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Sports  Sponsorships Inc  E Dean Deck 5 25 08
Sports  Sponsorships Inc  E Dean Deck 5 25 08
Sports  Sponsorships Inc  E Dean Deck 5 25 08
Sports  Sponsorships Inc  E Dean Deck 5 25 08
Sports  Sponsorships Inc  E Dean Deck 5 25 08
Sports  Sponsorships Inc  E Dean Deck 5 25 08
Sports  Sponsorships Inc  E Dean Deck 5 25 08
Sports  Sponsorships Inc  E Dean Deck 5 25 08
Sports  Sponsorships Inc  E Dean Deck 5 25 08
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Sports Sponsorships Inc E Dean Deck 5 25 08


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  • 1. Sports Sponsorships
    • Who is Sports Sponsorships?
    • We are a group of professionals whose focus is sponsorship marketing.
    • We are a network of knowledgeable and experienced professionals, with an abundance of resources, to address and solve your problems.
    • We utilize a non-traditional and common sense based system to ensure each client understands every aspect of what we do from start to finish.
    • Our network allow us to quickly and efficiently reach your goals.
  • 2. Sports Sponsorships
    • Renita Gordon – CEO
    • Accomplished Entrepreneur – created, developed and operated profitable businesses from manufacturing to retail.
    • Promotional/Marketing agency negotiated and secured key sponsors in developing the PBR and building the Western Lifestyle Category.
    • Secured National and International sponsorships and built relationships with global brands. Budweiser, Coors, Jack Daniel’s, Wrangler, Dodge, to name a few.
  • 3. Sports Sponsorships
    • Conceived, developed and executed client programs based on direction and goals.
    • Sourced Client Partners and Sponsors.
    • Negotiated National/International events and sponsorships as well as contracts.
    • Certified all program results through client approved sources.
  • 4. Sports Sponsorships
    • Developed, created and produced Point of Sale material.
    • Interacted with designated client personnel in all stages from development to production as requested.
    • Augmented (filled in) as needed by each clients needs (e.g.. sponsorship consultant, promotional trainer, company representative.)
  • 5. Sports Sponsoships
    • Strictly managed all budgets within client guidelines to reach stipulated goals.
    • Provided all required reports and information in the designated format per clients time frame.
    • Budget and projection updates provided as needed on none scheduled, call in basis.
    • Flexibility to make changes.
  • 6. Sports Sponsorships
    • Media and Public Relations
    • Develop and create key informational selling and product information points based on the clients needs.
    • Locate information/media outlets, negotiate and secure cost effective advertising rates.
    • Utilize co-sponsorships to leverage costs.
  • 7. Sports Sponsorships
    • Cause Marketing
    • BMI Country in the Rockies
    • US Challenger World – St. Jude Children’s Hospital
    • Vanderbilt Cancer Center
  • 8. Sports Sponsorships
    • Strategic Planning for Global Brand Objectives
    • Created and executed PR Campaigns
    • Maximizing sponsorship marketing programs
    • Promotional and Event Planning for Global brands
    • Creative Campaigns and managed activities for all promotional agencies .
    • Created, developed, directed, managed National and International Sponsorship Programs. Negotiated over 50 Million dollars of contracts.
    • Develop Brand awareness and penetrate new markets and brand market share.
  • 9. Sports Sponsorships
    • .Objectives with Partnerships- Develop a multi- year deal with Sports Sponsorship, Inc. and EDean TV.
    • Sports Sponsorship Inc. wants to place their brands onto eDean TV.
    • Sports Sponsorship, Inc. wants brand exclusivity for its clients.
    • Sports Sponsorship, Inc. has a global Brand rolodex that has 30 years of sponsorships-Global Brand consulting, event management, Corporate- Divisonal Local mangement, execution naming rights national and global program roll-outs. Sports -Sponsorships Team has the experience to roll out the Edean TV program. Huge value is placement upon our 30 years of expertise and long standing Global Brand relationships.