health advocates are thenew age sugar. Though may be not as sweet as refined white sugar, they have flavor qualities thatcomplement and even uplift the dish they sweeten. It is important to consider the characteristics ofthese natural sweeteners when using it in dessert preparations. In preparing a healthy dessert, consider the following: Do you want a low- glycemic dish? If so, simply replace refined white sugar with a natural sweetener. Note that healthier sugars like brown sugar, raw sugar, molasses and even honey are still high-glycemic though they contain considerably more nutrients that white sugar. Even if you do not have issues with high blood sugar, there are still health benefits attributed to alow-glycemic lifestyle from the management of Type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease.
  2. 2. For an overall healthier pastry, cake or pie, replace flour partly with whole wheat and fresh or dried fruitinstead of canned. Even without natural sweeteners which can be difficult to find, fruits like berries,apple and applesauce provide natural sweetness and moisture.