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Fruits Fruits Document Transcript

  • FRUITS Sweet, tart, or a combination of flavors, fruits come in every size, every color, flavor, and texture. Botanically speaking, fruit is the ovary of the flowering plant when it matures. Hence, tomatoes, peas, and beans can be considered fruit in this context. In the culinary sense, however, it refers to the sweet- tasting plant products, such as oranges, strawberries, mangoes, guavas, and so on. These are excellent sources of sugar for energy as well as vitamins and minerals needed by the body to maintain its functions.To get the full potential of fruits, do it as the raw vegans do–to eat them as they are (washed of course).This principle is due to the fact that in raw food, the micronutrients in “live food” are preserved. Havesome apples for snack or include slices of fruit for dessert. Some fruits though, if you’re not the type totake them in slices or segments, may be juiced or blended to smoothies. Smoothies are healthieralternatives as well to ice cream and dairy sweets, giving that same creamy texture and sweetness as abowl of ice cream. Some green vegetables like moringa and bok choy may also be added for ahomemade “green smoothie”, adding the fiber content of the smoothie.Aside from raw, fruits may be served in desserts like pies, cakes, andcookies. With sugar and water in certain proportions, they may be madeinto jams and preserves, which may accompany freshly-baked (or store-bought) muffins, breads, and biscuits. These bottled treats, if homemademay be given away as Christmas or party giveaways or sold in bazaars orspecialty organic food stalls. Fruit may also be incorporated in our usualfood, like chopping them up and using them as topping for pancakes, ice cream, and yogurt.Blueberries, bananas, apples, and strawberries may be mixed in with plain cereal for more flavorsinstead of adding sugar. For something more indulgent, fruit like strawberries, grapes, and bananas maybe dipped in melted chocolate and enjoyed too as dessert. Fruit may be enjoyed in a lot of ways –raw, juiced, cooked, baked, or dipped in chocolate or other sweet syrup. Recipes showing how they can be included in sweet or savory dishes may also be researched online or shared among friends in order to maximize these sweet treats, especially those that are in season. With a bit of research and creativity, lots of treats may be made from something sweet that grows in your own garden, or bought from the supermarket.